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JANUARY 7, 2013 6:15PM

Andy Warhol Had You Sussed

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I never got the "I'm not getting enough for absolutely free. In fact I didn't even join Salon Premium. What the hell is Salon Premium?"
Let's see how long it lasts, or if this comment gets through...
Stacey ~ just like a Timex watch, "it's still ticking!"
I compare OS to a blacktop basketball court. As long as it's free, you can't complain that the hoops have no nets.
I did not run to some far away blog-land. I just kept checking in. R
Cabin fever? What cabin fever?

I finally got PM responses from before Thanksgiving, when the OS platform started coughing up as many as eleven repeats of my comments separated by about 3 minutes. To any and all who have so suffered, let's hope this new "stabilization" includes a remedy for that.

Perfect analogy Con. Glad you are able to log-in.

Trudge - Now that the percentage of "too many errors" greetings from the home office is lessening, I look forward to resuming reading my old faves, and finding new ones.

I know what we need. Prom!
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