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un punta del sombrero y un meneo de mi dedo

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un meneo de mi dedo

New Mexico legislator Cathrynn Brown, R-Carlsbad, introduced a bill with admitted "wording problems" that would make it a crime for rape victims to have an abortion. Something about "tampering with evidence."

Such is the reach of conservablat (the US House seat there is occupied by Eric Cantor fan and Peter King protégé, Stevan Pearce) that this poor woman thinks a jiggle here or there to the "wording" will allow her to climb out of the hole she began digging.

At latest ambush update, the penalty would apply to the rapist if the victim has an abortion, though the original sanction was on the woman.

In her own words, any Chautauqua Society machinations by the national GOP aside, “I thought I had a pretty good little bill that was going to accomplish a lot of good, and it’s being misconstrued,” Brown told the Albuquerque Journal.

Procuring or facilitating an abortion for a rape victim was in the original wording along with coercion to obtain one, but all of that, according to a last minute scramble to make sense, was "misconstrued."

One more case of Akinism, being edited on the fly (by a practicing attorney, no less) as we speak. 


un punta del sombrero

Speaker Ken Martinez, D-Grants, has allowed the Brown bill to "please proceed," while predicting an early exit from the agenda.


un punta del sombrero

For raising the issue of filibuster reform and keeping it under the media spotlight as much as is possible in a world gone crazy with he said/she said 24/7, kudos to Tom Udall (D), one of the good guys in the US Senate. And for responding to my e-mail with a thorough exposition of his position, even if copied and pasted, similar praise goes to newcomer, Martin Heinrich (D) who was with Udall and Merkley, if only.


un meneo de mi dedo

For addressing the filibuster stalemate problem with the "unclear option," all of the two-faced senators who talk a good game and then fold up like a Home Depot tarp. That was a bigger cave than they have down in Carlsbad.


un meneo de mi dedo

To all those who brought their Hannitized talking points and Glenn Beckisms into committee hearings of the US Congress. They forget that their premises are only givens in the context of select radio and television audiences and only for their entertainment value. Going for a Perry Mason moment with all the gusto of a 4th grade mock trial will live on in the annals of sheer stupidity.


un punta del sombrero

Hillary Clinton, for every kind of whoopin' you can dish out to morons. "TURKEY?"


un meneo de mi dedo

For Sen. Johnson, R-Wisconsin, for trying to tar Kerry with Benghazi syndrome.


un punta del sombrero

To Kerry's "please proceed" regarding the briefing that had gone "on sans Johnson." (To the tune of "On Wisconsin.")

To John Kerry as well for acknowledging the protestor at his confirmation hearing without malice.


un meneo de mi dedo

For election laws for national office written by states. Surely, allowing a systemic difference in value of each vote across the nation is inherently unfair, and worthy of rectification by the application of supreme judgement. Why has no one brought this challenge?


un punta del sombrero

To the US Constitution for allowing its own amendment.  Failing judiciousness, there is a process.

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If you're going to rip off Stephen Colbert's routine, add a little taste for GoogleTranslate. (I just won 3,000 AdSense "points.")
Ermagherd! Ernernimmus urse Glern Berk!
Stacey, I studied Latin more years than Spanish and I have a message for some despicable politicians you mention in your post: "Vos combibo."


Ermagherd! Ernernimmus urse Glern Berk!
John - "With all due respect to the "member" from Sucogdoches, ..."
Si amego...
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
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Thanks Algis

UPDATE: Rape bill revised but still keeps medical personnel in jeapardy. Read more here...

Ermagherd! Ernernimmus RERTS!

For a party that wants govt out of our lives, the repubs are certainly going about it in a strange way.
And the games continue, but they are getting more tired and listless... perhaps the Repugs are getting the point of self destruction.
Algis - smiles to you too!

skypixie - I wonder if Ernernimmus has a sense of humor?

Los Biblios - That's got to be in the literature somewhere: the John Birch paradox or something. Well said.

Zuma - if only they worked it out in a game of Sims first. They will take us down with them, I'm afraid.
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