APRIL 19, 2012 7:54PM

Spring Has Sprung... (w/ Photos)

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Spring has sprung, the trees are red
I wonder where's the Sudafed?



If your allergies make you suffer even from visual stimulation, I'll understand and catch you next time. Take a look at this, our current merchant of misery. 

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The grit of the juniper pollen in your eyes mixed with the dust in your lungs marks the beginning of the "I can't wait for the monsoon" season, here in the high desert mountains. Without any real deep snowpack to dispense with, though we had a load that fell before New Year's, and with only a modicum of damp days lately, it's a wonder to see Spring trying this hard at busting out.

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One is surprised by bursts of color each and every time. There is no blasé-blasé here.

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The oak shoots look to be preparing for budding. 

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While the pears maintain no secrets in that regard. The randomness of nature set against the geometry of the uniform building codes.

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Not some maritime species this.

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How it plays on the imagination though.


Spring has sprung, the air's no good
It's still a lovely neighborhood


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The last waltz can also be a celebration. You taught us that.
Stacey, "aaachoooo!" is an action (reaction) with many variations of spelling, but I can tell you I'd be doing that in the presence of the many flowering plants you have presented here! A beautiful photo essay here of the plant world over in your backyard. (I need to figure out why I can't get my Sony DSLR photos to jump off the page so magically like you are able to with each post.)
Not cursed with allergies but then again never had to deal with a juniper that looks like THAT. NICE captures mon
The second to last photo is my favorite! Good job!
Thanks Life - your encouragement is really appreciated.

tr ig - in the largest version that the link goes to, you almost think it's a bed of cactus or something. Thanks for the boost.

D - that's good to hear: that they pop. Though I won't attempt a comprehensive workshop on what I do with raw images, I will stress the adjustment of the monitor. It's the same in the music field. If you can't hear yourself in the monitor, you tend to scream, and if the monitor's really hot, you lay back and sound lackluster. Most video cards should have a setup utility including a test pattern for the monitor's adjustment. When you adjust the brightness, there's usually a two toned block that looks solid when you're just right. I'm gratified for your compliment and that nice bit of feedback.

And John, I would be remiss not to recognize your upcoming birthday on Sunday. You're the one so often remembering others' so the word needs to get out (shameless plug). Have an enjoyable day with many happy returns. Open Salon would not be the same without you.
Ardee is hosting this year's b-day card to John. Hope you made it over.
Then yesterday, the Forest Service decided to burn preemptively in Copperton Canyon. Talk about your air's no good! Ah-choo-wheeze!
I'll be fasting for the holy times. Thanks to the editors for their recognition and the subsequent, sympathetic, awkward squirmings of my continually savvy readers.
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