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Steve Blevins
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
November 05
Steve Blevins teaches medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He enjoys reading, music, and travel. He is interested in American and European history, French literature and culture, and music for piano and chamber ensemble.


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JUNE 30, 2010 8:00AM

How Changed My Life

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For many years, I've had intermittent back pain caused by a herniated disc. But I'm lucky: While many people with bad backs suffer constantly, I have only two or three attacks each year, usually when I'm gardening or lifting heavy things.  

Last week I came across a newspaper article that every back-sufferer should read. It was about a gentleman named George Rekers.

George Alan Rekers

Mr. Rekers is co-founder of the Family Research Council and a champion of family values. Like me, he has a bad back, which usually bothers him when he carries heavy luggage. Because he travels often, this is a frequent problem. Or was a frequent problem until he found a way to travel effortlessly with the help of an organization called Rentboy is a for-profit, social service organization that connects disabled people with healthy people who can assist them with difficult tasks. 

To learn about the organization, I visited the Web site:


The organization is impressive, in part, because of its international reach. It is staffed by hundreds of young people who assist local (and sometimes distant) clients. Its members reside in major cities throughout the U.S. and Europe, making the organization ideal for international travelers. If you're flying from New York to London, for example, with a single phone call you can hire some-one to carry your luggage in both cities.  Listings are by location, so it's easy to find someone in your area. Through Rentboy, Mr. Rekers has 24-hour access to a luggage assistant anywhere.  

As a fellow back-sufferer, I wanted to know if the organization had repre-sentation in Oklahoma City, so I checked the index. Sure enough, there was a young gentleman from my region named Chad.    


From the photo, Chad seemed amiable and well-constituted. He looked like someone who could handle arduous tasks. Then I noticed his fee: $275/hour! Can you imagine? $275/hour to carry luggage! Maybe this is acceptable on the East Coast, but where I'm from, it's highway robbery.

I was leaving the Web site when something in his biosketch caught my attention: Chad is adept at massage and other relaxation techniques, and  promises to leave you physically and emotionally rejuvenated. 

Now things were beginning to make sense. Though no mention was made of academic degree or certification, Chad clearly had a background in physical therapy and, perhaps, psychology. His fee, albeit considerable, could no longer be construed as exorbitant (assuming he was proficient in these fields). 

As I continued reading, the phone rang. It was my wife, Susan, who was at a conference in Boston. She called to tell me she would be coming home on Monday. Susan loves landscaping, and after we talked, I felt guilty for neglecting our garden while she was away. Fortunately, I had enough time to make amends. I turned off the computer and prepared myself for an afternoon of work. 

As I rose from the chair, however, my back suddenly went out! I fell back against the chair and squirmed as I tried to find a comfortable position. The pain was intense and unremitting. Finally I slid onto the floor and crawled to the bedroom, where I climbed into bed and curled into the fetal position. Only then did I obtain relief.  

The situation couldn't have been worse. Susan was coming in two days, the yard was a mess, and I was bedridden. I waited for the spasm to subside, but everytime I moved, the pain left me breathless. I didn't want to call an ambulance, but I couldn't function.

That's when I thought of Chad. Although I had qualms about asking a stranger for help, I knew that Rentboy was reputable, given Mr. Rekers'  longstanding association with the company. I reached for the phone, called 1-800-rentboy, and asked to be connected to Chad in Oklahoma City.

To my satisfaction (and surprise), he answered promptly. I explained that I was in bed with a bad back and needed help right away. He responded courteously and reassuringly, and offered to come over immediately. I apologized for my urgent situation, but he said not to worry: He was accustomed to meeting people in bed. He would let himself in through the back door.   

He arrived a half hour later and came to by bedroom. Before starting therapy, we briefly exchanged introductions and pleasantries. 

Chad was consistently polite. As we bantered, I could tell he was smart and insightful. He seemed to understand me instinctively. Clearly there was a psychologist inside his sculpted frame. Of course, psychologists have their idiosyncracies, and Chad had his: The room was cool, but he removed his shirt anyway. Asking me to lie prone, he straddled my waist and began working on my back.

The experience was unprecedented. Within a few minutes I knew his talent surpassed the online description. His technique was holistic: He treated mind and body. Within fifteen minutes, my pain had dissipated. When he proceeded to the shoulders and arms, I felt an incongruous mélange of tranquility and exhilaration. His cadenza on my legs and thighs was virtuosic. 

When he was done, he patted me on my side. I turned over and faced him. 

"Do you feel better?" he asked, the light dancing on his forehead.

"You bet," I replied. "You're a miracle-worker, Chad. Your online description doesn't do you justice. I predict that you're going to have a very successful career." 

"Thanks," he said in a voice that would have tamed Goliath. "Is there anything else you need?" 

"Well, just one thing," I said. "If I have back therapy every week, do you think I can prevent this from happening again?"

"Probably," he replied with a smile Adonis would have envied.  

"Well, why don't we plan on doing this every Saturday afternoon around two o'clock?" I asked.  

"Sounds great," he said, his dimples sparkling in the afternoon light.

Chad stood, dressed himself, and accepted my check. He bade me farewell and said I could call him anytime. 

When he was gone, I put on my gardening clothes and went outdoors. The air was fresh and the leaves rustled in the afternoon breeze. I worked tirelessly -- and painlessly -- for hours. The neighbors, who were unaware of my back incident, said they noticed a "spring" in my step. I felt as if I had the strength of a thousand men. Above all, I was proud of my work. The garden looked terrific! Susan would be delighted when she returned.

Before going to bed, I wrote a letter to George Rekers, thanking him for introducing me to Rentboy and for his exemplary work at the Family Research Council. Then, turning out the light, I thought about my beloved Susan and my excellent new therapist. I drifted to sleep knowing I was the luckiest man on earth.

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Send this inspiring story to Reader's Digest, Dr. Steve. Don't introduce Chad to your wife's gardener, though. That could get messy.
A fine, uplifting story to start the day. Thanks for sharing.

I hear Rentboys are also competent practitioners of the ancient healing art of acupuncture. Both the Chinese and Greek versions, I've been told, though the latter is more holistic.
Oh the hilarity of this post. You don't by chance pastor for some super conservative evangelical church? Love it.

I need a Chad. But then that would be getting a bit too close to that line of adultery.

Glad you can get the garden in order.
Truly miraculous. Chad sounds way better than the rentboy that Dr.Rekers was caught on film with in Europe. Seems his 'rental' thought it would better for Dr. Rekers back if the Doc himself loaded the luggage into the elevator. Perhaps he perceived that the exercise would do Rekers good.
What an inspirational story. I am sure the Family Research Council will use your story as a testimonial for their Family Values. R-
Would Chad come to Beaufort? And if he cannot, will you? Robust laughter is the absolute best back remedy I know of.

Tell Chad I said, "Hey!"
This is such a *sniff* moving story. Thank you for sharing.
This is wonderful! I love the way you led us with such on my lips now. I've not read you before, but I'm hooked. Though I think my back hurts for some strange reason...what was that number? ...and maybe I need a much heavier suitcase. r faved...thanks!!!
I work with a lot of docs, Doc. And almost none of them are this funny. Did you have a special class?
I am so delighted for you...., and George!

I think there were a few "dangling Chads" in Florida in 2000.
Sonds like a plan but remember shiatsu is extra.
I had wondered what all the fuss was about . . . thank you for adding your voice to the positive side of!
On my way to see if services my locale.
I'm just so happy that you found some relief!
Evidently there are more than two things that come from Oklahoma - add hysterical doctors to the list. Good one, Steve!
Chad's too young for me. I'd prefer a rentgeezer who looks like Jung or Ghandi.
When you know the facts, you can see how it was all just a big misunderstanding. Thanks for sharing your experience, first hand knowledge is always the most reliable.
You are the Rentboy king, Master Steve. It might be lost on the NYT, but it's appreciated here. Welcome back. And tell your L4-L5 I said hi.
A question to myself: "Why are you seeing a Chiropracter when there is"
I don't know about luckiest, but you are the funniest!
It's good to know that alternative therapies work. Still laughing...
Be careful with the gardening even if you have found relief. It's important to choose a strong handled tool and loose hips as you dig in.
You got totally ripped off. You could have had me and Shaggylocks for $10 and a bag of Funions.
Thank you for explaining that whole Rentboy thing. It makes so much sense now!

And I'm so glad that he was able to get all of the tension out of your, um, back. is much better. . .and they give free baskets of fresh fruit with every purchase. No, real fruit.
I knew I would be able to count on the good doc to find an answer for my back pain. A thousand thank-yous for researching this, and garden on my friend!
Oh, those naughty conservatives, em, rent boys. R
Steve, this is so clever and fun! I feel my stiff neck from so much time at my computer.....:)

This was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. You are one funny fucker.
Steve, this is just damn good.
You know, my neck's been bothering me lately. . . .
This is gold. I have never had a doctor with a sense of humor._r
*sniffle* a touching tale. err what? wait...nevermind,
Thanks for sharing this special moment with us.
Steve, you made my day. And I have back pain. And a really big garden. Do rentboys work for women too?
I am just thrilled to see your shining voice here this morning!!!
Welcome back, Dr. Steve... undoubtedly, every medical insurance company should cover such services. Perhaps George can make that happen - world-wide!
It's a wonder what a little "poking" and "prodding" will do, huh? Gee, I bet for $275 / hr. he's even let you "poke" and "prod" him (strictly as an educational experience mind you).

P.S. I AM kind of bummed though. I googled for "" and all that came up was escort services and prostitutes. Hmmm, wonder why that was??? Maybe I need to ask "Boy George"?
I think there were a few "dangling Chads" in Florida in 2000.
Gary Justis
June 30, 2010 09:25 AM

Funniest line this year!!!! :~D
Does rentboy take care of women too?

So nice to hear from you, Steve!
Totally rad, dude!
Oh, if only I had known that $275 could have kept me out of surgery and blowing my deductible... can you pay for this with your HSA?
Mr. Blevins, you have performed an admirable act of public service here. Bravo.
Dear Dr. Blevins:

I was moved to tears by the story of your successful interface with I've had trouble with my back for years and am inspired by your moving account to try the service for myself.
**TEARS** A uplifting story if ever there was one. I too have used the caring hands from, Jamey is certified by the Dallas Board of Healing Hands and Other Stuff....and well worth the $325/hour fee....he listens when others won't!!

**wanders off**
This is priceless and now I'm sharing it. Made my day, Blevins.
I'm SO glad your back. We so need your humor around this place.
Chad comes with a cadenza? Remarkable.
I had the same thought as Safe Bet's Amy. I was certainly hoping there's a My back's killing me.
In the end Mr. Rekers fulfilled the Family Research Council's mission. Susan came home to an invigorated husband and a tidy garden. Bravo Mr. Rekers and FRC. Thanks for recommending the best services to help the American family.
::sniff:: This is beautiful and inspiring. I am so happy for you!
Makes perfect sense. People helping people, with money exchanged. Nothing wrong with that at all.
And I thought that giant sucking sound was NAFTA.
Brings an all new meaning to hanging chad. A delight, Steve.
i want an "incongruous mélange" this afternoon. mmmm mm mmm.
Oh! Nice to see a fellow blogger using! I hire them to administer vitamin injections. Carlo comes by and pokes me twice a week: I can't tell you how much it's improved the sparkle of my dimples in the afternoon light! Terrific service.
Boy. The only thing I can order in around here is Chinese food. Sheesh.
I'm happy you found some relief. In the event, however, that Chad, tied up when next you need his services, you might consider PlasticChad, which works wonders for me and is a one-time purchase at a fraction of the cost.
I'll take your "cadenza" on your thighs and see you a slice of Proust... It's SO nice to have you back! xoxo
I'm having a hard time getting my car in for service. If I call for a lube job do you think they can help?
@ Matt P wrote: you might consider PlasticChad, which works wonders for me and is a one-time purchase at a fraction of the cost.

I have to admit that wasn't the "Plastic Chad" that I initially envisioned!
Loved this and shared it with my Facebook friends. :)
So innocent you sound.

Brilliant satire.

Sorry to disappoint you again, Amy.
Your brilliance never ceases to amaze me. I think this moment of gratitude toward the FRC should be sent to its newsletter. I'm sure they'd print it.
I must be the only person who read this the first time. All the more for me.
Real Americans go to American Rentboy firms, I guess.
sooo, did he ever carry your luggage? :)
You're such the innocent, Steve! Or were.
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I've found RentWife and RentKids to be much more cost-effective.

Deft handling of a herniated disc, informed by years of medical training no doubt. I hope your wife realizes how far you go for her.
Hilarious. I heard that one about Dr. Rekers carrying his own luggage too. But I bet that's because he tried to pay his rentboy bill in drachmas or lira.
I am so totally in love with you I am offering to take rentboy's place. For free.
Thanks for the yucks, Steve.
You are so wonderfully nuts.
thank you, this is a great way to start my morning.
I don't know who is more lucky, Steve or Chad. Fun story as usual!
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What Bonnie and Sally said. Very, very clever. I think there should be a new verb named for you: To "Blevins" -- to inspire through razor-sharp wit, tight prose, and political insight. So glad you're back!
$275/hour? To carry luggage? Wow! Wait to bendan bend-over gets a load of this. R
I need Chad's number and I need it NOW!!! Seriously, what a great story and told as only you can. As one who does suffer from back pain I can appreciate this and am going to see if the good Chad has any co-workers in this area. Who knew there was such a service out there.
Happy 4th Steve.
Do not (do not!) give Susan his phone number.
The experience was unprecedented.

This sounds like the beginning of many such experiences, I expect. Congratulations on finding a therapy that worked! (I understand that black latex masks have unexpected therapeutic benefits for breathing problems, if these ever arise.)
Are you for real ? The story is good but I heard your not the real thing. Just wondering in print.
Rate number 100!

Steve, welcome back. I was truly worried about you and now you are in fine form (physically and writerly). amazing story as I have a herniated disc, recently diagnosed on an MRI. My back doesn't go out, once upon a time it did, but hurts that would mean all the time except I am addicted to Theracare heat pads around my lower back. So I read this with self-interest and with Steve interest. Now, that is one amazing massage or back correction if you could work so hard right afterwards. Thanks for the tip re: Rentaboy. The bags for me are the least of it, but a good chirpractic or ortho workout by someone as great as Chad would be heaven. xxoo Welcome Home
PS to Max P, not Proust, I just bought what you recommended and I'll let you know if it works. No rentaboy in Israel, pretty sure of that. Thanks for the tip.
I just had a blast reading this story. Loved the way you led me through it. Thanks for your innocense and great sense of humor. I am now your follower I don´t want to miss your posts.