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May 09
I am a writer. I think.
Sure. I'll make tea.
I guess I have always been an accepting type of girl. Life is all about trying. Sometimes laughter is the only medicine. I am often, as I like to say, creatively confused. Although I am what some would describe as accomplished, I want to be a better being. I love as I try. • My work posted here is of course copyright Natalie K. Munden. • Oh, and did you know that some people take drugs in order to experience vertigo ON PURPOSE?



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SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 3:02AM

Alysa's OC: Books I Wish I Had Written

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         Of all the books that have ever been dreamed, written, painted or carved, I wish I could have been the scribe for the words of the holy books of every religion. Perhaps, just perhaps, I might have had the opportunity to write them more clearly, by some means, so that people would not be arguing, misinterpreting, maiming and killing each other.

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Good to see you back here and your short entry is extremely poignant.
Yes. Welcome back. We need you to interpret these times that seem strange.
We have columnist.
We have strip teasers.
Tea people draw faces.
Some draw mustaches.
They draw Hitler's lips.
Poor 'al Barach Obama.

Fold draw horns on sheep.
Some put horns on Scalia.
If we ever do get married?

Huh? Sip pink lemonade.
Fresh powder sour juice.
heehaw ho ho how al hoe.

Chickadee eat Sunflowers.
No merry humorless hicks.
Kiss Jerry Lewis on the lips.

P.S. I love your Bio.
You like P.U. truck?
We ride to Canada.
We pickup skunks.
Ho Ho heehaws.
Pithy Post Yup.
Thanks to You.
Wild Days too.
I understand how you feel. It would be wonderful to think we could write something so enlightening that the whole world would be moved. To have the power at hand to stop all of the distruction of man and land ... that would be something.
Your words went to my heart.
If you think you are a writer ... then you are a writer.
I know because I too am a writer. (unpublished as of now) I use to say it was a hobby, something to keep me busy, something I enjoyed on my time off, but it's not a hobby, I love writing. I may not right earth shattering books, but that's all right.
My friend, you keep writing, you can do anything you set your mind to. Yes, you can.
A very interesting point. If, as those who penned them apparently were, you were called upon by a divine voice to write them, it would also mean you understood different kinds of spirituality and faiths. Which could also create, maybe, some kind of bigger sense of unity between religions. I love what that implies.... Thanks for the food for thought, and for doing my OC!
Splendid choice and a perfect gift to us upon your triumphant return. I hope the DVD is selling wildly - can't wait to get mine.
I wish you could too, Natalie.
Welcome back!
There are many great books. Humanity seems fixated on the ones that speak of war and hate. I wish you could fix it.
Linda: Thanks. The idea seemed appropo...

Art: Anything you write seems to make me smile.

Shea: Come on over for tea sometime and we'll talk about the magic of words.
Well. Let's hop a bike and go visit MoJo's Buy and Sell Pawn Shop in Digby, Nova Scotia.
I just looked at some photos that I took of last years hurricane and Harley Rat Wharf event.
I was amazed to see that:

September was when I was in Digby. We can ride in my P.U. Ford to Bear River Winery. Tea?
You can sip Yarrow Teas.
Bring Sparking and MoJo.
We'll sample loco drinks.
I gotta get packed Asap.
The folk live to be 100.
Drink blueberry wine.
Try Lunenburg wine.
Rhubarb, cherry and
wild huckleberry wine.
Alysa: I loved the idea of the OC, and yes, improved human understanding would, at least should, be a good thing!

Matt: It was a loooong haul to be sure. I never gave in or gave up. It was plan A, plan B, plan C... Thanks for your support!

Hi Shiral: I feel like I'm home now! Thanks!

Ralph: There is always hope.

Art: Cool travels, warm thoughts. Thanks.
Short and sweet. I suspect that if you, the inspired scribe, had written, "Blue is blue" there would be many interpretations of what you REALLY meant by "blue".