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MARCH 16, 2011 12:28PM

Who voted for Bachmann?

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   My answer to Lawrence O'Donnell’s question


Lawrence O’Donnell asked his viewers to answer three questions regarding Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  One of these questions addresses his concerns about the residents of Bachmann’s 6th Congressional District, wondering how they could have voted her into office in the first place. 

I addressed the same issue in a post in February of last year:


FEBRUARY 17, 2010 1:39PM


Toys in the attic



Speaking of Michele Bachmann, have you ever wondered how she ever managed to get elected into office? 

I have a relative who is from Bachmann’s sixth congressional district in Minnesota.  A few years ago I went to her wedding there and was really impressed by the people in her community.  Everyone I met seemed to be well educated, hard working and politically astute.  How could it be that a majority of these people actually voted for Michele Bachmann? 

I’ve narrowed down the reason to three possibilities: 

1.  Michele Bachmann is actually a bright, articulate person.  It is only through clever parsing of her speeches that the liberal mainstream media have managed to make her look like an idiot. 

2.  Michele Bachmann is a mental light weight, but the majority of the citizens in her district felt that they had been slighted by the US House of Representatives on many key issues.  They decided to send Bachmann to Congress to get even. 

3.  Michele Bachmann is a mental light weight, and so are the voters living in the sixth congressional district.  The people I met at the Minnesota wedding apparently were bused in from other districts. 


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And yet...and yet...none of those three scenarios are right. Which means...? (Blame the zeitgeist?)
Don't blame Laurence, he's only the messenger. I've been told by a Minnesotan here on OS that Bachmann's district is the only one in that state in which she could get elected.

Since it is all too evident Bachmann is a pathologically ambitious, strident, heartless, thoughtless, self-serving, shallow airhead, maybe one can reasonably assume she does indeed represent the majority of voters in that district.
I can only say that if I lived in her district, I'd move. That kind of crazy has a way of rubbing off on people.
On another note, perhaps you could apply to be on LO's staff?
I would guess, that the correct answer is number three!