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Cartoon Collection: A Severe Look Back on Campaign '12

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It starts before the first Iowa filing deadlines. Salivatory speculations, especially among the basement dwelling boomer pundit class.

It is humbling to have gotten it so wrong.


They seemed as good a match as anything that was in the mix at the time.



Yes, that was done in the "before time." The saddest part of this one is that someday that may well have made a great ticket, but it all went limp, fast.


There are guide books nowadays to circumnavigate David Gregory.


The tea party caucus knows how to whip the faithful over tailgate barbecue and Ted Nugent performances. The irrelevancies of shows like David Gregory's, where the host confronts mind shattering responses with "we'll have to leave it there," and the guests know the hard break for clean coal is already in countdown, are widely known.

After 2012, etched in stone.



Imagine the changes at the Tidal Basin if this clown had prevailed.


Credit Gingrich with accidentally carpet bombing Mitt Romney's "business experience."


It's rough when Newt Gingrich accuses you of his speciality.


Romney just stared that half-benign stun-gun victim smile of his and weathered primary season.


I made Mitt a poster. I hadn't known there was an iPad app which does this when I did this. An afternoon's work in one click. Geesh!


I had enormous fun making it and would like to think it added to an overall karma or something.


This conjuring of "secret scribblings" in his "permanent record" being leaked to the media was aped by reality (great band name!).


Soon, the "47% et. al." secret recording made any such conjuring unnecessary.



Ann Romney's recreational pursuits, we learned, are an LLC. They file a Schedule C to earn as large a cost-of-doing-business deduction as anybody below the nation's median income makes in a year. By almost double.

Damn right this was class warfare. And the horse was mediocre to boot.


Rafalka Romney L.L.C. 



Romney didn't so much "win" a debate, if that even happened.

He "prevailed."


Sometimes, Photoshop just calls. A writer couldn't have put more sleaze into this man's actual transcripts.


This whole drill needs a new paradigm, in my humble opinion.



And then Romney's team "borrowed" a slogan from the scripts of "Friday Night Lights" and kept using it as though it were public domain, despite a legal letter or several.


Add "I Was a Severe Plagiarist" to Romney's permanent record. And the fact that truth was the biggest casualty of 2012.


Not only did they double-down on the purloined slogan, they used it on merchandise for Mitt.

This is but one in a parade of sad, sad pictures from the website: White People Mourning Romney. The hip, savvy reader found this days ago, but the thought that this sweatshirt was available in the lobby struck me as the height of quintessence. Better still, but only for the irony, if it had been made in China.

And the moral of the story is: you re-tool a tool, and you get a tool. 

Title this op/ed: Let Mitt Stay Bankrupt.




I go back often to Romney's first ad as the sure nominee. It framed a snippet of Obama "saying" (in truth, repeating) a McCain quote, drawn from the 2008 campaign and scissored of all context (including Obama's rebuttal to McCain) as Obama's own words. Comment huitième année d'études!

Things then got only foggier, and I still cannot believe America has gone so tribal as to let it happen.


But at least it was a horse race, some say.

(It's supposed to be humbling to get it so wrong.)


And the wrong just keeps on getting.

Today's Chuck Todd fact muffuletta was that as good as Obama's team was in 2012, it didn't work out so well for them in 2010, so don't read anything more into it.

This is what makes blood pressures go awry.

In short rant terms: the entirety of the 2010 season was filled with Republicans scared to death of and many times actually being primaried to the right.

Mr. Todd omits from consideration Democratic incumbents fearing the labeling to come and posing more right than right. (Obama? Never heard of him.)

Forget that it met with little eventual success.

Folks were not asking for the Obama metrics teams in 2010. Mr. Todd has it re-written for narrative, when the actualities of Tea Bagger politics at that time are rich and deep enough. And they carry a powerful enough narrative.

The failures of that day were made of cowardice to stand on the accomplishments of the first two years. The Democrats let Frank Luntz and the whole double-think cohort win.


As good as Chuck Todd is, gainfully employed at "providing narrative" these days, he isn't half the man who could survive the "Brian Lamb test" of a Washington Journal appearance on C-SPAN in his earliest days on the hill.

There's an air of predictability to "news" like his, treading awfully close to subsuming gullibility.

And that can't be a good thing.

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