NOVEMBER 26, 2012 9:24PM

Jacob Louise Sugarman

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Perhaps it was when the ed-i-tor started handing out authorizations in the name of fighting SPAM.

Now God-knows-who-all has the master keys.

Perhaps those cuckoo clocks we thought had moved on to torment other comments sections in the known blogiverse came back as hackers?

(The trouble maker and the one who had everybody fooled. Bingo!)


Lately, if I post a comment, it appears on the cover page as if with the iconic wool capped paperboy calling out "EXTRA!!!" Some days, over and over again.

I swear it's not me. I'd suspect someone who knows how to pump multiples of views and rates into their own "work," if I were willing to entertain a little paranoia. More likely, it's a hiccup that happens when the comment posting goes to that now all too familiar errors page. Or, gadzooks, a virus on the OS server. I mean a virus over and above the open door policy to sports comma porn comma "D.O.S." trippers.

And, to make my participation in this community even more challenging, those comments are being regurgitated, and I choose words carefully on occasion, at the victim's end.

I'm offering the following to all I have unintentionally bombarded with average comments, not worthy of multiples. And a little somethin' for you, Jake.



UPDATE - NOVEMBER 29 6:30 PM (approx)

So I gathered up my courage to write ed-i-tor.
After cracking wise at his expense for what seems like months now, I thought I'd do the Oprah/Dave, the Mitt/Barack, the Benjamin/(no, forget that).
And, if I had twenty cents for all the paradigms of irony I've been fortunate to brush with for lo these many years, none will take this cake out in the rain more nor take too long to bake it.
This is a screen capture from Mr. Sugarman's comment section where, once again, I had been made out to be the "New York, NY, the town so nice they named it twice," only seven times (and if there's a way to work that into immortality, please, I'll adopt grandchildren).
I could not have typed this out with one more grain of irony.
Jake may exercise the blogger's discretion to whittle, as we all must these days, but I'ze gotst me a capture!
 The "Full Sugarman."

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I couldn't access the videos but I have a feeling I know what you mean.

What a waste of a once-beautiful site.
Stacey I hope you transfer your posts to Our Salon so folk can read them with pleasure, at leisure.
Or come join me in playing with the spammers. Google sure does love to catalog my comments!! :D
Stacey, I was very pleasantly surprised to see your humorous post this morning!

Should any music be needed for the skit, Barney and John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt have it right here:
you are a true artist, stacey. and i say that as (obviously, i should think) the highest praise.
Tink - takes bow, looks down at stark nakededidity, wanders off.
Kim - In my book (the stupidest sounding lead-in to any and everyone who knows this is at best my opinion, from the get-go), the beauty will die when they turn out the lights.

You heard something?

Mine has always been a waste of perfectly good non sequitur so perhaps that's the secret source for my affinities here. OS is my comfort zone, I guess.

I can't even hop a bus from the Metro. How would I do all that joining and re-joining? And where would my four savvy readers know to look for me?

I could go fact I already have. May I send you to a shameless plug for earlier work here? The gimmick is reason enough to hear a resounding "no," but one may always sustain a smidgeon of hope.

It's what I process when I hear "Readers' Picks" and "Our Salon."

I'm content to remain closer to the actual fraction I am with the rest of the world's population that this place endeavors so forcefully to maintain for me.
John - remember when RStA did the piece on earworms? I was hurtled back to YMCA camp.

Well, Schmidt indeed, I'll see your Barney and raise you two Earnest Tubbs: "Thanks, thanks a lot."
why ms smithie - so nice to hear from you.

I believe I have the "oy vapors." (A contest with his Tink-ness. Don't ask.)
phyllis - Code 0: ERROR: could not open relation with OID 69811856 CONTEXT: SQL statement "select total from open.stats_4hour_views where cid = $1 " PL/pgSQL function "get_content_view_count" line 19 at SQL statement. Detailed information has been written into the error log.

Which is a roundabout way of saying "thanks!"
cute...can't believe I got in and saw it. And now, let's see if they rating and comment sticks. If it's cold in hell today.
cute...can't believe I got in and saw it. And now, let's see if the rating and comment sticks. If it does, it's cold in hell today.
mimetalker - these frazzled connections. They fight back. I hate it.
If one can accumulate 3941 views, with the same modicum of comments from members (say, 3-37) as "Haiku from Detroit," something is hinky in Hinkytown.

What I am "just sayin" is what I just said.

Only I said it like Jack Black.
g0i2e5086mnxcbvakdujhesouicfgaei - you are the LUCKY 3942nd viewer. We have your information. Your check is in the mail.
My comment on Mr. Sugarman's latest post was repetitively puked like Hole's last album.

There IS a Tao.
The gOOgle has returned "oy vapors" with bonus points. While "David Gregory is the Donny Deutsch of news" continues to rank.

Playoffs are coming soon. Fantasy gOOgle is at a fever pitch.

Wait, this just in: "nakededidity" AND Tuesday double points. Booyah!
I stand corrected: Hole's latest album.
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