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Steve Blevins
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
November 05
Steve Blevins teaches medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He enjoys reading, music, and travel. He is interested in American and European history, French literature and culture, and music for piano and chamber ensemble.


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MAY 6, 2009 9:33AM

Come Bra-Shopping With Me

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Susan's list is short today.  I'll be out of Walmart in no time. 

1. Broccoli spears, 2 bags (spears, not chopped)



2. Pinto beans with bacon, 3 cans



3. 6-piece towel set, stone color



4. Bra, medium, Platex.



5. Drano, professional strength (1 bottle)



Meadowbrook, here I come!



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Should I admit here that I own that bra? Nah...
I own that bra, too....wait a minute..........
Is Susan your gal pal/wife or alter ego? If alter ego I suggest better looking towels and a much sexier bra....way too industrial looking.
Is the draino to cut the gas you'll have after eating broccoli and beans? I hear it can be harsh on your throat.
for the record ... I often see men in the bra department at WalMart ... I used to think that was strange ~
That bra looks like it's been rode hard and put up wet.
Does the madness never end here on OS? I am going to have to escorted away from my own computer dammit! You guys are just too hilarious! Trying. To. Get. Work. Done. F me vigorously.
Just say no to the Playtex, Steve. I beg of you.

Dude, damn the bra, just say no to frozen broccoli.
Never realized bras could be bought in size medium.

And I thought I had odd shopping lists.
Is it possible to send a man to buy a bra for oneself? I would never have thought of it in a million bazillion years!

I'd like to think it's true, that it was an actual list. And it will make me chuckle all day . . . Rated, of course.
ROFL- sadly enough, that could be one of our bras
I've only known you for two posts, but your mind is very strange. I hope you'll tackle "Pitbulls in Spamalot" next.
I'm a woman's panties guy myself. They're just soooo comfy, but to each his own. I won't judge.

Tee 'em high and hit 'em hard!
"Cousin" Steve,
Could be worse. I used to have to go to the grocery store with a list that included 2 different kinds of tampons or mini pads and the certain knowledge that if I screwed it up that I would be sent back to WalMart (or wherever) to get the right one or incur the enduring wrath of both wife and daughter. (I wasn't allowed near the bras though).
Anyone who send you to Wal Mart with that list deserves.... well, to be married to you!

Very silly. Thanks for the laugh.
Sometimes sweet husband shops for bras for me in the Victoria's Secret flyers. I have noticed he hasn't actually purchased me one yet...I think he's looking for the perfect mother's day gift tho.
I'm with laurenjwalter - "medium" isn't enough info for bra shopping. Now, if I had a man, and he were willing, I could get my bras that way...because I would supply full info (size, cup, brand, fastening, strap style, material, a few other details).
Loved Verbal's post, love this.
medium bra? medium? she must be one of those teenytitty girls. Great shopping list, doc.
I own that bra in white, beige, and black but bought them at Costco ;0)
I'll buy the tampons and pads. I'll pick up the Pill and the Canesten. I will definitely purchase the lingerie. But I hesitate to buy the bras. Getting the right fit for a lady seems to require engineers, architects and astrologers. I find this daunting.

Fun post, Steve.
yer naughty, steve. nothing wrong with little boobs...
Still laughing over chopped broccoli. Where DO you come up with these things?
A suspicion has wormed its way into my brain...the good doctor has been having us on! (We're not used to proflically posting doctors with a sense of humor.)
Our Seattle friend found the Bush's label so humorous (evidently they aren't sold there), she cut one off and took it home. Gotta love the short list. Next time you'll have it down to fore.
Little known fact: a bra is one of the most complex garments made. It is a feat of engineering. (see also: Howard Hughes and Jane Russell)
The golf course looks the best to me!!!!!
I thought it was a very nice sleep mask........
Is George Costanza's father involved in this?