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Stacey Youdin

Stacey Youdin
July 03
Veteran of the Southwest honky-tonk circuit. Homeowner slash builder, photographer, musician, and of course pajama-wearing, guitar-player pundit. I ask only two things: (1) please don't message me when you have something new. I start every session here on the most recent page, filtered by my favo(u)rites. (2) When you comment, it reassures me you've approached the piece as what the quaint of heart like to call a 'reader.' I have a lovely wife, fantastic friends and two charming cats. What else is there?

DECEMBER 15, 2012 6:01PM

The Aimless Acquisition of Height

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NOTE: if these gOOgle entries were in text, they might start to return to this page. In fact, because it's a repeat, #1 returns to two of my posts, distant and recent. I almost titled this post #8 which I'm refraining from naming again for the same reason. So it's a jpeg of a screen capture. You must manually type. (Sorry.)
A larger version of "The Aimless Acquisition of Height" may be found here.

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photography, google

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Let "The Aggressive-depressives" remain a band name, not a "trend."
Stacey, a little bit higher growth with the cactus and you'll need a roof annex! Funny to say, I never click on the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google. Probably because I'm not feeling lucky when staring at a blank Google search page.
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