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Five Most Important Anti-Aging Strategies

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It seems with the continual media blitz of mostly untrue information out there to prop up unnecessary medical procedures and medications we are all stuck with an aging process that starts with the hideous changes in our largest organ, our skin.

Readers should be aware that most human beings are designed to live much, much longer than todays mortality figures allegedly cap our time here in this place.  We think we have a great health care system because we "live so much longer" than we used to.  Tell that to Noah or Moses!

Should you be cherishing each new day upon awakening and would like a few more, here are the top five for longevity:

  1. Sleep, really sleep, around eight hours each night.  Some people who meditate properly can get by on four or five hours but for most of us, lost sleep can really never be made up.
  2. Calorie restriction is proven to exponentially add life to cells.  It works for us too as the most stressful thing you do everyday has nothing to do with loss of a loved one, moving or getting a new job; your major stress comes from digestion.  Life Extension Foundation (LEF.org) recommends less than 1900 calories each day for all of us.  Like everything, we're all unique so your best caloric intake varies depending on number three below, your personal BMI (body mass index) and genetic markers.
  3. Exercise is something we all need since unless you're a creationist, our primal history has us doing lots of fight and flight exercise.  Many in the alternative field advise against extreme exercise and everyone should check with their wellness or health practitioner regarding their best exercise plan.
  4. Detoxification is on the list because we are all pummeled constantly with life shortening  toxins every time we eat, breath, drink, shower, clean or use cosmetics.  It is recommended that you check your heavy metals (cost about 50 bucks and provides a chart of your lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. stored in your tissues) and develop the best chelation therapy process for you.  Remember, that the other organs need to be detoxified regularly, probably starting with your digestive system and moving forward from there to the liver, brain, etc.
  5. Diet, not really as in calorie restriction, but in how much toxic material you're adding to your toxin load by what you eat.  Start by elimination of sugars (especially high fructose corn syrup, it is not safe and will cut decades off your life and make you sick while you are alive), artificial sweeteners (except stevia), processed grains/rice/pasta (you can get all these foods that are whole grain containing all the nutrients nature intended and skip the enrichment) and trans fats.  This requires reading the ingredients of everything you consume including going out to eat.  Start there and when you can actually accomplish this feat, comment on this article and we can work on all the rest. 

Unfortunately, the whole social set up works against this free yet unsolicited advice, so it does take some work.  These five steps are only the beginning but standing alone will add decades to your longevity and propel you to states of wellness never imagined.


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OS is good for keeping the grey matter in shape, but bad for the fat.

Not sure what you mean by OS, but you're right in stating the brain needs essential fatty acids (EFA's) aka fat, for proper function, not to mention prevention of neuro-toxin diseases like CFS, Fibro, altzheimers, age dementia, etc.

The brain is made up of mostly EPA, one of many omega three EFA's. In fact, about half of your brain mass is nothing but this fatty substance!

The reason omega 3.6,9 EFA's are called EFA's is because they are essential, meaning you cease to exist without them.

The low fat diet prescribed by DR Pritikin is a recepie for disaster. It is now well proven that you need to ingest EFA's everyday, the trick is to keep it at a one to to one ratio of omega six fats to omega three fats. And NO transfats!

Remember that all fat has the same caloric value per gram and is the highest calorie food per gram when calculating calorie restriction.

Personally, I actually supplement omerga 3,6,9,12 EFA's everyday as the fat soluable vitamins (A,D,E and K) are best obtained from a healthy, natural EFA of different sources. For example, the best source of EPA is fish, but because of chlorine plants and coal burning power plants millions of cubic tons of mercury are spewed into the atmosphere and end up in the food chain, especially our fish. Krill or an artic fish oil supplement are much safer and less toxic than sushi!
Myriad means Open Salon when she says OS. And sitting on your duff writing on the internet makes it grow bigger.

All really good information here. I get LE and try to keep up with the latest research. I do know what's good for me and manage to stay slim and relatively healthy... same weight I was in college, though not as good physical strength because I was a distance runner. Now I just do calisthenics/yoga.

I do get a lot of people observing, "what about cardio?" I don't do any. When it comes to exercise do you believe a person needs cardio for optimal health? I do know I need to do more weight bearing exercises for my bones.

Taking Omega 3s... the research says it can improve the brain of a fetus in a pregnant woman... lack of it may be related to why there is so much autism these days. So much junk on the market with no nutritional value at all. I am so grateful for places like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
Excellente Myriad,

Thanks for defining OS too:) Please check that your omega three fat intake is from mercury free (should say low mercury since there is no longer anything mercury free on this planet) fish or a molecularly distilled fish oil, krill or arctic fish oil (usually sardine or anchovy).

Staying slim or avoiding fat, is a daily and lifelong challenge for me, however with perseverance and moderation I manage for the most part. At least my BMI (body mass index) fits the box the so-called experts have created.

Cardio has so many different definitions depending on whom you read or study. Once defined, how long do you do it and how many days a week? The first answer, for the obvious litigious reasons, is check with your attending practitioner(s).

My personal recommendation for clients is called lymphosizing or rebounding. A rebounder is a small trampoline that one bounces on for a time (Dr Gittleman [Fat Flush Plan] says to do at least 100 jumping jacks or five minutes minimum daily) several days each week. This exercise moves fluids through the lymphatic system, increases heart rate, increases respiration and is a low impact sport while still providing the moderate impact to qualify as weight bearing exercise.

When trying to reduce BMI, a heart rate monitor is required with a couple of formulas prescribed for optimum fat burning in lieu of glucose burning. The assorted fat burning methods at the best heart rate can be easily researched on the internet or you can check with your fitness coach.

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises can be considered to activate the cardiovascular system, thus probably qualify as cardio. Aerobic is basically fat burning while anaerobic is glucose burning. Again, heart rate is measured (resting compared to exercising) to determine the difference.

I consider calisthenics and yoga good forms of exercise and both have effect on the cardiovascular system! Walking at a brisk pace is the easiest and least expensive way to do cardio, the aerobic type. Weight resistance training is highly recommended these days for all of us over age 40-45. My favorites since I have no club memberships are the total gym and the supreme pilate. My son's boflex is awesome too!

Autism is obviously caused by a variety of things, but the two biggest causes after a genetic disposition to be more allergic to nuero-toxins; are vitamin D deficiency in the mother/child and mercury poisoning from immunizations, flu shots, high fructose corn syrup, cavity repair and fish.

What I would give for a Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, or Wild Oats in Laramie!
Thanks! I don't have a weight problem, but I do want to stay in good health. The main reason I am able to stay slim is because I avoid red meat. Also, I only eat when I am hungry. Turns out, I can get along with only one meal a day most of the time.

I actually have a jump rope, so I am gonna try to work that into my routine. I have a total gym, but I haven't used that in years. I agree, that machine is a really good work-out.

Yeah, vitamin D is very important. Especially for Black people (like me) who have more melanin. I take that now... this is a requisite nutrient! My aunt is in remission, but she had lung cancer, so I got her some vit. D. I think that my family is probably even more susceptible to cancers because we come from a warm climate. Having emigrated here, we get less sun. I am sure that accounts for the rash of cancers in my family.

Folates are important for all of us but especially for women! Red meat is about the only decent source of folic acid, along with CLA (conjugated linoic acid), the liposuction fat. While it is true that most red meat is toxic (drugs, prions, etc.), buffalo is clean and there are several organic beef products out there if one can afford ten bucks a pound. Caribou and Ostrich are also delicious and low in omega six fats. If one analyses our teeth and history, red meat has been a part of our sustenance for centuries.

If a person only eats once daily, the body's metabolism radically slows down as it should to prevent starvation. If you could take the one meal and break it up (in three or four hour increments) so that you consume those calories over four to six meals, you will get a metabolic jolt that could enhance your wellness and longevity. Certainly, you would experience much lower doses of stress from digestion.

Have replaced the cable on my total gym from overuse too many times! Notice if I supplement D3 in the winter here, I keep my tan, so for people of color that is probably the best ticket!