AUGUST 21, 2012 6:28PM

This Place Is For The Birds

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Stacey, thanks for sharing these beautifully composed shots--which is especially difficult in a photo like #2 when the bird is on the move!
Thanks John. And in #3, One can almost hear the control tower.
Your photography skills continue to amaze, Stacey. Here is a link to some much less skillful photos I took for a grazing seminar I plan to put on in Oct. at the Ridge for my group of Great Old Broads, and any locals who want to come. It features the meadow and Paxton Springs road area. I hope you two will come. Last time I tried to post, it didn't work, so I am not sure this will...
Your photos continue to amaze, Stacey. I sent you a comment, but it contained a link, and evidently OS doesn't allow that...I will send you a message instead...
Thanks Susan. I've written you at your personal e-mail, regarding your photos and your "adult" education pursuits, and maybe a few other things. You remind me that closing comments can seem bewildering to someone just (re-)discovering you and really wishing to add something but I'll tell you more on the private line. Monsoon - over? We're down to piddlin'.

I've heard others complain that the image servers here are messing with their stuff. I had a fake Fairey Romney poster a while back that the gremlin(s) blew up Tom Cordle's avatar to fill. Hoping nobody got the wrong impression before I corrected it in the code and no I did not add links to everyone's homepage.