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DOD involved in collapse of World Trade Center

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When first awakened from a sound sleep after swing shift on September 11, 2001 to view the TV News, I saw the world trade center buildings being demolished like many I had seen before in Denver, CO under the Mayor Pena revitalization campaign.

My first question was, "Why are they demolishing the world trade center buildings?"  I was corrected and admonished that commercial airliners had hit the top of those buildings.  No one has ever been able to convince me that it was not a typical demolition.

As the real scientific facts started coming out, my original impression was only reinforced.  Ignited jet fuel could never produce the heat necessary to melt the metal used in the construction of sky scrapers, it's not even close.  That's why they use super-thermite explosive charges to demolish such structures in most cases today.

Working at the Reno/Tahoe Airport at the time, I was required to pass an exam on basic FAA regulations to station there.  Anyone with such basic knowledge knows that all aircraft must file and follow a specific flight plan before takeoff is authorized by the control tower.  This makes good sense since we have thousands of flights in the air over America at any given time each day.  Further, if an aircraft deviates even one mile from the registered flight plan, immediate contact with the cockpit is required.  And, if contact is not possible, military intervention is immediate!  For decades this has been followed to the letter as otherwise, midair collisions would be common, making air travel very hazardous.  These regulations were ignored on that day.  To date, no explanation of why or how the FAA regulations ceased to exist has been forthcoming.

My older brother who I assisted in building his geodesic dome up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains near Larkspur, CO believes I live in an alternate universe.  I have felt as though that must be accurate, especially regarding the whole scam around 9/11, as well as my ideas on what constitutes real food, toxicity in our environment and many scientifically based beliefs contrary to network propaganda.

Many times, years or decades later, my alternate universe merges with reality and my alternate assertions become main stream.  Such has finally arrived regarding the scientific facts explaining the demolition I personally observed on TV that fateful day.

The Open Chemical Physics Journal reported on April 3rd (for the second time, the first report out of Arizona was hushed up on 9/13/1) a scientific study revealed that active thermite material was discovered from dust samples collected from four sites at the World Trade Center within hours and days of 9/11/1.  The best synopsis is at: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=13049 where the authors, scientists and additional links can be accessed.

These types of compounds and elements only appear in such dust if super-thermite was used to bring down the structure(s) that created the dust!  This particular material is highly restricted and only available through the USA DOD (department of defense, see DOD web site for confirmation of this policy).

Simple logic dictates that the super-thermite we now know demolished the world trade center buildings along with building seven was acquired from our own DOD.   It could have been stolen, part of our WMD sales network or directly implicates our own military.

If stolen, are we to believe that so called terrorists have accessed WMD's from our own DOD and have the ability to strategically place super-thermite in sky scrapers around the country in order to bring them down?

If super-thermite is part of our three billion dollar weapons gifts to Israel each year, are we to believe the Mosad was involved in 9/11?  Or one of the many other countries we be gift annually with WMD's?

If our own military was involved, does this explain the DOD website contentions before 9/11/1 that we needed a "pearl harbor type event" to trim some fat from our constitution?  Would this explain our king (never elected President) reading a goat story to students at an elementary school while the attacks were in progress?

Accuse me of living in an alternate universe, being a conspiracy theorist or what ever you like, the scientific facts continue to emerge that tell a story of the highest levels of government being traitors to us all and to the thousands who perished that day.  History has told us repeatedly that our countries government will covertly do anything it believes is in our or their best interests no matter what we the people want or need. 

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"We will wait until every available camera is taping, then we will explode the building"

"Just having two airliners crash into the WTC won't be enough to incite fear and piss Americans off, we must blow up the buildings."

Just a couple of logical trip wires that explain why the collusion theories haven't gained much purchase on the slick wall of rationalty.
Ahh, You conspiracy theorists really make me laugh - america would NEVER sacrifice 3,000 citizens (collateral damage) to advance cochamamie schemes of geopolitical dominance, would they now???

Would they?
anything is possible in my countrytisofthee. anything as far as debased character, that is. cheney would do it, if he could. but i don't think they are competent enough.

the alternate explanation, involving angry moslems, is easy to believe: america has been searching for sorrow in the middle east for 60 years, and were finally successful in finding it.
I have to admit that the falling of the twin towers looks nothing like what I would have expected, and apparently some people who know about this stuff have said so publicly. Then there's building 7 - why did it fall at all? Although no one wants the conspiracy theorist label, these inconsistencies do trouble me.
Thanks for the comments... I'm just reporting the facts since it is highly likely few will ever get the facts.

Why the building was demolished is anyones guess but doesn't change the fact that we now have scientific evidence that the demolition was in great part to the use of super-thermite.

I kind of like the theroy that the secret police in Chile got us back for removing their democratically elected Presdient on 9/11/73 and replaced him with the mass murderer, Pinochet, who was later indited as such. It is only a matter of time before our own king is also found guilty of serious war crimes by the world courts lessening the step you must take to believe he was complicit in 9/11/1 and/or ordering the military to stand down (someone did, the FAA did their job and military didn't).

I have mostly unanswered questions about what really happened as I can not swallow the official BS story that mostly peopole from Saudi Arabia attacked us by hijacking domestic airliners. There are however an endless number of unanswered questions with one answer finally forthcoming with the results of the dust tests. How could the sky scrapers have any metal fatigue from such a low heat output as combusted jet fuel when building codes require metal beams with much higher heat ratings prior to failure? We have the answer, they didn't have metal fatigue from buring jets, it was caused by super-thermite combustion.
Not this tripe again. I can't believe how much energy has been expended by some on the left on this conspiracy theory. This is the left wing equivalence of those black helicopter/ reeducation caps/ FEMA detention camps theories etc which are so prevalent on the right.