DECEMBER 28, 2012 8:08PM

Rude's Haiku Challenge

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Die-hard Steph-heads (any page cannot be found error is a ruse to enjoy more vacation) who live in a major market or can stream at will with great connections will chuckle to hear a recent Current TV fan of the sexy liberal talk about any of it with authority.

But she did talk liberals down from the ledge in the days after the first debate, and her in-studio cast of characters (spoken like a true anthropologist) was joined periodically by regularly featured guests.


One of those is Lee Papa, the Rude Pundit, and possibly the etymological father of "fucktard."

I'll leave that to the linguists but his column is worth the visits.

Especially if Ms. Miller has read a sanitized or bleeped version earlier in the day. Then you must go.

He ain't called rude for nothing.


And he has laid down the gauntlet to all the wanna-be Calvin Trillin's out there (oh yes - they exist) to join him in haiku.

His own are worth the click. And once there, you can obtain instructions to add your own.

I've been trying my hand at it.



All but Jon Huntsman
The field etched in infamy
The canyon winds blow

Thank you Stevan Pearce
For the awesome White House tour
The rest is crazy

Everyone does it
Shades of David Gregory
"Some say up is down"

Olympic spending
God love the 2k hotel
Picked up by Chevron

Palin's room echo
Makes one long for Skype, I say
She ends with commas

The young Jim DeMint
Thought creation scientists
Had made a good point

The forty-seven
Validated Romney's quest
Not the ones he meant

Why The Guardian?
Why are my favorites there?
'Cept the Rude Pundit

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Edmund times are here
Because it's there, but you knew
In spite of it all
Stacey, challenge is my middle name! Whether it be waiting for pages to load or haikus, I'm in!
[r] my offerings:

Unnecessary End

Sky falling down soon.
Avaricious idiots
ruin Earth and Man.

Soldiers’ Soon Enough Epiphany

Needing illusion,
they trust one cares there on high
brass totem. Dream on.


Under coffin's lid
lies still another stiff kid
lied to by country.

Peace, Hegemony-style

Redacting conscience,
vulture culture blasts lives gone. Raped
land left napalm calmed.

David Gregory's Faux Gauntlet

As war-sell generals
Sundays "Meet the Press", how many
minions meeting death?

Young Blood

Citizens ignore
war’s revolving door to horror
young soldiers must brave.

Defense Spending

Quagmires of blood, fed
troops by Congress-whores for goals
of Vampire Lobbies.

2012: D.C. and The Bull of Wrongs

What wise forefathers
once gave, Gucci-loafered faux
fathers take away.
D - designachallengenator. I like that.

libbyliberalnyc - Rude uses titles and as you can tell I chose not to. I think yours fit quite well. And your imagery for the topics of the day are penetrating and on point. How nice that you would add them here and let my few readers enjoy your efforts as well. I did. Happy New Year to you and yours.
Stacey--happy new year back, my friend, and thanks for this opportunity to dust off some haiku! best, libby
Congrats - libbyliberalnyc made it onto Rude's 1/1/13 blog with "Defense Spending." Dusted off pretty well I'd say.
Stacey! Appreciate you letting me know. Mr. Rude celebrates well-justified anger and bitterness -- good for him and you! Chose a particularly edgy dark offering of mine for sure! Thanks for inviting me to play! Your David Gregory haiku got me going and made me remember mine about him! Time to fight back all the harder by declaring "up is NOT down"! best, libby
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