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Natalie K. Munden
Here and there in Alaska & Montana, United States
May 09
I am a writer. I think.
Sure. I'll make tea.
I guess I have always been an accepting type of girl. Life is all about trying. Sometimes laughter is the only medicine. I am often, as I like to say, creatively confused. Although I am what some would describe as accomplished, I want to be a better being. I love as I try. • My work posted here is of course copyright Natalie K. Munden. • Oh, and did you know that some people take drugs in order to experience vertigo ON PURPOSE?



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AUGUST 5, 2010 1:28AM

Senryu - Open Call

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Challenges Lit Bright

Confronted with Heart Unbound

Peace Will Lie Within


Warmth Results in Spark

Buzz in a Quickening Mind

The Artist Creates


A Desire to Know

Does Not Guarantee Success

Assume Brain Half Full


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"Buzz in a Quickening Mind

The Artist Creates"

What a great phrase! I love the Sunryu's!
Very nice, Natalie. R- "Assume brain half full." Great Line.
Ha, I enjoyed this one. "Assume brain half full" is very funny.
Must join the chorus approving "assume brain half full." Thankful that there weren't more syllables, lest you say what it's full of!
I love every single thought in this, Natalie. There's a subtle wisdom throughout. Well done. ~R
Very nice Senryu. Great images of the creative process.
Great imagery and wit here - thanks Nat!
Quickens my half-full brain, Natalie. Nice wordplay.
Very, very nice---especially the third senryu. Great use of irony here.
Nice work, Natalie. Wit and wisdom.
Dave gives out more homework than any teacher. :-)

Kit: Thank you. "Getting a buzz on can mean many things," not just consumption of chemicals!

Dave: This was fun. Thanks.

Caroline: I wasn't kidding! :-)

Pilgrim: Don't I know it! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Fusun: I did something that was subtle? Shh.. Don't tell anyone!

Poetess: Thanks for the read and the comment. I have many Sunryus to read, posted by others. Fun indeed.

Sparking: Coming from you, I am especially honored.

Matt: Some days with words I play. Other days half my brain won't budge. :-)

Tink: Thanks for coming by! I always like seeing your furry face.

Junk1: Trying new things is fun. Thanks for reading my first attempt at writing this form.

Joe: Fun. Absolutely! We have Dave to thank for it.

Dorieann: I wasn't entirely certain if the irony would come across as such. Thanks for the confirmation!

Cathy: Thanks to Dave, just more fun. Thanks for the read and the comment!

Fay: Thank you for your kind comment!
I admire poets--that wonderful spareness that says so much in so few words. I never could do it, so am a novelist and screenwriter. Thank you for sharing your verses.