NOVEMBER 22, 2012 3:03PM

OUTRAGE! My Platitudes Have Been Plagiarized!

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It all started the day I finished Roger's book. I wrote about it here  Just this much of an excerpt will give context to something I just discovered.

NOVEMBER 17, 2012 7:00PM

There is a Book for This

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The authors are listeners. Channelers.
Presenters, in the best incarnation of their profession.

Within this treasure trove of story, in two hundred seventy-one sheaves of substance, in defiance of ("Danger! Warning, Will Robinson!) treading so close to Bulwer-Lytton territory it should have given me pause at least enough to think it through and give it one more draft, let alone commit anything to print, you will find a rarity in these troubled times for the written word: substance.

We're accustomed to compartmentalizing our media experiences with pithy platitudes like "David Gregory is the Donny Deutsch of news," so imagine the near-aphasia which dribbles out when confronted with the real deal.

Real, like Studs Terkel.



Because I mentioned Donny Deutsch in the text, I presume, my several paragraphs were lifted by an outfit called richestnetworthdotcom. My title and the pertinent paragraphs to Donny Deutsch must have been snagged by some sort of trolling bot, only with unintended hilarity. The phrase would have been better suited to an e-mail to The Stephanie Miller Show. "Hey Steph, I was just watching MSNBC when it occurred to me, etc" But it was snagged by a website with no editor.

I said "snagged by a website with no editor," boy. Ain't ya listenin'? 

This all came about innocently enough with a self-search on the gOOgle. Everybody does it, right?

The search terms were "David Gregory is the Donny Deutsch of news" and it returned three entries from the aforementioned website. In a lightning quick 0.52 seconds.



Where the "... When it was Dr. Phil's turn..." came from, I haven't the foggiest. The link went here...


And I scrolled down to "Flash News" to find my precious bit of Bulwer-Lytton.
Most startling (there's more?), in the slimiest attempt to reverse the tables on any future accusations of thievery (even if by loremipsumbot), they had the nerve to pre-date the time stamp by 27 hours.
The virtual world works in virtually mysterious ways.
"Yes, Gertie? Can you get me Bot-Busters on the line. I'll hold."

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Time to move on from low-sod V-8. I need a real drink. Wild Turkey, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
Stacey, that's an amazing story! I wonder how often that happens to material on OS? That you were able to discover your text elsewhere is impressive, too!

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Martha! (No wild turkey sightings here today, unfortunately. We'll see what tomorrow brings.)
I was surprised to find a bot that collected all my Tweets. I think it's creepy. I don't remember them all, but this bot does!
A laugh at bedtime- perfect.

I wonder what Donny thought when he saw that.
I regret that the OS os, in addition to all the other glitches like triple, quadruple comments and such, is also failing to notify me by e-mail of your generous comments.

John - thanks and, yes, we had "Turkey" sightings. Ha!

nilesite - this search result makes me wonder about all the people who see something on the internet and treat it as if it were the daily paper. Your situation would creep me out as well.

phyllis - Donny Deutsch seems like the sort of fellow who can't resist gOOgling himself. (Good-night everybody!)

phyllis - David Gregory seems like the sort of fellow who can't resist gOOgling himself. (Good-night everybody!)
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