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Ever look in the mirror and say I'm just a bag of hot gas?--Dave

Stacey Youdin

Stacey Youdin
July 03
Veteran of the Southwest honky-tonk circuit. Homeowner slash builder, photographer, musician, and of course pajama-wearing, guitar-player pundit. I ask only two things: (1) please don't message me when you have something new. I start every session here on the most recent page, filtered by my favo(u)rites. (2) When you comment, it reassures me you've approached the piece as what the quaint of heart like to call a 'reader.' I have a lovely wife, fantastic friends and two charming cats. What else is there?


JANUARY 7, 2013 6:15PM

Andy Warhol Had You Sussed

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I never got the "I'm not getting enough for absolutely free. In fact I didn't even join Salon Premium. What the hell is Salon Premium?"
Let's see how long it lasts, or if this comment gets through...
Stacey ~ just like a Timex watch, "it's still ticking!"
I compare OS to a blacktop basketball court. As long as it's free, you can't complain that the hoops have no nets.
I did not run to some far away blog-land. I just kept checking in. R
Cabin fever? What cabin fever?

I finally got PM responses from before Thanksgiving, when the OS platform started coughing up as many as eleven repeats of my comments separated by about 3 minutes. To any and all who have so suffered, let's hope this new "stabilization" includes a remedy for that.

Perfect analogy Con. Glad you are able to log-in.

Trudge - Now that the percentage of "too many errors" greetings from the home office is lessening, I look forward to resuming reading my old faves, and finding new ones.

I know what we need. Prom!
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