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Steve Cross

Steve Cross
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
December 20
I was born in Ottumwa, Iowa on December 20, 1942, and then grew up there. I have extensive formal education -- through grade 22, as a matter of fact. That education seems to have entirely gone to waste. At least it doesn't seem sufficient for me to find employment. Actually, I was killed on December 1, 1992, but didn't have the good sense to lay down then and be still. I've done lots of writing, both fiction and non-fiction since then. Little of it has been published. To check out other things I've written, go to: More is added there all the time.


I find it personally necessary to mourn the passing of Christopher Hitchins even though I never knew him personally. 

Long ago I started to develop a list of things that I wanted to have a discussion with God about when the opportunity presents itself.  Part of my growing list includes… Read full post »

I was not born with religion.  But, I was very shortly baptized Catholic.  I attended Catholic schools through the 22nd grade.  That meant that I was subject to none-to-subtle brainwashing on why I’d better not leave the Catholic Church.  (With the exception of years at a JeRead full post »

Despite still being a committed Catholic, I feel that the official church doctrine get a lot of things wrong.  For what it’s worth, here’s what I think about a lot of the church’s official teachings:

·       Assuming that Church traditionRead full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2011 11:54PM

This Lawyer Regrets

A Comment on the Coming Ruling by the US Supreme Court

That the New Healthcare Law is Unconstitutional


I think that it’s virtually certain that the U.S. Supreme Court is going to rule the new healthcare law is unconstitutional.  Since I’m a lawyer, I have been trained/Read full post »

JUNE 20, 2010 9:09PM

"Sotto Voce" a screenplay (Act 1)

An apartment in a modern tower or garden apartment building.  time: today, early evening Living room at front.  Main entry to apartment at left front.  Living room is Open to dining table at right rear.  Also Open to kitchen in left rear.  hallway in center dividing kitchen…

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JUNE 20, 2010 8:59PM

"Dating Lola" - a short story

I grew up in the 40s and 50s in a moderate-sized town in southeastern Iowa.  My growing up experience was typically Catholic.  That means life centered on going to the Catholic schools.  My dad's Irish immigrant mother would have it no other way since she brought from Ireland the conviRead full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2009 5:45PM

Genus: Mayfly

Jane busied herself making coffee. "You know," she said, it is pretty late. If you need strong coffee to keep you awake so you can drive home, I want to offer you another solution."

"What’s that," he asked.

"I have a very comfy sofa in the front room. I’ve gotRead full post »

AUGUST 29, 2009 11:39PM

Bill of Responsibilities

I write constitutions.  No one has a use for it but that doesn't disuade me from keeping at it.

One thought that I've had is that constitutions of government say what is expected of government but nothing about what's expected of citizens.  So, in what's below, I take a crack at… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2009 10:23PM


Despite the fact that this appears in the form of an office memorandum, it is a fiction story.



To:      Harry Paul, Human Relations Director

CC:     John Rick, IS Director

From: Ignatz Larew, Analyst

Date:&nbsRead full post »

AUGUST 29, 2009 10:11PM

A New Bill of Rights

I write constitutions.  I’ve actually written several of them.  It is my misfortune to live at a time when there is no need for anyone who has studied Constitutions intensively, written them assiduously, and thought about them constantly.


What follows is a draft of what I thiRead full post »

AUGUST 27, 2009 12:14AM


          The problem with camping when you’re a kid is that you have to do it with adults.  Once when I was a kid, I was relieved of that burden.

          It didn’t start out that way. Read full post »
AUGUST 26, 2009 3:44PM

The Storyteller


          Some of our best times as children were during the summers when we went to stay overnight at our grandparent’s home.  We lived in the southeastern Iowa town of Ottumwa that in the late 40s and early 50s seemed huge to us. Read full post »

AUGUST 25, 2009 11:28AM

Origins of My Religious Dissent


I’m a cradle Catholic.  .My parents took me to church every Sunday and religious holiday and spent money to pay tuition to send me to Catholic grade and high schools.  I have a total of 22 years of formal education nineteen of which were in Catholic institutions.  (/Read full post »

DECEMBER 22, 2008 4:27AM

Three Christmases

          The telephone's ring at 2 AM on Christmas Eve day brought Philip Richards fully awake from his fitful sleep.  Calls at that hour were always alarming, but his anxiety was increasing with the news from his daughter over the past two days on hRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 16, 2008 1:05PM

The Benton Street Wardhouse

Voting was a big deal when I was growing up. I remember the many times I went with my parents or grandparents to vote. I grew up in the 1950s in Ottumwa, Iowa. It was a town of 35,000 on the banks of the Des Moines River in Southeast Iowa. OttumwaRead full post »