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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 9:55AM

It’s a Thumpin’

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1. 332 – 206 electoral votes [update]

2. Ohio!

3. The ground game

4. 71% of the Hispanic vote

5. Swing state sweep

6. Romnesia

7. An insane Republican primary campaign

8.Wisconsin repudiates Ryan

9. Ryan loses his hometown, Janesville, WI

10. Tammy Baldwin (gay) beats Tommy Thompson

11.  Hispanic bashing

12. Professor Warren wins the Senate

13. Clair McCaskill wins Missouri

14. Heidi Heitkamp (probably) wins North Dakota

15. 19 women in the Senate

16. Maine, Maryland vote for same-sex marriage

17. New England, Midwest, and West

18. Michele Bachmann barely hangs on to her seat

19. Minnesota legislature and guv's office all blue first time in 20 years

20.  Four Republican recount teams have nothing to do

21. Turnout

22. Gender gap

23. Republicans talk rape

24. Voter fraud is a canard

25. A win in the popular vote

26. Electoral college landslide

27. Demographics trump a weak economy

28. White electorate shrinks from 74% to 72% of total

29. Who needs Florida?

30. Tea Party largely repudiated

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There are many lessons to be learned from this election, but those lessons won't likely be learned by Teapartians. They'll likely insist on an even more "severely" conservative candidate next time.

It remains to be seen whether the real movers and shakers in the Republican Party will take these lessons to heart. It also remains to be seen whether the Hard Right will let them do anything about it.

But this is no time to gloat, because it also remains to be seen whether the Republican Party can repair its badly-burned bridges to minorities.
Wasn't that thumpin' somethin'?

If the GOP Establishment had control of the Party they could begin crafting a comeback. But they are the GOP Rump Party and have little influence over the surging, purging insurgents. They are being consumed by the monster they created; a scene so sad, the carnage so gory, that I must turn away while I laugh my ass off.

They should have nominated Newt, as I recommended in: Only Newt Can Save the Republican's Rump.

On the upside, there are still plenty of GOP whackjobs to kick around for the next 4 years. But my favorite -- Allen West -- was defeated. That's what he gets for exposing the congressional communist conspiracy. Those rad red bastards rigged the vote!
And when Michigan came in early I began to relax figuring that as Michigan goes so goes the Midwest. It's the auto industry, stupid!
Oh yes, the defeat of Alan West was magnificent. As to any Republican "minority strategy," I think it will be focused on the minority of old white men that form the base of the party. You cannot reach out to the Hispanic population while retaining the subset of white men that the GOP has capture. As far as the GOP representing people of color, I can't think of a time when they did since, say, 1867. Speaking of 1867, the GOP is a house divided. Will they pull back from the precipice? Nah, not likely. If they do, if they get reasonable, well that's a good thing, for them and for the country. But don't, please don't, count on it. I predict, as I have in the past, more (relative) gridlock as the Repubs hope for a do-over in 2014.
I'm in a blue state working in a red office. They're all late getting here. Probably stayed up too late waiting to see which Mitt Romney was going to give the concession speech.
Good summary. I can add that the fact Mitt and Ryan couldn’t even win Massachusetts and Wisconsin (as presidential candidates) explains it all.
Alsoknownas, For a number of years I worked in red offices. One just keeps one's mouth shut.

Kanuk, not winning Janesville, for that matter, highlights a flaw in the Romney strategy from Day One. Ryan didn't come close to delivering his own state.
Thank heaven and a smart voting base!
We are so relieved here......
I fear Gordon Osmond and Jay Richter as well as Chauncy De Vega and his half brother (same mother different father) Doc Vega are having a very baaaaad day.
As a citizen of one of four blue counties in my red state, I am quite pleased with what has happened on the national level. However, the situation here isn't looking very good. We have a Republican governor, and we also now has Republican super-majorities in our House and Senate. The dismantling of public education will begin in earnest in 2013.
ummm, aren't the republicans still solidly in control of the house?
Jeanette, Understood. While a number of electoral indicators went our way in terms of more progressive outcomes, the big picture is what it is.

Al, I don't believe anybody expected the Repubs to lose the House. A "thumpin" is always a matter of beating expectations. It was not a wave election as far as I'm concerned.
The calls for the Dems to concede defeat started quickly. I turned on MSNBC this morning & David Gregory from Meet the Press was pontificating on how this "thumpin' was no mandate, no referendum onf health care, but turned on promises of compromise & bipartisanship. Obama, he said, should respond to this victory by "makingpeace" with big business, woo Jaime Dinon (sic!) and resurrect Simpson-Bowles. "He can't go into congress acting like, 'hey,w e won this thing,'" Gregoary concluded. Apparently he is supposed to go in like he lost, hat in hand, apologetically, begging for concessions from his Republican betters. (Where do they get these puddits?). The sad thing is, as Glenn Greenwald notes, is the Dems have a hisotry of pre-emptive surrrender, so that is a danger.
#8-#10 were spot-on...
great summary, it is really a treat to see everything lined up like this Steve - this made my day :)
For me it was more a great sense of relief than the jubilation of 2008. It was moe like the worst was avoided rather than the best would be attained. The next four years don't look much easier than the last. Still, it was great to see.