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They Shoot Cartoonists, Don't They?

Okay, so I was being a little more than the usual stupid, having just read RUDE PUNDIT today, 1/28/13. And I did the calculations for the "right time" to air a show like "al-Qahtani's Heroes," such as.
CBS waited about twenty years from the cessation of holocaust to launch the wacky goings on at Stalag 13. I started to count 20 years from never and decided to forge ahead without regard to time. RUDE's point, as I see it, and he is set to continue his review of the Oscar contender tomorrow, is that the ends most certainly do not ever justify the means, you wayward Christian soldiers. 
Perhaps that's just vomitus projecting.
My response to a movie I will not watch is that if "a little license" is allowed when drawing a straight line from torture to anything, then the slope has become too slippery for my taste.
I remember first snorting in youthful contempt at a Hollywood yuck job over Nazism. Then, truth be told and for whatever reasons, to having watched about every episode ever filmed of "Hogan's Heroes." I'm not proud to have just broadcast such evidence of desensitization, but if it helps the savvy reader, then all's well and good.

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Put your brain back in the drawer and turn on the TV. Some Dexter and Breaking Bad should clean out that bad taste.
[r] Where did you get that illustration! Wow!!! Hogan's Heroes was such a popular show. We all watched. Sad that the star committed suicide iirc. Bob Crane.

The one of Bush is priceless. Perfect Sarge Schultz, though he looks more like the guy from Laugh-in ... you know who I mean? Artie Johnson was it?

Stacey, totally on board with Pundit's take on DZT!!!

In fact the real un-earthing of (maybe) bin Laden (I think he probably died years ago of natural causes) was not via torture (when you tell us the truth we will stop torturing you Dan and Maya tell the victims -- which was such b-s since the torturers just kept torturing until they get desperate answers that matched what the bastards that were (and still are some of them) above them needed to be said to justifiy their war crimes).

The REAL finding of the supposed bin Laden is a story that SHOULD be told. It was something about phonying up health care help to screen kids with polio was it? It was through lying and spying and pretending one set of non-health workers were health workers and there is a huge backlash of distrust and regression that is getting no international media attention.

Now health workers from the west in Pakistan are getting assassinated or being kicked out since more trust is lost (you figure?) with outside western countries like ours that LIE LIE LIE and invade soverign borders!!! So polio will become a prob to the kids of Pakistan because of the bin Laden killing. The ends justifies the means? Collateral damage.

And they assassinated bin Laden and part of his family. Dumped his body in the ocean because ...???? Was it really bin Laden??

Well, Americans don't seem to care when the military does questionable stuff. We have been Pavlovianly trained.

Now re Pundit and Hillary I flatly disagree. Hillary in this case is the major bull shitter. I am not endorsing Rand Paul, but in this case there was such nightmarish shenanigans going on in Libya for the SoS and DoD and especially our CIA and the rest of the mendacious engineers of a war that shouldn't have happened and where the jihadists who maimed our troops in Afghan we were enabling with intelligence and money and weaponry via CIA and/or SA via Turkey should be explored. THESE WERE SOME OF THE SAME ENEMIES FROM AFGHAN. AND IRAQ NOW HELPING REGIME CHANGE IN LIBYA AND NOW SYRIA??? WTF???? SOME NOW IN MALI. You need a score card to determine when they are "our bastards" and when they are the enemy of us. AQ????

Why does no one care that in some countries we use al-Qaeda jihadists and other countries we destroy the country as we proclaim we are trying to kill them off all to bring democracy (bull shit) to countries when our BFF countries are SA and Qatar -- not citizen friendly democracy to put it mildly???? When is anyone on mainstream and even alternate media gonna bring all this up?

Instead we get MSNBC team Dem cheering on Hillary for saying it doesn't matter who attacked the embassy. COVER UP!!!

sorry to go on so long!

best, libby
Thanks for the sage advice, Helen.

libby - I enjoy making digital collage. I got the image from my brain when I accidentally took it out of the drawer. (Like clippings from magazines in the old days, I cut and spliced and added some text.) It was a shout out to RUDENESS for saying what needs to be screamed.

We swing back and forth from militant Chauvinism to realpolitik. In neither case is moral principle the sine qua non, while I believe it should be. Instead, our hands are dirty, and they get dirtier when we pretend they're not dirty. RUDE, I think, was earning his comedic appearance fee in that clip. I think he's cynical enough to agree that some heavy dark stuff could have come tumbling out in chambers. Perhaps a disgruntled Iran Invader wanna-be might have added to the North Africa knowledge, for all the wrong reasons, but someone so well versed in diplomat-speak? I wouldn't hold your breath. There is no way to retreat as quickly as possible under the cone of secrecy without a few awkward turns of phrase. Of course, it matters to our foreign policy, the who, but it doesn't matter in the context of an open hearing to discover why there might have been sanitized talking points winding up on talk shows and top secret ones which I can't characterize winding up where there are clearances. I thought the hearings made great theater. I'll bet producers at more than just FOX and MSNBC did too.

Part two appeared today. RUDE ties it all together nicely. "So fuck their (the film makers) intentions. They don't matter. It's like Edvard Munch saying he didn't intend his famous work to be a scream of horror or pain, but that it was the perspective of a dude delighted at a cute kitten, which is just out of the frame."

The link above goes to his banner page at Blogspot.
"My response to a movie I will not watch is that if "a little license" is allowed when drawing a straight line from torture to anything, then the slope has become too slippery for my taste."

I won't watch the movie. I do the same for movies set in an African nation where the story is not about any African people.
Zuma - I don't sleep well as it is, knowing that we did/do torture. Why I'd need it fleshed out for me is beyond me. Nice to hear from you.
My response to a movie I will not watch is that if "a little license" is allowed when drawing a straight line from torture to anything, then the slope has become too slippery for my taste.

Interesting way to deal with that.

Be sure not to see Steven Spielberg's movie Lincoln either. It draws a straight line from the title character bribing legislators and possibly prolonging a devastating war in order to get a piece of legislation passed.

I’ve seen both…and both were superb.

Too bad you will miss them because of your sensitivity.
Thanks for reading Frank. And for letting me know your take-away.
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