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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 1:11AM

Beddy-Bye Story for A Bad Cat

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     Once upon a time there was a fluffy orange kitty. Though he looked sweet he was sometimes very, very bad. He stole condoms and things like that. He swiped items made of lace and rubber and fleece. In the mirror he spit and puffed up, trying to appear as the meanest of beasts.

     At night he yowled and looked for many mates, once getting his collar hooked on a tailgate.

     When the dogcatcher caught him, the kitty was mad. He thought being caged with pit bulls was really quite sad. The orange kitty named all the puppies in the pound. Not very nice names truth be told, but this kitty was fearless and bold. He was so unafraid he hissed and scratched and bit the jail master. What was usually a short stay looked like a disaster!

     At the last minute, before the needle went in, the orange kitty's mommy paid the fine. Her hands shook as she grit her teeth and wrote a check for two hundred seventeen dollars and a dime.

     On the way home to his comfy, pink pillow the kitty purred and purred, and purred. He thought maybe he should stop pooping in mommy's shoes. Maybe.

The End
Orange Kitty - Courtesy Wikipedia 
Image courtesy: Wikipedia

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Why, let's hope so; such a sweet post. It is always good to see you, Natalie. R
LOL. Sorry about the shoe poop and having to bail out the fluffy cat. No doubt about who he thinks rules the world. The kitty looks so innocent. "Will you pet me and fee me? I've been a good boy."
"feed" Though he probably wants you to pay his fees, too.
I like fees!! Free fees the best!! :D

Bravo!! Great story! I am sleepy!!
Another narrow escape by Tink!
That should make him feel self satisfied enough that he'll sleep for a week. :)
Sweet. Cats make me sneeze.
I swear I have a one-eye cat.
The cat looks like a clone.

The Farmers have a kitten.
She looks exactly the same.
I may show the cat photos.

The kitten suckles dog teats.
The kitten loves a beagle dog.
If I get back from I'll post it.
I always need cut & paste help.
People need assistance if idiots.
I admit I am adverse to gizmos.
I may stop at a Flea Market too.
I'll buy Fleas for all commenters.
I hope Fleas in W.V. are nice too.
@Thoth, Why, thanks! Phyllis suggested writing bed time stories for Tink, who has been having a tough week. This is my offering. Note: I would never co-habitate with a cat who didn't mind his manners. :-)

@Stim, Thanks for stopping by. I think I captured TinkerTink69's feline badness - his alter ego's badness.. or something.

@Tink, you were famous already, but your bad deeds now have been carved into the walls of the culture. Glad the story helps you settle down for nice naps!
this cat finally hit bottom, as they say.
the bottom of the idiot world into which he was born!
glad he is gonna mend his ways.
rebellion is all well and good. but survival is paramount for a pussy!
Hey! That looks like my daddy!

Looks like Tink's daddy too!

Uh oh....... y'mean there's a chance that.........!

Nah........ couldn't be. Any resemblance, and there are a few, between naughty ol' Tinkeroo and adorable moi, is purely accidental or the result of air brushing. Heck, I even use a different brand of KY than Tinkee does.........