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OCTOBER 26, 2010 1:41PM

Ginni Thomas wants our help.

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This is an ad sent out today by Liberty Central, an astroturf tea party group featuring Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  This video was included in an email sent to registered Republican voters in all states.  It is an appeal, by Mrs. Thomas, asking voters to go beyond their state borders to support conservative candidates in other states.  Mrs. Thomas wants us to “show (our) dissatisfaction with a Congress that has spent reclusively, lacks accountability, and refuses to listen to the will of the American people.” 

Watching this video is a surreal experience.  

It truly represents the height of hypocrisy in our current electoral process.  Here is a person, backed by millions of dollars provided by unknown, unaccountable special interest groups, complaining about the “reclusive” and “unaccountable” nature of Congress.  To top it off, it is only through the Citizens United ruling, decided by her husband and four other members of the high court, that she is able to use these corporate resources to effectively “buy” elections throughout the country. 

Perhaps this over-the-top hypocritical campaign ad is a good thing.  It may awaken people to the need to press Congress for “real” campaign finance reform - legislation that will limit special interest financing of federal candidates.  Clean Election laws, like those currently existing in Arizona and other states, could prove to be a good guideline for leveling the playing field at the federal level.    

Unfortunately, the public's effort to implement campaign finance reform may prove to be an exercise in futility.  It will be the very people who are "owned" by these corporations who will be voting on a bill that will determine whether their sponsors’ financial support will continue to exist.   

When it comes time to vote on campaign finance reform, will US senators and representatives listen to "The Voice of the People", or will they continue to hear that “Cha-Ching” sound coming from K Street? 

I’m betting on the latter.


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She is so scary-this is just in time for Halloween. I want to know how she can say Congress wasn't listening to the will of the people? I am part of the people and I wanted healthcare reform, the stimulus, and general common sense things needed. I wish she would shut the hell up and disappear-it would do our country a favor! R
I don't know if I've ever seen a spouse of a Supreme Court justice, much less heard from one. Classless. What did that general say to McCarthy? Have you no shame? Ginni, ginni, ginni - the devil with the red dress on.
..... and she used poor grammar.... she said "to you and I" but it should have been "to you and me" me being in the objective case . . .
I knew it. That faux apology request was a publicity grab....

Thanks for this, Steven
Thomas should resign immediately.

"A judge shall not allow family, social, political or other relationships to influence the judge’s judicial conduct or judgment. A judge shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others; nor shall a judge convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge. "

from the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct
Wow did Ginni and Clarence get served on Larry King yesterday or what?

Her (their) whole life is a fabrication; the video makes perfect sense in context.

Hell hath no fury, if you have not seen the video check it out:
I started a Coke can drive to help out but every one of them had a pubic hair on it.
I wonder how much of all this is organized. So...she made the recent comments demanding an apology from Anita Hill, so she could make this video...and being in the news cycle recently would get more people to pay attention? Was she approached by the group before she made the comments? It seemed to come out of nowhere after forever. Or did she make the comments, and then they approached her because she was floating through the news cycle? See, this is why they have elections around Halloween--creepy stuff is associated with both. Rated.
One of those conservative hot buttons is the liberal activism of certain judges that makes them unacceptable to GOP senators. And yet we have one of the most conservative activist collection of Supreme Court justices in American history! Chief Justice Roberts went out of his way to insure that the Citizens United case reached the Supreme Court docket, and here we have a wife of another justice pimping for the GOP.

I know of a federal judge whose husband was active in the Democratic party, and he renounced a total involvement in politics, as he did not want to violate ABA standards. And yet, here's Mrs. Thomas being about as partisan as you can get. And I'm sure that Clarence had no idea that she was going to do this video.

This is just another example of why we appear to be the Weimar States of America.
What is she wearing, a hunting vest?
the answer is simple: stay home and let them hear the sound of silence. that will scare them more than any lib blogging.
I remember when MoveOn. org came along and our chairwoman was married to a colonel in the Army and he stayed out in his garage when we met. That is how strict the armed forces are about their members engaging in anything concerning politics. I worked for AARP and was forbidden to do anything that was "political".

So, this brings us to the Supreme Court where decisions are made every day that effect the entire nation. Why in the hell is Clarence's wife involved in "Liberty Central". I would think it is against the law due to my "minor" experiences with "no politicking" in my job.
It doesn't seem right to forbid spouses from having opinions and getting involved in politics or whatever they want to. Still, somehow, this Ginni Thomas thing seems all wrong.
Thanks for sharing this. R
Libmomrn – Yes, many of us are wondering which "people" Ginni is referring to when she says she’s looking out for “the will of the people.”

Damon – All other SCOTUS spouses recognize that they can express their political views, but must ethically (and perhaps legally) refrain from actively engaging in political causes. Ginni apparently feels she is an exception.

Bonnie – Justice Thomas scares us all.

Midwest – Apparently, using proper grammar is not a requirement in the Tea Party movement.

Blue Roses – I’m beginning to think that everything Ginny Thomas does is a publicity grab.

Peter – The Roberts’ court believes that they stand above the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct.

Oahusurfer – Thanks for the Larry King link. I thought the entire interview seemed kind of weird.

Harry - I’m not sure Clarence will need any of those coke cans. He probably already has a closet full.

Boko – This whole thing is “creepy.”

O.N. Lefty – I remember reading about how Roberts had made sure that Citizens United would reach the docket. Someday, someone will write a book about the “real” activist judges on the Roberts’ court.

L. Lawrence – It does look like a hunting vest, doesn’t it.

Al – Nothing scares the wingnut leadership, but they do enjoy scaring everyone else.

Weezilgirl – I’m not sure if Mrs. Thomas’s actions are against the law – but they should be.

U.T.B Myriad – Yes, this does seem “very” wrong.

Sheila – Thank “you.”

Sorry I didn’t get back to everyone earlier - I just got back to the house. Thanks for your comments.
Unfortunately, you are right. The call of the almighty dollar is too great. I believe I heard that $2bn will be spent on these elections - and we're talking about mid-term elections. When you have people like Romney, Whitman and Bloomberg spending millions of their own dollars on campaigns what can an opponent do? BTW, Ginni Thomas needs to go away and leave us all (including Anita Hill) alone.
You're right about surreal. You have to hand it to the right-wingers for pulling off the most unlikely, long-running audacious political stunt imaginable. They gain power by telling everyone that "government is the problem", enact policies to enrich the already rich, and convince millions of poor slobs that they are protecting the American Way of Life from its enemies, the folks who want a better life for those poor slobs.
Horrid a hypocrite as this pathetic woman is, she pales in comparison to her Uncle Tom husband, who profited from affirmative action and now wants to close the door behind him. They deserve each other.
I say impeach him. This is a clear breach, as Peter points out, of judicial standards.
I hear that Ginni was a Chamber of Commerce lobbyist before she met Thomas and became Virginia...
Rich scum...
The Wright Sight – “The call of the mighty dollar is too great” - Especially in light of our current income inequality in America. That “call” is only voiced by the upper 2%. The rest of us can only listen, and wait for the results.

Abrawang – Unfortunately it’s true that the wingnuts have been able to “convince millions of poor slobs that they are protecting the American Way of Life from its enemies.” The Faux News echo chamber and the Rightwing Noise Machine have been very effective in getting people to vote for things that are not really in their best interest.

Tom – Yes, Ginni and Clarence make a perfect pair.

Dr. Bramhall – Impeach Thomas – If only we could!

Stephanie - I didn’t know that Ginni was a Chamber lobbyist. It sure makes sense.

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