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JANUARY 16, 2011 9:16PM

Annette Bening

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My, how Annette outshines her competition!

I can just hear the comments tomorrow on all those network shows who believe they have the right to comment on what everyone wore: "Daaahling! The dress! Omigawwwd, did you see the hair? And those glasses?!!!"

Well, pfffft to you all! She is STILL married to a guy who has slept with 12,000 women, and she still wins accolades for her performances as an actor, and as a mother.

For the body obsessed, high coutured, over-whitened teeth and overblown bosoms of the younger set, learn your craft instead of focusing on your bodies. So what if she and Al Pacino shared the same hair dresser?


You win my vote, Annette, you are a class act!! 


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I love her. American Beauty is in my top 10 all-time favorite movies. She was great on the GG Awards.