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APRIL 6, 2011 7:47PM

I'll agree with the GOP IF-

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Okay, here's my compromise.

I would accept the defunding of Planned Parenthood and serious restrictions on abortions if:

1) We provided comprehensive healthcare to all.  You have to start women before they are pregnant, cause you never know.  Men need to be included because a father's health matters too. Children, obviously from the moment of conception till the moment majority, when they become men and women in the system.  There should be specific and extrodinary help for women facing dangerous pregnancies, which may include accepting that even in a world of restricted abortion, it is still sometimes the best choice available.

2) We provide a PreSchool/School system that works.  Fully funded! Public! Exemplary! From toddler pre-school to the end of a 2-4 year degree.  It also has to be able to accomodate parents who are still studying. Including teenagers.

3) We act seriously to protect working parents from discrimination. Paid materinty and paternity leave.  Nursing/Pumping break rooms.  Flexible work shedules.  Pay and benefit parity.  Sick leave for when the kids get older.  Systemic discrimination treated as serious as personal "quid pro quo" discrimination.

4) We provide effective, comprehensive child protection and social services.  Housing.  Counseling.  Social workers.  Safe places for children in danger.  Safe places and help for families in danger.  Follow up that sees families in crisis all the way to health, even if it takes years: phsyical health, mental health, spiritual health, and economic health.  Alternatively, this includes a foster and adoption system that can protect and place children in homes that provide the care they need, including older children, special needs children, minority children, LGBT children.  

5) We actually act like we care about the people who are already here.  Giving to charity is good, but when charity isn't enough (and it never has been) voting for the taxes and systems and institutions that do the work of items 1-4.

Because the line between born and unborn is not arbitrary.   

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