Natalie K. Munden

Natalie K. Munden
Here and there in Alaska & Montana, United States
May 09
I am a writer. I think.
Sure. I'll make tea.
I guess I have always been an accepting type of girl. Life is all about trying. Sometimes laughter is the only medicine. I am often, as I like to say, creatively confused. Although I am what some would describe as accomplished, I want to be a better being. I love as I try. • My work posted here is of course copyright Natalie K. Munden. • Oh, and did you know that some people take drugs in order to experience vertigo ON PURPOSE?



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OCTOBER 24, 2014 1:58AM

Algis's OC Halloween Story Challenge

   On a cold October evening a few days from Halloween, the clear, evening sky was in the beginning stages of a total, lunar eclipse. My mother was in the hospital recovering from surgery to repair a hernia that had allowed part of her intestines to beRead full post »

The huge, angry burning cloud

Swirls and whirls above our heads

Growing bigger, blacker


Evidence of the horror stings

Smelling of ugly human mistakes


The burned ones are buried

Sadly, in a sea of garbage

When will

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JANUARY 2, 2014 7:23AM

Looking for TinkerTink

The day in southwest Montana was chilly and windy. From rain showers the day before, small puddles remained on the dirt road in the lenient neighborhood in a part of town I hadn’t known existed. A week or so earlier, blogger TinkerTink69 emailed directions to his place that were available fromRead full post »

OCTOBER 28, 2013 4:03AM

Winter's Scene May Be Set

I can feel a new season in the air after a gorgeous week of autumn days. Did the sound of falling leaves ever sound so happy? 

Although I raked and bagged leaves the other day, it needs to be done again, and then some, after winds from the north showedRead full post »

Tonight I hung out a little bit with Johnny Depp, Keith Richards and Michael Jackson. A good number of the singing, dancing, Las Vegas cast members of “Moonwalker: The Reflection of Michael” unwound at Denny’s Restaurant after what I’m told was a stellar show at the Motherlode… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 1:11AM

Beddy-Bye Story for A Bad Cat

     Once upon a time there was a fluffy orange kitty. Though he looked sweet he was sometimes very, very bad. He stole condoms and things like that. He swiped items made of lace and rubber and fleece. In the mirror he spit and puffed up, trying to appear as the

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Re-post in response to Out on a Limb's Open Call:

     British friends David and Catherine urged me on more than one occasion to cash in my frequent flyer miles and visit them in England, telling me they would take care of the rest when I arrived.Read full post »

Readers' Pick 05-31-12


A re-post for Memorial Day:


My Uncle Randy was in Vietnam in the worst of conditions next to getting severely wounded or killed.

He made it out in one piece, but for years no one in the

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1. Your main trait: Creative persistence?

2. The quality you like best in a man: Reliability

3. The quality you like best in a woman: Self Respect

4. Your main flaw:  Lack of self-discipline

5. Last time you cried: Last week 

6. Ideal job: SomeRead full post »


It seems I am not as forgiving as I thought I was. My instinct for this Open Call was to invite all my K-12 teachers, the bad ones and the good, including my mother, who home schooled my sister and me for the first few years… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 3:02AM

Alysa's OC: Books I Wish I Had Written

         Of all the books that have ever been dreamed, written, painted or carved, I wish I could have been the scribe for the words of the holy books of every religion. Perhaps, just perhaps, I might have had the opportunity to write th… Read full post »

JANUARY 2, 2011 6:20PM

Things on my Desk

Happy New Year!

I was making great progress on cleaning off my desk, which is my goal for today - that, and getting on my treadmill. SUDDENLY, and it has happened before to be sure, my final stack of papers became unavailable to me. 

I know, I know...  She works… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 27, 2010 9:10PM

The Hospital -- True Story for Halloween


On a cold October evening a few days from Halloween, the clear, evening sky was in the beginning stages of a total, lunar eclipse. My mother was in the hospital recovering from surgery to repair a hernia that had allowed part of her intestines to be where they should not.Read full post »

I thought I would post an article I wrote in 1996 at the request of my alma mater, the University of Montana. I lived in Barrow, Alaska for seven years and have been up there several times since I moved away. I have great friends at the top of the world.Read full post »

Here is Part Two. Thanks for reading and commenting! I look forward to reading what I don’t yet know about all of you!


#7          I have never gotten over the notion that honey is basically, bee spit.

#8        Read full post »


I have not had time to write. I have been reading and commenting as much as possible, but not writing. Busy, busy. Thankfully, Fusun especially, has not given up on me!

It is late. I just sat down and learned about the Open Call for 12Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2010 1:28AM

Senryu - Open Call


Challenges Lit Bright

Confronted with Heart Unbound

Peace Will Lie Within


Warmth Results in Spark

Buzz in a Quickening Mind

The Artist Creates


A Desire to Know

Does NotRead full post »


            I tend to touch people as I talk, offer encouragement if the moment calls for it, or laugh at jokes. I like to laugh. A co-worker once told me that I was too happy, that I smiled too much. Smiled too much? How odd. He was stranRead full post »

JUNE 26, 2010 1:56PM

Rescuing the Republic

I just read Kirk Nielsen’s article, Can We Rescue the Republic Before the Dark Politics Take Over? which Matt Paust, a.k.a. ClarkK, linked in his recent Tribe post. Very interesting take on an assortment of woes.

The portion of the article about polarization in the U.S. seemed especially onRead full post »

Latest edition of The Barrow Visitor's Guide:

Click on graphic to find a link to the Latest Edition of the

Barrow, Alaska Visitor's guide

I lived in Barrow, Alaska for seven years and have been up there several times since.  If you are going to go somewhere, it might as well be to the… Read full post »


1.What is your favorite word?


My favorite word is hope. In fact, my mother has more than once called me “The Energizer Bunny of Hope.” I seem to be persistent, if not always at the highest speed.


2.   What is your leastRead full post »

MAY 12, 2010 5:38PM

One Small Creature Finds a Home

            I wanted to put something positive in the feed, a small bit of cheer to counter the angst I see and feel emanating from people living and writing in this uncertain world.

          &nRead full post »


On waters far from sunwashed shores

On the pirate ship known as Midnight Run

Drinking wine and rum, she called for more

Knowing abundance was in store


Diving for pearls, seeking treasure

The captain and crew, canons loud and long

ExpectingRead full post »



Being there for my friends is natural, like breathing.
I have learned my friends are there for me too, with a measure of support I treasure. Sociopaths can really diminish the light of life or a time.

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APRIL 22, 2010 3:13AM

Earth Day: Thank You Aunt Betty

My Great-Aunt Betty Craft loved flowers and gardens. Having never learned to drive and with health issues that made driving not such a good idea anyway, Aunt Betty spent most of her days taking care of her plants and flowers in and around her Southern California home.

Some ofRead full post »