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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 8:00AM

Let’s blame Obama for higher gas prices.

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Attention rightwing pundits, did you get the memo?     

It’s that time of year again.  Springtime means the beginning of a new “Blame Obama for Higher Gas Prices” season. 

A quick look at the Fox News reports, the radio talk show topics and the posts at the rightwing blogs, shows that most everyone seems to be onboard in regard to the Summertime Gas-Price Crusade.  And like everything else that comes out of the well-orchestrated and well-funded rightwing game plans, we will hear the same well-scripted talking points from each of you throughout the summer.

This season started badly for you guys, with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Brian Williams along with ABC’s Josh Elliot and WaPo’s Charles Lane all saying that the president has no control over rising gas prices.  But you recovered quickly by moving to Plan B: 

“Blame the Media for not Blaming the President for Rising Gas Prices.”  

A critical part of this plan is based on your false equivalent tactic of saying that Barrack Obama is not receiving the same “high gas-price negative coverage” by the mainstream media that George W. Bush did during the same period in his administration.  This tactic was tried last year as well, with very little effect.  Perhaps you feel that, being an election year, this tactic will be more effective now. 

Unfortunately, you need to come up with better supporting background material.  If we look at last year’s and this year’s Fox News complaints, it is hard to see how the mainstream media were blaming Bush for anything related to rising gas prices during that time frame.  There were a few reports about the public’s angst concerning higher fuel prices, and a few comments about the need for the Bush administration to address the issue (which he did).  But, with the exception of one local news report, no evidence was given that the mainstream media were blaming President Bush for that crisis. 

In fact, the one source that has been often used by Brent Bozell’s henchmen to support this point is a broadcast video of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the House Floor in 2005 giving a passionate speech on the close ties between the energy industry and the Republican members of Congress: 

Rep. Schultz was not blaming Bush for higher gas prices.  She was pointing out that the GOP is comfortably in bed with the oil and gas industry, based largely on the prior year’s actions taken by Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force 

One has to wonder if there actually are Fox viewers who believe the "Faux Obama High Gas Price" stories.  If any OS readers fall into this category – Please give me a call. 

I have a great deal on Florida swampland that I’d like to talk to you about. 


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Oh my gosh!!

Do you mean that the GOP is going to act as the GOP always does and that its hangers-on and party faithful are going to try one of their miserable, tried and failed efforts ....... again?

Seems to me that this is just blather as usual, for them. *Yawwwwn*.
It is their last gasp. They are trying so hard to find anything about Obama and it is so easy to warp the facts. Thanks for looking at their side and telling me what is going on. I can't even channel hop anymore.
Thanks for your comments Sky and Zanelle. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the mega-crazy wingnut season.

We're in for much more of this stuff before November.