DECEMBER 27, 2012 6:09PM

Oiga, oiga, oiga, ¿son sus palmeras?

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  A person who knew
how to hack
any worthwhile target
wouldn't get one giggle
from making it look
like I did
that mess over there 
We are two different species, you and I. I am a once-a-week to the post office box kind of guy and you're one of many descriptors that isn't that.
Ordinarily, one's ordinary ordinariness wouldn't urp five times on the cover. I'm not angry enough to leave, but I'd camp more happily without these prankish glitches. (Great band name.)

Having "cleared the decks," I'd like to begin a series of image galleries from before we'd ever had a chance to meet, save for a few.
I had five images create quite a stir at ZoneZero. Mostly spammers. The guy who did the "Spam Christ," he wanted me to give him rights. I gave him rights and lefts, as it were.
Snowcap (Gorro de nieve)

Beaver Lodge - Vacancy (Beaver Lodge - vacantes) 
Red Oak (Roble rojo)
Icy Brook (Arroyo helado) 

Oiga, oiga, oiga, ¿son sus palmeras?

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Yeah for huge microphone!!! :) RATED!!!
Not sure about the first part of this but the images - they are mesmerizing, all of them. What an eye.
Stacey, there's no better way of brushing up on my two years of high school Spanish classes than another wonderful photo essay by you!
The brook looks like a greatly magnified oak leaf.
Tink - if only I could use these prankish glitches for good. (Takes deep breath...that's better...wanders off anyway.)

Margaret - as for the first part, me neither. But I especially appreciated your comments.

John - thanks for the nice comment and as for the Spanish, happy to help. (Copied and pasted from the bilingual web site.) It's like one of those quirky Alastair Sim films overdubbed for Mexican television.
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