DECEMBER 18, 2012 6:40PM

If You Break the Ice at the Wrong Time...

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It is so petty, whether one is done here, protesting for a while, or too lazy to give lorianne her props and rejoin one's friends elsewhere (where there's air I'm told) and piss you off this time baby. (Mea maxima culpa.)

In the spirit of all that makes mirrors none of our friends, I offer the following holiday video. I never do the stupid video, er, I mean the video that drives home a salient point that one might otherwise be tempted to think could be accomplished through writing, photography, or something other.

But we have a problem with our orbitals, to put it in atomic terms.


You "The Our Salon" folks who cruised my posts to tease with your promise of "a better place" did so while either having adopted a wait-and-see moratorium, in some cases, or a flat-out buh-bye. It's all good, and I've tried to respond to your invitations with manners and your implications of my somehow being a "scab" with an appropriate level of caustic.

That's just who I am.


But it's fuc(7sec)n' Christmas, know what I mean? We can't do this forever, can we? We have like Irish Alzheimer's: we forgot everything but the grudges (thank you Denis, not original).

So if this has gotten your goat, as it were, kindly point out to me which one in the comments section.

Happy Happy Joy Joy


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Mine is the wee black mug-wump. Go figure.
Jane really liked the goats, "How sweet". I was just confused.
As I am by Open Salon's tech team.

If the Irish Alzheimers qoute is seeking antecedants, I heard Mr. Carlin use it long ago.

To the "Season of Good Cheer" and the Winter Solstice, then.
Stacey, thanks for posting the wonderful Christmas spirited goat video! Reminds me of the old days when we had goats on our farm and how great they were to watch and interact with.
Hi free - Goats by way of our Bainbridge goat lover friends. Coincidentally Carlin was George Denis Patrick Carlin, but I heard it from Leary. To the season of good irony: our snowplow is caught up in the midwestern blizzard.

D - I appreciated the editing to the music. I doubt I have the patience to do the husbandry, but the chèvre part would be lovely. How lucky you were to have goats.
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