DECEMBER 25, 2012 7:27PM

Not to Hit "Send" - a Lost Art

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Hey there. A(n) x-mas greeting from the high desert. I hit delete on that Texas crap, so your original warm and fuzzies never fully made it. Sorry. Can one rent a clue?


I don't want to steal M's thunder, but I figured you might be hanging on a response for which "eventually" mode doesn't work. She will write you in good time from her new gmail account, which "she" has programmed into her new Google tablet, whose instruction manual is her first novelette.


I spent 6 1/2 hours doing her IT for a wi-fi router to make it all work.

Seems Tom remembered M's "need" for a tablet from their visit last fall, and the most generous (don't even start to pick up the check) in-law one could wish for sent these things as gifts.


I wrote her tablet an e-mail from our desktop so when the "need" for a tablet returns, she has both yours and Tom's addresses to kick start the whole address book thing, and perhaps more. Frabjous day! I need to go cook something, but I have to add that the solution to my nightmare of saved screens reverting to unsaved settings and router re-boots was, wait for it, "use the wizard."



All of which makes my most generous sister's offer of a no-longer-needed Nook moot. M will be sending you that "thanks anyway" along with an explanation, "eventually."


So far we have roasted potatoes, four corn tortillas, three kinds of queso, two turkey drums, and a pot of my chili (hot green).


Okay, lady. Love you bye-bye.

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An x-mas vs. an abbreviation fully pronounced. That is potential energy, my friend.
Stacey, we'll have to work "tablet" into the lyrics of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." I've got a tablet that runs on Android here that I've only used a couple of times since September and it must be feeling lonely that no one has really used it yet, but perhaps this stretch of holiday will change that situation. a very Merry Christmas to you and Martha!
Thanks John. We're being tugged kicking and screaming into the 20th century. Now we can find any food trucks that set up behind the cinder cone.

Best wishes for a happy new year as well.
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