JANUARY 4, 2013 6:16PM

In a Week, I'll Address Issues Seriously (Seriously)

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Institutions Using the Abbreviation "N.P.A."




10. National Powersports Auctions


 9. Natural Products Association



 8. National Postdoctoral Association



 7. National Pigeon Association



 6. Network Professional Association



 5. National Parking Association



 4. National Pawnbrokers Association



 3. National Pitching Association



 2. National Phlebotomy Association




And the number one institution with the initials NPA is the.....






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Mmm....I love pigeons!!!
Bumper sticker simple:

Kids Pay 4 NRA
Just in from the home office in Leicestershire, Tink: news that Piffle-Pies is introducing the steak and pigeon. That's as viral as it gets here at OS. Congratulations.

freespace - some say kids paid for lack of the moronic. Finding the moronic ought to trouble a person, I say. (Moronic Piffle - great band name!)
And, yes, the equally unpronounceable Leicestershire sauce is made from Tamarind and, you guessed right, pigeon.
Stacey, another one: "Nat'l Plumbers Assn."--who would even let a plumber in their house unless it was clear they were a proud, card carrying member (with their membership dues not in arrears)?
D - Crackin' me up. See what we did here? I would love to paste a decal of this on every gun shop in these glorious and sometimes united states. But I ain't never 'ad the Latin for the decal-makin'.
When I read that there was a National Pigeon Association, I felt a warmth come into my heart, a sense that there are so many kindred spirits in the world, people who love dirty city pigeons as much as I do! ....And then I went to the website and saw that it seems to be an organization devoted to, like, fancy pigeons....now I need to find a new NPA to think about joining...but which one to choose?
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