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Stacey Youdin

Stacey Youdin
July 03
Veteran of the Southwest honky-tonk circuit. Homeowner slash builder, photographer, musician, and of course pajama-wearing, guitar-player pundit. I ask only two things: (1) please don't message me when you have something new. I start every session here on the most recent page, filtered by my favo(u)rites. (2) When you comment, it reassures me you've approached the piece as what the quaint of heart like to call a 'reader.' I have a lovely wife, fantastic friends and two charming cats. What else is there?

JANUARY 2, 2013 6:47PM

Ermagherd - It's Conturdgeous

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This all could be brought to a halt by an eccentric cabal of two guys from Silicon Valley who've been humoring you since way past your bedtime.

Please stop making a meme out of something that could be dead as a pet tomorrow.
Stacey, the musical question is: "Change We Can Believe In (or not)?"
Paul Broun R(GA), "evolution and big-bang theory come from the pit of hell" and member of the science committee, and Louie Gohmert R(TX), a real Gomer, voted for Allen West (retired) for Speaker.

And millionaire, thirty-five times over and my personal representative, Stevan Pearce from southern NM (read "Texas"), was joined by Ted Yoho (you can't make it up) and Jim Bridenstine (named after a moderately successful sequel, no doubt) in voting for the most ignorant of the House Republicans, Eric Cantor.


I meant erma-ferkin'-gherd!
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