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I guess I have always been an accepting type of girl. Life is all about trying. Sometimes laughter is the only medicine. I am often, as I like to say, creatively confused. Although I am what some would describe as accomplished, I want to be a better being. I love as I try. • My work posted here is of course copyright Natalie K. Munden. • Oh, and did you know that some people take drugs in order to experience vertigo ON PURPOSE?


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MAY 16, 2010 7:25PM

My 10 Answers: Pilgrim's Open Call

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1.What is your favorite word?


My favorite word is hope. In fact, my mother has more than once called me “The Energizer Bunny of Hope.” I seem to be persistent, if not always at the highest speed.


2.   What is your least favorite word? 


There are some words I have difficulty saying. Though it may not mean anything negative in many other languages, hearing the word cunt as used in American English at least, makes me feel… just not good. I have a problem with turd too; but, I can say “fuck” whenever necessary and without guilt.


3.   What turns you on?


Well that would take the challenge out of it, wouldn’t it? I’m not saying!


4.   What turns you off?


Sociopaths, people with untreated bi-polar disorder, the neglect and abuse of children -- oh, and mayonnaise.


5.   What sound or noise do you love?


A cat’s purr is music to my ears.


6.   What sound or noise do you hate?


I try not to use the word hate, but if I must since apparently I am being interviewed by James Lipton of The Actor’s Studio, I have a really hard time with loud noises. My noise sensitivity is due to nerve damage.  I hate the sound of barking children in restaurants, and barking dogs ignored by their owners.  I could go on…


7.   What is your favorite curse word?


I think I let the cat out of the bag when I answered question #2.


8.   What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 


Let’s see. I wanted to be an archaeologist, then a lawyer. I thought both might be too tedious and involve too much paperwork – so I earned my degree in journalism. I know. I know. If I were an attorney I could help people I know who have been sorely cheated or mistreated.


9.    What profession would you not like to do?


Beef Testicle Festival organizer.



10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?


“Don’t worry. All those people who spent their lives taking money from the faithful in my name, yelling at others to repent, judging my children when that is my job – and those who blew up people thinking that would get them here – the joke is on them.”


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#10! Yes!! It reminds me of Bono, who said, "The God I believe in isn't short of cash, Mister!"
You brought great Energy to this! I agree with you on #2; cannot say that word. You're wrong about mayonnaise, but that's OK: more for the rest of us! #10 is a good thing. But #9--that takes the cake! (There's a definite rhythmic lilt, though, to "Testicle Festival." Not that I plan now on organizing one . . . )
I love this post, particularly #2 and #3. #9 - I don't even want to go there! This is good! Please check out my list of 10. Thanks.
Totally made me smile. Why didn't I favorite you a long time ago?
Where is the Beef Testicle Festival being held this year?

#10....hahahahah Fred Phelps!
Hilarious number 9.Well done!
I KNEW someone would ask. There are several testicle festivals around the country and NO I have not been to any of them.
Bellwether: I feel strongly about #10!

Pilgrim: This was fun. If your grandmother had smashed mayonnaise in your face and up your nose when you were a kid, you wouldn't like it either. Plus, it is nothing but fat. EEEwww..... But, I am glad you like it.

Dave: Thanks! I will be making a visit to your list!

Cindy: Thanks for the read and the comment. I'll look for your list too!

SweetFeet: I thought you were a fave of mine already too! Color me appalled! Fixed.

GreenHeron; I have to look up that Phelps Guy. I'm out of the loop on that one. Thank for the read and comment!

Foodaddict: There really are testicle festivals around the country, but I have no craving to go to one, that's for sure! Thanks!
"Beef Testicle Festival organizer" for the win!! :D
What? Not even a hint on # 3, fess up, Natalie. Fine answers, R
I think beef testicles turn you, and that's why you are scared to organize festivals-- for fear you'll be a turned on mess the whole time.

I don't mind 'turd' and like the old mayo --but still a fine fine list.
meant to say beef testicles turn you on.
Tink: Are you on the judging panel? I hope so!

Thoth: Nope. Although I might be able to come up with a description that would finally earn me some Tip-Em funds! ;-)

Fernsy: I think you meant to say that 'turd' is like the old mayo. I AGREE! :-)
I love this list ! I can see you hopping around as the Energizer Bunny .
You are braver than me though, because I could never say any of the words in #2. Oh, you don't have towait for the Pearly Gates, by bthe way; # 10 is true. I was spoken to. Rated.
All great, but number nine is a classic. =o) So whatcha got against prairie oysters, anyway?
#9... yes, you make us laugh!! Well said. Love your list. Great job! I need to get to mine.
Fusan: I just can't say the C or the T word. I just can't do it! Thanks for coming by. No matter what I write, you seem to show up in the fan section! xoxo

Shiral: I have heard of prairie oysters, but they haven't heard of me. I'll leave it at that. :-)

N. Jordan: Fun OC, huh? I will be sure to look for your list! Thanks for reading and commenting!
Greenheron: Okay, I looked up Fred Phelps. EXACTLY!!!!! Who wants to end up where he may be going? UGH.
Love your answers, Natalie. Especially Nr. 3. Your "turd" aversion surprises me, you being a country girl (I think), but I remember a cop in my hometown who had the same aversion. He could handle body parts at highway accidents without flinching, but vomit or turds blew him away.

Beef Testicle Festival? Are you making that up?
Matt: I don't like to SAY the C and the T words, but I am not afraid of either. ;-)

There are several testicle festivals around the country and NO I have not been to any of them.

As far as being a country girl, I am more of an all-round type of girl. I grew up traveling. Some normal "home" things like gardening are new for me because we were traveling and then renting when I was a kid. I am learning! Because of some experiences as an adult, I can throw a classic dinner party. However, I hunt chemical-free wild game in the Fall, and was at one time certified in fuel spill response (which I needed to learn when I worked in television in Alaska.) So, I don't know where I fit in, exactly!
Natalie, I'm right with you on those sociopaths...they drive me crazy.
Great answers and I love, love, love #10!
Selected responses:
for 2. I am probably not gay but cunt makes me uncomfortable as a Word. It sounds wrong. I like Twat (say it! See?) but as a gentleman the closes I can come in company is twaddle.
6. YES! Barking of any kind. Having a shi-tzu is a daily zen experience.
9. But would you attend the testicle festival?
Great way to reveal yourself and your love of words. You have made me smile with your humor. I wonder how I would do on such an interview. I am never at a loss for words but the framing them as you have, is a challenge. The sound of a baby cooing, a child laughing and a lover's purr are some of my favorites. A cat purring is near the top, though.