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As some of you know, I’ve really started to wonder how we can possibly ingest the fire hose of information that comes at us every day. The obvious answer is that we can’t. Brits know it,... Marketing Mojo by Stephanie Fierman is your doubleshot of information and entertainment from the…

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MAY 26, 2009 7:02AM

Stephanie Fierman Can Pick ‘Em

Each year, the Financial Communications Society (FCS) recognizes firms in various categories for excellence in financial services advertising, collateral and (now) digital.  You can read the press release announcing this year’s winners HERE.

There are two reasons I wanted to write a quick pos… Read full post »

I just feel like I need to mark the occasion:  I got my 500th follower on Twitter today!

That means that 500 people have elected to see everything I tweet on their home page, ever day.  Day after day.  All the time.  Who are these people??

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I may get in trouble for this opinion, but… so be it. 

This week’s AdAge features an editorial, “InBev abusing agencies with its payment terms,” written by the president of an advertising agency in the Midwest.  

InBev is the Belgian company that bought Anheuser-Busch.  T… Read full post »

So yes, this is another post about Twitter.  What can I say?  It’s the fastest growing, probably weirdest social media phenom thus far, and I’ve been sucked in.

One of today’s interesting tweety tidbits is a quite lengthy email that Rupert Murdoch - sorry, I meant the Deputy Manag… Read full post »

Kent Huffman, Chief Marketing Officer at BearCom Wireless, a published author and all around smart, nice guy is doing something so smart on Twitter.

He’s publishing and frequently updating a list of the “top” CMOs on Twitter – those with the largest number of followers.  So what… Read full post »

Man, it’s a tough time to be a media company.  What with News Corp.’s operating income dropping 47% (99% in the newspaper business and 97% in the TV division) and both Arianna Huffington and Jeff Bewkes declaring the death of big media, what’s a media mogul - or budding mogul - to… Read full post »

SFMOGD came across two ads this week that are real… which just seems sort of impossible!

Ad #1 was brought to our attention by our friend, Jonathan Gilbert, and has some disturbing things to say about the condition of German underwear.  Here is a billboard currently posted in Berlin’s s… Read full post »

There have been a number of lawsuits in the last 24 months or so that basically seek to determine the responsibility an online delivery mechanism has for the content it carries.

There’s the fashion model, Liskula Cohen, who sued Google for a number of personal remarks that a blogger wrote usi… Read full post »

There have been several articles recently pointing to the rise in both offline and online coupon use.  While consumers 65+ are more likely to use newspaper coupons, and younger individuals prefer online coupons, there’s no real news here given that these stats will change over time as newspape…

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Dearest readers: I had a real post all ready for you today.  I did!  Then I saw Seth Godin’s blog. And like Seth, I’m tossing my own thought of the day just to pass along the following website: Whether you are job-hunting or not… this is absolutely…

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Poor Dominos. In a nutshell, two employees posted a “prank” video on YouTube that shows them at work spitting and sneezing on food, putting cheese up their noses and then onto pizzas, passing gas on meat then - ouhhhh - putting said meat on the food… As the beauty says…

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Here’s a quick post about an article about Disney in the The New York Times today. The piece is all about a Disney researcher considered to be “the kid whisperer.”  Her job is to help the company understand the needs, wants and desires of boys age 6 to 14, and then use this…

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There’s a new proposal from ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that could enable a virtual endless number of domain-name suffixes to be created over and above the already-familiar 18 including .org, .edu, .net and .com. The idea is to enable businesses and others to cr…

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I am hyper-sensitive to market research that is somehow flawed, or lopsided, or misrepresents the group being tested.  I’ve written a few posts on this very topic - here’s one on galvanic skin response, and measuring brand affiliation and a relatively new post on how Fuqua and the AMA m…

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I just want to say how relieved I am to discover that I am NOT the only one who is totally digging the song in State Farm’s TV commercials.

I’m serious:  I’ve been pondering a blog post about this for awhile, but assumed that I was just an ad nerd, grooving to… Read full post »

While restaurant chains suffer, and the industry predicts a “purge,” one restaurant has decided to let its customers take more of a direct role in its future. Sghetti’s Italian Bistro, a local restaurant in Pennsylvania, has established a “pay what you think it’s worth�…

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Whoops! In December, Domino’s created an online-only promotion offering a free pizza to site visitors using the promo code ”bailout.” The promotion never got final approval internally… but someone didn’t tell the pizza retailer’s online tech team. A clever consume…

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Online retail sales are bleak - no question - but there are some opportunities for sharp loyalty marketers. I say that because some gift types actually saw an uptick around Valentine’s Day this year vs. month prior or year prior or both - ok, the only gifts in the latter category were pets…

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While I’d prefer to come up with these on my own, I’m afraid that I would be the one who’s hard of hearing if I didn’t pick a recent Pepsi ad for G2 (low-calorie Gatorade) as the tone-deaf ad of the week. You can see what Pepsi was trying to do…

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P&G’s Charmin brand has found a fun sponsorship opportunity with A woman in New York, Danika Landers, started the site as a blog in 2007, and it uses Google Maps to help you find the nearest public bathrooms anywhere you may find yourself in need of one.  It purports to be…

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