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APRIL 1, 2010 8:28AM

Hutaree: Militia, MySpace & Mayhem

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Militia propaganda 

 Just something I found on the web.

How ironic—as I curled up with a New York Times article explaining how violence doesn’t spread as easily as anger—state and federal authorities were still in place at the intersection of Sword Highway and Tomer Road in Michigan’s Dover Township.  They were only one arrest away from rounding up the principals of the Hutaree Christian militia.

    Meanwhile, Benedict Carey, the author of the Times news analysis piece, “Mad as Hell. And…,” had written, referring to Glen Beck, Fox News, and running the gauntlet of abuse on Capital Hill:

"What is the nature of public anger anyway, and can it be manipulated as easily as that?  Is it possible for tough-guy talk to prompt any more than an occasional nasty outburst or can it indeed sustain and amplify anger to the point of organized mayhem?"

Carey’s answer:  “Violence doesn’t spread so easily.”  Hmm.  Maybe Carey is wrong.  Maybe for some, the susceptible, for lack of a better word, “the march of toxic populism” to quote fellow Open Salon blogger Stellaa, is a gateway drug.

            Maybe the deathers, and the birthers, have launched a collective fussilade that has gone underground—to blossom and fester in paroxysms of hatred.  That’s what I found online, looking at the Hutaree Christian Militia and its peer groups.

Hutaree Militia 

           Hutaree Militia

  Funny thing:  The militia movement is not at all shy about making an online spectacle of itself.  The Hutaree were no exception.  They had their own website, (now overrun by Hutaree haters).  David Brian Stone, leader of the Hutaree, known within the group as RD, posted in forums under the name RD-Merzonik.  We can be certain that it was him by the verisimilitude of his postings and the fact that he maintained a MySpace page, RD-Merzonik, with a photo confirming his identity as David Stone, Sr. 

RD Merzonik on Myspace

            Stone posts a number of Hutaree forum entries that establish his point of view. Here is one exchange, initiated by a would-be militia member from Virginia:

“I live in Virginia, I can't find a local militia. I have a hand gun, which amounts to a water pistol if SHTF really.

I've done a about as much as I can to prepare for myself and my wife on my own, but we need to find like minded people who can teach and train us in our area or start something here with someone who can give us some knowledge. Time is running out.”

~Mike 1/9/09


 “Leave a class of none officer rank [sic for “non-officer rank”], for the un-saved to join, remember these individuals will follow your lead, in both, how you live your life now and how you act in battle, in doing this you open the door for them to get saved and come into the full light of JESUS.

Ask and we will help,, we are in southern Michigan, around 10 miles from the Mich-Oh border. If need be we can try and meet up with you to help you understand our system and assist you in setting yours up.”

~RD-Merzonik  3/13/09

There’s more here, including the definition of the group’s name:

Re: What does "HUTAREE" mean?

Posted by: RD-Merzonik ()

Date: February 11, 2009 01:01PM

“HUTAREE; Christian Warrior

As christians we all are a part of the Souls of the Body of Christ, the one true church of Christ. Not any specific man made building or any man controlled organization. This is the belief of the Hutaree soldier, as should the belief of all followers in Christ be.”

Stone, and Hutaree, were well-networked.  Hutaree’s MySpace page, before it was taken down at the time of the arrests, boasted many, many friends.  Stone’s own page featured friendships with dozens of militias.  Just a few of these include:

  • Ohio Militia
  • Lenawee Militia
  • Michigan Militia Corps
  • Kitsap County Washington Militia
  • 55th Idaho Lightfood
  • Eastern Washington Six Three
  • WV Militia
  • Ohio Defense Corps

These weren’t just shout-out friends, either. The following forum entry shows that Stone knew his militias.

“People in Tennessee that are looking for an excellent group try these guys,

~RD-Merzonik  12/02/09

Stone had high standards by the logic of his own universe.  You can bet any militia he would personally recommend would be God-fearing, committed, anti-drug, well-armed, and ready to fight. 

Hey, Look at Me!

One of the strangest things about Hutaree, and most militias found online, is their reliance on the freedom of free speech.  They give their email addresses on forums. (One guy gives his name and address.)  They make videos to post on YouTube. They are practically redefining the culture of MySpace, in case you were wondering who was still over there.  Here are just a few of the MySpace Hutaree coterie:

  • RD – David Brian Stone
  • J.R. – David Brian Stone Jr.
  • Brogzen
  • Skykalla
  • Ruekoten – “Chaplain of the Hutaree Independent Militia”
  • Tannariv
  • “B.B.” – J.R.’s fiancé – (I’ll withhold the name)
  • A female family member of Kristopher Sickles – whose tag line from yesterday is “being strong”

Some of these pages are set to private; some are not. A number of them use the Hutaree arm patch insignia:

Hutaree arm patch insignia

One member, Brogzen, lets it all hang out on MySpace, writing:



“B.B.,” David Stone Jr.’s fiancée, has pretty much got a whole family album up on MySpace.  She posted the photos, shown below, of David Stone Sr.’s wedding to the woman who would become Tina Mae Stone.  The photos reflect Stone’s military identity.  The scene in the first photo looks like a bunker.  This wedding was quite recent. 

JR wedding with logo 

JD with bride and grandson           

David & co-defendant bride Tina Stone with David’s grandson:  MySpace 

One thing that social networking sites reflect exceedingly well is the spiderweb of one’s  network.  So why were they so cavalier?  Though their eventual defense team will spin it differently, I believe the reason is that they thought they were a lot smarter than the government.  They figured they could hide in plain sight.

            Hutatree totally overachieved when it came to their videos, at least some which, I believe, were created by Kristopher Sickles, the member from Sandusky, Ohio.  The one shown below features elaborate maneuvers with live ammunition, over a large tract of wooded terrain.  They are actually pretty good at what they do, if you like choreographed displays of the type of military operations that might be used against an invading force, of, say, a well-armed group of 50 illegal immigrants.  My favorite shot is one where the camera operator lies on the ground while the troops jump over the camera—I think the family dog jumped, too.

            And the music!  A number of Hutaree featurettes feature the music of Lehigh Valley, PA-based band Poker Face.  Here is a sampling of their lyrics:

Losing My Mind

Now you know we’ve got our eye on you

So you better do things right

Or we’ll hang you from the highest trees,

While we party thru the night


Freedoms On The Run

Welcome to this New world Circus

Coming to a homeland near you

Jack Boots and Billy clubs are GAY fashion

Marching to Obamas Commie-Fascist nation



Rise up! Rise up! Militias throughout the world

It's time to end The Order's globalist plans.

The Revolution is the only solution

When good government has gone bad

2009 Words by: Dennis Beidler, Brett Griffiths, & Paul Topete


“Or we’ll hang you from the highest trees, / While we party thru the night…”  Nice touch, that.  You have to wonder where these guys gig.  In an “Upcoming Show” entry that was deleted since Tuesday, they invite their fans to join them at a Kentucky machine gun festival in April. They promised this would be a festival where some scenery gets really torn up.  On their website they write:

“At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks.

But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect

government motives first, not the Hutaree.”

            Hutaree was not shy about their identities in the local community according to some.  Some local residents described them as thuggish and dangerous, imparting a brown-shirt feel to their identity. "You don't mess with them," one unidentified resident told the Detroit News. To others, they were just regular folks. “They’re your average, nice neighbors,” neighbor Sarah Holtz said, as quoted in The Daily Telegram, of Adrian, Michigan.

            Authorities have no priors on Stone, the leader, though one of his exes, Donna Stone, requested and was refused court protection following their divorce, in an appeal that made specific reference to weapons.    A tearful Stone, mother of David Stone Jr., recounted, according to the Christian Science Monitor:

“It had not started out like this…It started out as a Christian thing," … "You go to church. You pray. You take care of your family. I think David started to take it a little too far. He dragged a lot of people with him. When he got carried away, when he went from handguns to big guns, I was done."

Gimme That End Times Religion

The Book of Revelations is apparently where is all began for RD.  That and the Antichrist.  Much has been made of the end times religion behind his cult—and this really is militia-as-cult in many respects.  And lest there is any confusion about the centrality of end times thinking to RD and his militia, remember the website tag line:  “Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.”  Battling the Antichrist is part and parcel to their credo.

            Some suggest that the strong religious line to the motivation of this militia makes it different, but that line—the line of the Christian Republic—goes right through militia main street.  The religious component has always been fused to perceived or actual political persecution.  Even as far back as Roman times, the Antichrist part of the concept was mutable.  The Antichrist was usually the embodiment of evil.  Early Christian writers like Tertullian held that the fall of Rome would “make way for the Antichrist” (Wikipedia), and millenarianists have been waiting for, whatever, Him, ever since.  You’d be surprised at how many so-called mainstream fundamentalists essentially hold to this view.  Or maybe not.

            At its core lies the impulse for the godless oppressors to be punished.  This where religious and political—or military—revenge intersect.  The system denoted by the Antichrist is that of the New World Order—a throwback to the 90s, ZOG and all.  The flag of the United Nations is burned in the finale of the promotional video supplied here.  So the Antichrist is a figurehead.  Some, like raptureready think the Antichrist will arise from the European Union.  To others, let’s be frank, it is apparently Obama.

            Carey, in his Times article, talks about “lone-wolf violence” and the rarity of such acts.  He speaks of the “typical, peaceable citizen” getting a little too worked up.  But the truest believers of the militia movement are neither peaceable, typical, nor rational.  It is the assumption of rationality that sets Carey on the wrong track.  He cites Kathleen Blee, a sociologist at the University of Pittsburgh, who describes harder core racist ideologues and then concludes, “but many of them never do anything at all about it.”

            And that is true.  But there is a lot of distance between the lone wolf and the “many” that Blee refers to.  That vacuum is filled in part with the disenfranchised patriots of the American militia movement.  The accelerant behind their increasing mobilization?  White Despair.  Lose your job, lose your population, lose your perceived racial dominance—you become a cog in a system that doesn’t seem to need your rural mindset or your welding skills anymore.  You live in a rotted-out trailer.  You have fantasies of a return to a much, much, earlier time—the “Colonial Christian Republic” of the Hutaree.  All this, and you are part of the growth in the patriot militias, noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as growing at a rate of 244 percent.

            In surfing the outer fringes of the gun belt, I have encountered a related but different mindset than the one I encountered researching the Open Carry movement.  Those guys (mostly guys) worshipped the totem of the Second Amendment.  You would think they majored in Constitutional Law.  But their crazier elements tend to stand out as gateway figures to the militia world.  Here are some of the militias' preoccupations I encountered online:

  • Incredibly detailed Obama birther conspiracies
  • New World Order paranoias
  • Anti-Semitic rhetoric
  • Anti-immigration mania
  • Bizarre, detailed accounts of FEMA concentration camp plans
  • Racialist theories colored by racism
  • “Death-panel thinking’ about health care reform
  • Survivalist methodologies
  • End-time thinking
  • Christian nation fantasies
  • Anti-government takeover screeds

   The rules of engagement for political discourse do not generally allow for pundits to ascribe psychopathology to the other side.  But if we allow a layman’s definition of psychopathology as “a pathological deviation from normal or efficient behavior” (, I would not be surprised to see certain comparisons made by social psychologists.  Some of this thinking is by no means new.  The Branch Davidians and Timothy McVeigh covered broad swaths of it.  But it is certainly back, renewed in virulence and amplified a thousandfold by the web.

            As I see it, what is most important to understanding of the thinking behind militias is that these themes occur on a continuum that extends from Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea Partiers, straight to the hearts of die-hard and, seemingly, ready-to-die militia converts.  Think of it as a rainbow of hatred.

    That said, I do not believe that most of the militias plan any sort of overt violence.  That would seem to be a no-brainer.  Rather, they are about symbolic violence.  They will continue to run their furtive maneuvers and upload their videos.  Perhaps they would like to provoke the government into a mis-step that might justify some bloody, glorified stand-off somewhere.  But I think they want more than anything to intimidate their opposition on Main Street, in the government, and in the media.  This is their true goal as a coherent movement--intimidation.  Because, they reckon, if they can intimidate the opposition back to, well, the colonial era, I guess, then more extreme methods won’t be necessary.  Remember, none of this is rational.

    They don’t recognize that the future has already condemned them to minority status.  To some, many, really, that is intolerable—and they are floundering for some moment of transcendence in which their fantasies are made real, and tangible, and they are once again, as in some other age, the white, muscled, principled, manhood of America.

    What do I see?  Brown shirts. 



Charged in the indictment are:

                  David Brian Stone (RD) of Clayton, Mich.

                  David Brian Stone Jr. (Junior) of Adrian (the son of David Brian     Stone)

                  Joshua Matthew Stone (Josh) of Clayton (the son of David Brian Stone)

                  Tina Mae Stone of Clayton (the wife of David Brian Stone)

                  Joshua John Clough (Azzurlin) of Blissfield

                  Michael David Meeks (Mikey) of Manchester Township

                  Thomas William Piatek of Whiting, Ind.

                  Kristopher T. Sickles (Pale Horse) of Sandusky, Ohio

            Jacob J. Ward (Jake) of Huron, Ohio

* * * 

Postscript:  They were on Facebook, too.  From an online article in the Detroit Free Press.


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Thank you for such an informative, but scary post. I think that people discount the amount of damage that hate rhetoric and outright falsehoods impose on the American public. These people are not only dangerous, but scary and crazy and they need to be watched, not ignored.
Well done. I'd tackled the same subject from a different perspective; over at my blog but you've done a very comprehensive job.
Nice article. Here's this in case you're interested:
In one sense, I can almost feel sorry for them. Paranoia is very debilitating, as the threats are very real to that person or group, as irrational as they may be to everyone else.

But, it's one thing if you're down in a dark basement with a tinfoil hat on, muttering incoherently. It's another thing entirely when you are armed, threatening violence, and using the internet to organize.

Very comprehensive piece, Steve. Thanks.
Good piece Steve. I did a post about this Monday; in it I ask "what would Jesus do? He would apparently buy himself an AR15 and some camo gear and make plans to kill innocent people so as to bring about the End Times."

Hate groups aren't anything new, as witnessed by the Klan and others. What IS new is that this sort of lunacy is spreading into the mainstream Right now, not just the fringes.
As easy as it may be to pin this on recent media-fueled rage on the right (Palin, Beck, et al), these groups have been around for far longer. I grew up in Lenawee County and the militias have been there for more than 20 years. Its not a recent trend, nor is it anything unusual to people who have grown up in poor, rural areas.

For the most part, the militias in my area are a benign part of the community. They're more libertarian than conservative, angry at government intervention in their lives and wanting only to be left alone. They are armed, they obsessively prepare for "end times" (disasters, attack, and the like), and they carry a long list of grievances for how they've "been done wrong" by people with power and money. But 99% of the time, they never cross the line and either cause or incite violence.

But with all of that said, they're not just hiding out in the woods like survivalists. They have normal jobs, families, and friends. Their kids go to local schools. They're also very engaged in their communities and churches - donating time and money to support those less fortunate. In many ways, these local militia were more like a community's volunteer fire department - strong bonds of brotherhood forged in support of their community, training and preparing for disasters, albeit with a paranoid perspective on what constitutes a disaster.

Although there is always an inherent distrust for law enforcement (as representatives of the evil power structures that restrain their lives and liberty), I think the actions of the Hutaree even scared the other local militias. The Hutaree crossed the line - where the other militias are primarily concerned with defense and taking care of their families and community, the plot by the Hutaree would have been an aggressive act that violated the very heart of the community itself. The public denouncement of the Hutaree by other local militia (in the media and the refusal to hide a fugitive) is a sign that they themselves were violating a "brotherhood" amongst the militia by crossing that line.
As scary as these folks are, I think they are dangerous only in the moment. They could certainly pull off some of the mayhem and destruction they espouse but they are a long way from being able to pull together a coherent, sustainable movement cabable of uniting large segments of the p0pulation behind them. Hatred and rage against the machine will only get you so far; in the end, you have to be for something to convince people you're really serious.

These guys seem a whole lot more intent on looking the part and letting everyone know about it than actually being serious about creating a real insurgency that could lay a permanent hurt on "the man". Your comment that "The militia movement is not at all shy about making an online spectacle of itself." is telling. They have the equipment - the awesome looking weapons plus all the knick-knacks and doodads that give them the image of being real snake eaters. In commenting about thier online videos, you say, "They are actually pretty good at what they do, if you like choreographed displays of the type of military operations . . .", the key words are "choreographed displays".

As I said, they like to look the part. If you've ever been in combat, in a firefight or an ambush, you know that "looking the part" is a fairly meaningless item. There's an old infantry saw that says "no plan ever survives first contact". Once you cross the start line and the shit hits the fan, there's very little in the way of choreography involved.

For what the Hutaree had planned, they'd certainly have been able to kill a lot of people had they kept their mouths shut and their intentions off the Internet. Like the entertainers that pass for real reporters on right-wing media, the show's the thing for them and they want a lot of people to know when to watch. That ultimately was their undoing.

The really most dangerous people are the ones who have managed to keep their mouths shut and stay below the radar. If they've managed to learn the political lessons of how to run an insurgency from Mao and Ho Chi Minh and the tactical lessons from the French Resistance and Russian Partisans in WWII, the Viet Minh in Indochina, and the VC in Vietnam, then they are truly to be feared.
Dear Reader,

I think many of the points you make reinforce some of those in my post. I referred specifically to the 90s agenda advanced by many web-based "spokespersons" for the movement as well as the 90s icons of right-resistance.

As to the just-plain-folks element of the equation, that was what I was talking about in relation to the MySpace pages of the girl friends of defendants. Everyone puts up photos of a marriage. Only a few get married in their militia fatigues.

Some of the militia members have jobs--more used to.

I think it would do us all good to consider what it means when our neighbors "obsessively prepare for 'end times'" and the like.

I think we should all consider the messages that militia members nationwide are posting on the web.

I would also invite anyone to consider the question: how is an armed militia like a volunteer fire department, and how is it different?
Been There,

Thanks for highlighting some of the "just plain weird" angles to the story. My conclusion emphasized the interest in projecting an image of intimidation--and yes, some of it is done for self-image, too.

Your conclusion is chilling. The Hutaree are dangerous clowns. The greater danger would lie in those who keep their mouths shut and their heads down.
"Lose your job, lose your population, lose your perceived racial dominance—you become a cog in a system that doesn’t seem to need your rural mindset or your welding skills anymore. You live in a rotted-out trailer. You have fantasies of a return to a much, much, earlier time—the “Colonial Christian Republic” of the Hutaree. All this, and you are part of the growth in the patriot militias, noted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as growing at a rate of 244 percent. "

But really whose fault is that? Who helped these people to feel powerless and unneeded? From a recent piece by Chris Hedges:

"The Democrats and their liberal apologists are so oblivious to the profound personal and economic despair sweeping through this country that they think offering unemployed people the right to keep their unemployed children on their nonexistent health care policies is a step forward. They think that passing a jobs bill that will give tax credits to corporations is a rational response to an unemployment rate that is, in real terms, close to 20 percent. They think that making ordinary Americans, one in eight of whom depends on food stamps to eat, fork over trillions in taxpayer dollars to pay for the crimes of Wall Street and war is acceptable. They think that the refusal to save the estimated 2.4 million people who will be forced out of their homes by foreclosure this year is justified by the bloodless language of fiscal austerity. The message is clear. Laws do not apply to the power elite. Our government does not work. And the longer we stand by and do nothing, the longer we refuse to embrace and recognize the legitimate rage of the working class, the faster we will see our anemic democracy die. "

" . . . We are bound to a party that has betrayed every principle we claim to espouse, from universal health care to an end to our permanent war economy, to a demand for quality and affordable public education, to a concern for the jobs of the working class. And the hatred expressed within right-wing movements for the college-educated elite, who created or at least did nothing to halt the financial debacle, is not misplaced. Our educated elite, wallowing in self-righteousness, wasted its time in the boutique activism of political correctness as tens of millions of workers lost their jobs. The shouting of racist and bigoted words at black and gay members of Congress, the spitting on a black member of the House, the tossing of bricks through the windows of legislators' offices, are part of the language of rebellion. It is as much a revolt against the educated elite as it is against the government. The blame lies with us. We created the monster.

"When someone like Palin posts a map with cross hairs on the districts of Democrats, when she says "Don't Retreat, Instead-RELOAD!" there are desperate people cleaning their weapons who listen. When Christian fascists stand in the pulpits of megachurches and denounce Barack Obama as the Antichrist, there are messianic believers who listen. When a Republican lawmaker shouts "baby killer" at Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak, there are violent extremists who see the mission of saving the unborn as a sacred duty. They have little left to lose. We made sure of that. And the violence they inflict is an expression of the violence they endure.

"These movements are not yet full-blown fascist movements. They do not openly call for the extermination of ethnic or religious groups. They do not openly advocate violence. But, as I was told by Fritz Stern, a scholar of fascism who has written about the origins of Nazism, "In Germany there was a yearning for fascism before fascism was invented." It is the yearning that we now see, and it is dangerous. If we do not immediately reincorporate the unemployed and the poor back into the economy, giving them jobs and relief from crippling debt, then the nascent racism and violence that are leaping up around the edges of American society will become a full-blown conflagration."

Great post by the way. It's nice to see posts on the cover that involve actual research and analysis, rather than just copy-and-paste "breaking news."
Christian nutcases are no different than Muslim nutcases! They want to push their religion on everyone else. Good to see these jerks locked up. Unfortunately, there are many more out there. Just do a google of Christian Warriors, or Christian Soldiers. You will come up with tons of crap. To realize that there are so many nuts out there, who are willing to die for their religion is really, really sick!
Nuts. the only word for it. pure nuts. Logical , educated thinking doesn't lead to arming one's self waiting for the end of it all , Armageddon or the rapture. Sadly many believe so.

James Kelhoffer, an assistant professor of theological studies at Saint Louis University:

"Many people who have interpreted the rich symbolism and mythology of [Revelation] have read into it to reflect on a world cataclysm within their lifetime. It greatly misunderstands ancient Jewish and Christian prophets who always talk about apocalypses within their own time, not several centuries hence.
Holy cow Steve. I am going to have to re-read this to wrap my head around it. great stuff...xxa
I doubt they(Hutaree) had the brains to decode it, but if you anagram Hutaree, you come up with U R HATE.
Greatly enjoyed reading this piece! I know I shouldn't laugh at these bozos, but it is difficult not to.

There's nothing like "American style metal" music and Christian values based on violence (as seen in the video).

Congrats on the EP!
I am sure Jesus is very proud of them, LOL! How pathetic...
That was fascinating. These people operate on a completely different rational plane than a normal person... I just that they stop before someone is really hurt.
comprehensive, well-told, terrifying, not at all surprising to those of us following SPLC work, militias, and the Dominionists.

This is a valuable, coherent post.
I guess Poker Face has a comment now.
This is their press release as of yesterday 4/4-10...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Re: Poker Face and the Hutaree militia

On March 29, 2010, Poker Face learned of the FBI raid on the Hutaree militia and posted the following statement on our website at

“At the present time, Poker Face has no comment on the situation developing/unfolding with the Hutaree folks.

But given the governments track record against we the free, it makes us suspect
government motives first, not the Hutaree.

For those interested in finding out where Poker Face is playing next,
please send us an email with NEWSLETTER in the subject line

We pray that cooler heads prevail, and we are talking about ALL sides.”

This was posted because a Hutaree training video used the song, I Wanna Know, from the band’s fourth album, Made In America. A link to also appeared on Hutaree’s front page.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals and groups have requested use of Poker Face music for movies, videos and other presentations. It is always expressed that one requirement of use is for credit to be given in the form of a link back to our website. Any interaction with Hutaree was limited to this request. Use of our music should not be misconstrued as an endorsement of Hutaree.

Members of Poker Face do not condone the actions for which the nine members of Hutaree are being charged.

We continue to reserve judgment on the 9 detained militia members until due process can prove innocence or guilt in this matter.

While we do not consider all law enforcement officers and state officials to be corrupt, Poker Face does continue to consider government duplicity after reports have surfaced that Hutaree members were unable to construct a pipe bomb without involvement by an undercover agent that had infiltrated the group. It has also been reported that FBI officials setup the memorial event where several of the militia members were arrested. This does give cause to question what else was concocted by agents or informants.

The scenario is eerily similar to the 1996 raid of a Georgia militia group. Two members were arrested for possession of pipe bomb components. During the trial, it was determined that militia members refused to construct or stockpile bombs or parts when prompted by an undercover BATF informant to do so. Testimony by BATF Special Agent Steven Gillis indicated that the only people who prompted discussion on how to make pipe bombs or placed components on a militia member’s property were government informants. No pipe bombs were ever built, but, the militia members were still charged with conspiracy and possession of an unregistered explosive device.

This event took place 3 months before the Centennial Olympic Park bombing. Richard Jewell, the security guard who discovered the pipe bomb was identified as a potential suspect. This was based largely on the FBI’s "lone bomber" criminal profile and resulted in a media campaign that promoted him as a failure who planted the bomb to get attention. Three months later, he was cleared and the FBI admitted it had no other suspects

Consider the more recent terrorist event on Christmas Day, 2009. Kurt and Lori Haskell, both attorneys in Taylor, Michigan, witnessed Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, aka “the Panty Bomber,” trying to board their plane in Amsterdam without a passport. He did eventually gain passage with the help of a sharp dressed man. Their story was initially dismissed by Federal agencies. However, it was reported on Jan 27, 2010 that intelligence officials asked the State Department not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist. This was stated by Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security.

These are just two examples showing how government entities have been lax with public safety and have been heavy handed with American citizens who had no interest in violent acts against the government. Entire libraries could be built to house the chronicles of misdeeds perpetrated against American citizens by their own government.

We will concede that there are most likely organizations or individuals within every movement and cross section of society who have the ability to act with malicious intent. If Hutaree proves to be one of them, then the fullest extent of the law should be exercised.

However, not all militias are violent radicals ready to overthrow the U.S. government.

Most militias are defensive in nature. In a day when our National Guards, which some scholars argue are the equivalent of today’s militias, are being deployed overseas, the current militias are reasonably the last line of defense to protect their respective States. According to the Constitution Society, the Second Amendment “recognize[s] the right, power, and duty of able-bodied persons (originally males, but now females also) to organize into militias and defend the state. It effectively recognizes that all citizens have military and police powers, and the "able-bodied" ones -- the militia -- also have military and police duties, whether exercised in an organized manner or individually in a crisis.”

Many of the organized militias have been called upon by their communities in recent years to assist local governments or agencies. In fact, 3 members of the Hutaree militia were called upon to help in a search and rescue mission on March 25, 2010.

Our biggest concern with this whole fiasco is that it will further divide the country. Continuing down this path will ensure that the general population, whether Democrat or Republican, Conservative or Progressive, left or right, black or white will continue pointing fingers at each other until this country is plunged into another civil war where brothers will be fighting brothers.

Our biggest hope is that all sides will understand these ramifications, realize that this nation is in serious trouble economically, morally and functionally, comprehend that the two-party system is nothing more than a monopoly of corporate interests, and join together in a peaceful Revolution to restore power to the people and their individual States without the necessity for the type of violent Revolution that birthed the Union.

May God have mercy on our country and our souls.

Poker Face promotes a strict adherence to Constitutional government and resistance to tyranny through music using poignant and often times controversial lyrics. The band has performed in support of Presidential and Congressional candidates from the Libertarian, Republican, and Reform Parties as well as events sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of America and the U.S. Marijuana Party.