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Steve Arney
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October 01
Steve Arney is a 46-year-old middle-school education student at Illinois State University. He began his college education in 1981. In fairness, note there was a 19-year gap in which, after obtaining a communication degree, he wrote for newspapers in Central Illinois and St. Louis metro-east. He may be reached at


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NOVEMBER 20, 2008 10:46AM

Must-haves for the healthy gamer

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Forrest Blather/Elmer Jones

By Elmer R. Jones

Doctor of Videology (Equivalent)

At lunch recently, my good friend Dr. (equivalent) Forrest Blather stared at my eyes.

Puffy lids. Bloodshot eyeballs. A distant, vacant look.

Dr. Blather, who could professionally diagnose ailments if he had a medical degree, started making educated guesses: Either I had just smoked a bag of dope, had been hit with allergies or had been sobbing uncontrollably.

I informed him of the real problem: A video game injury which I shall call Video Eye, the bloodied look you get when you play the video game “Mercenaries” for six hours and play so intensely that you forget to blink.

“That was my fourth diagnosis, and I would have hit it with a bit more patient history,” the good non-doctor rightly noted.

As we are individuals bent on helping humanity (for a profit), we set to mapping inventions to make the video-gaming world closer to the paradise it should become. We continued the discussions with sketch pads, and a wanna-be lawyer is working on incorporating our gaming-accessory business. Patents are pending.



Doctor Blather's Actuator diagram.

Makes you blink
First, the eye problem. The Blink Actuator fits like a helmet. It pumps tiny amounts of misty saline fluid into the eyes, thereby moisturizing the sockets and causing the player to blink. The beanie on top is decorative.

The fan attached to the helmet’s forehead keeps dust from the eyes. It also enables the player to use both hands for the controller while smoking, cigarette dangling from the mouth, without the smoke rising into the eyes -- because that’s bad for you.


Finger pad 2
Doctor Jones illustration.

Fake-Guitar obsessions
“Guitar Hero” is a hit video game carrying a major health risk. You neurotically play a fake guitar by pressing the colored frets to match the colored notes flashing by on the screen. You become obsessed with mastering the songs on the play list for a series of concerts.

By the end of the night, your right index finger is numb from slamming the fret bar. At best, it limits game play in the immediate future. It’s not a great leap to speculate that Fret Finger Syndrome could cause permanent impairment– even necessitating AMPUTATION!

The protector is a simple, flexible rubbery Guitar Hero Fret Pad. It enables pain-free, obsessive playing of the game deep into the night.


Game master sm

Chair diagram by Doctor Jones.

Toilet paper sold separately
The Master Gamer Chair is an option for the serious player and a MUST for the online gamer, because it includes a fully plumbed toilet. Yes, necessary. Ask any World of Warcraft player whose warrior gets vanquished because the damn healer had a weak bladder and went AWOL in the middle of an attack.

An abdominal vibration belt and leg lift weights allow the gamer to forgo trips to the gym and still look relatively good. It goes without saying that the chair comes with a built-in ashtray. You can smoke, poop, pee and exercise without missing a minute of game time. Put a mini-fridge within reach and you conceivably can live for days without moving from the game.


please open



Dr. Blather's Third Arm diagram.

The gamer’s friend
It takes both hands to play a game. You can always pause the game for a necessity, such as scratching your crotch. But what of the pet, a neglected dog nagging you for attention?

With the Prosthetic Third Arm, made of metal frame wrapped in velvety cloth, you can satisfy your dog’s need for attention without interrupting your game time and without confronting the fact that you are a bad dog owner with no real life. Attach the Third Arm and sway back and forth as you stay fully engaged in the game.

Your dog will still love you, even if you don’t reciprocate. As for friends, you don’t need them. The video game is your friend. He will never abandon you.

Mech arm jones
Doctor Jones diagram. (Note how Fido is feeling loved.)

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These are the most important devices of the (still young)21st Century!
Dr (equiv.)Jones and Dr (equiv.)Blather should be in the running for the Nobel Prize in ,...........uh?,...........Peace,.yeah, peace of mind.

Jonas Salk would be proud............
I was thinking Nobel in applied sciences (if there is one; if not, the equivalent of said prize).
Certainly, MoMA should be calling that Jones guy presently.
And they have shown incredible compassion for animals!!
Sending link to my current gamer son (now attached to computer game Caesar III) and my former gamer son who rooms at college with an obsessive WOW player. Paws up.
Just picked up a secondhand PS2 inc. GuitarHero II and III. I'd like to order three fretters, posthaste.

- C
this is awesome.

Withholding Nobel Prize nomination until the esteemed doctors can figure out how to get the gamer to actually sleep (sometimes).
These amazing inventions would mean one thing, the end of my marriage and the divorce rate will/would skyrocket by an additional 25%. Obesity in teens would skyrocket (ooooops, too late!)

GREAT imagination. ingenious.

Infinitely more fun than lecturing about the treatment of symptoms rather than causes and the avoidance of confronting underlying problems.
I'm not a gamer person. I don't get it and don't want to get it. But reading this post struck me as similar to my compulsiveness with OS. The similarities are there. Great and amusing post, even for a non-gamer.
How did I miss these??? Brilliant! Are you the artist?? You've got quite a talent, my friend. Post more - this was not seen by enough people. Put down the video toy, back away from the TV, and get to work.