JANUARY 2, 2013 6:47PM

Ermagherd - It's Conturdgeous

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This all could be brought to a halt by an eccentric cabal of two guys from Silicon Valley who've been humoring you since way past your bedtime.

Please stop making a meme out of something that could be dead as a pet tomorrow.
Stacey, the musical question is: "Change We Can Believe In (or not)?"
Paul Broun R(GA), "evolution and big-bang theory come from the pit of hell" and member of the science committee, and Louie Gohmert R(TX), a real Gomer, voted for Allen West (retired) for Speaker.

And millionaire, thirty-five times over and my personal representative, Stevan Pearce from southern NM (read "Texas"), was joined by Ted Yoho (you can't make it up) and Jim Bridenstine (named after a moderately successful sequel, no doubt) in voting for the most ignorant of the House Republicans, Eric Cantor.


I meant erma-ferkin'-gherd!
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