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NOVEMBER 9, 2010 3:23PM

My Second Blogiversary Snuck Past Me

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How about that?  My second blogiversary was three days ago, which would've made it Saturday.  What was I doing on Saturday?  Right.  Playing board games.  I was making my annual guest appearance at -- well, it's too small to be called a convention -- a gathering of a group of board game enthusiasts.  And let me emphasize "geeky" board game enthusiasts.  Nary a copy of Monopoly, Parcheesi or even Sorry.  The game of Life does not have a life here.

Instead the popular games of the weekend included board game versions of Battlestar Galactica (can the humans survive?  usually not.), Castle Ravenloft (a Dungeons & Dragons game) -- as I said, "geeky" -- and Wings of War, a card-based World War I dogfight (there'a also a WWII card set).  You can do your Snoopy impersonation while flying a Sopwith Camel against the Red Baron.

What do board games have to do with my blogiversary?  Pretty much nothing.

Except that it supports my very unofficial, with no objective data, observation that by the time most OSers get to their second blogiversary (with obvious exceptions, I know) they've reduced their time on OS.  Many don't make one year.

Take for example this post.  How many announcements have you seen regarding a second blogiversary?  Next to none.  No one cares.  Contrast that with a year ago (go ahead and research, I'll wait).  I was part of the Baby Blogger Boom that lasted from appox. October, 2008 through January, 2009 (your dates may vary).  Millions of us joined OS (at least a solid couple dozen) and come the fall of 2009 nearly everyone, it seemed, posted a first-year blogiversary.

So, considering the blog-span of the average OSer, two years makes me feel like a crotchety, old baboon.  Nonetheless, I won't indulge any "back in the day" complaints.  On the contrary, although there are certain writers I miss very much and wish the more recent OSers had the chance to read and comment on those posts in real time, I also am sorry that some of my past faves aren't around to read the good writing being posted now. 

Like every other organization/informal club/vortex of chaos, OSers come and go; make friendships; argue; laugh; support each other; take out hit contracts (oh, you thought all those absent voices were voluntary?);  and behave like a regular human community.  Just because we're the most brilliant collection of souls the world's ever seen, we're still just humans and/or advertising trolls.

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With the way things are going, you and I could be some of the last old farts standing that make it to three years in case they need someone to keep the spam in business or to turn the lights out! Congrats, comrade. The only prize you might get for reaching this milestone is that both of me will comment. And rate.
Two years! let me pour you a drink.
O'Really - After three years OS will probably put us out to pasture. We can sit in our rockers on the porch of the Virtual Home for Old Bloggers and argue whether the squirrel or Floyd Elliot made us laugh harder. [and to any of you young whippersnappers, their posts are still up. go hunt for them.]

aim - Now you're talking! This place needs more drinkin' 'specially when the Pirate Wimmen ain't sailin' the high seas.
Congratulations, Stim! Survival of the... hmm. :-)
I'd love to see you break out into that song "I'm Still Here" that Shirley MacLaine does, gee...what DOES she do that in? Postcards from the Edge? Terms of Endearment? Follies? Oh well...only change the words to "Stim Still Here" ~ anyhow--OS geezerhood becomes you. Thanks for the view from "over there" :) (r)
I told you I would. So there.
Rob - "Bone-headed stubborn" is the phrase you're looking for. "Survivial of the bone-headed stubborn." "Fittest" has nothing to do with me.

dirndl skirt - Follies! "Good blogs and bum blogs, I've seen them all/And, my dear, Stim's still here."

cartouche - I never had a doubt, mon ami.
Some of will still be here for your third blogiversary. It's a condition of our parole...

Belated congratulations, BTW.

P.S. Don't be diss'ing Castle Ravenloft! That game ROCKS!
Happy 2 years!!!!! :D

I'll be hitting that sucker in December. I just stay here for the kitchen challenges and hoping some day O'Really wins it!! :D

I know, long wait. ;D
You were playing Parker Brothers "Star Reporter" weren't you.
S_B's A - No dissing; Ravenloft's da bomb.

Tink - I'm waiting for Salon Kitchen Challenge: Covering up Trichinosis.
OE - I bet Urbania is down to one newspaper.
You're starting year 3, so you join a select group of us who are still here. I came in August, 2008, and it's hard indeed to keep the pace up after a couple of years. Most of us have burned out. See you on the next one, I hope. We have something to prove.
Congrats! And your observations are spot on OS past (though I don't go back quite so far as you) and present are spot on, imho.
Yep, mine came and went last August. No biggie. We bad? Two years and counting? Will we ever get a clue?!

Happy terrible twos, Stim. Wouldn't have any other way, right!?
Lea - We'll make it through year 3. I figure that if I limit my posting to once every 6 months, that should keep me from burn out.

ATPilgrim - Thanks. Unfortunately at times out little community is like grade school.

Cathy - I'm professionally clueless. I'm also practicing my terrible twos by saying "no" to everything.

kateasley - Take to heart the good stuff, ignore the rest. You'll make it.
Lets see. My second blogiversary is in two months! Will I make it? I love that you were doing really geeky board games. Now off to read about Joan Walsh: I didn't know she was resigning.
Hi, Deborah - You easily can do two months. Growing up everyone had the same 6 or 7 board games. Now you poke your head into a game store and there seems to be a hundred choices.
"So, considering the blog-span of the average OSer, two years makes me feel like a crotchety, old baboon"

Oh, don't sell yourself short: you're not old.
Yah, I'm coming up on that very milestone (millstone?) myself in about three weeks. Frightening, actually, to realise how much time I've spent (wasted) on here.

On the other hand, I've had the chance to read people like you, Cartouche, Nikki, Monte, Tink, Cappy, Poppi, Fusun, Scarlett, Linda, LC, Buffy ... and the beat goes on. It's been a trip.

A quick question: WTF aren't you posting more often?
Sheldon - lol. Now that I have "crotchety," I'm signing up for the advanced study of "bitter." I'll be a delight to hang with.

Boanerges - We've been very fortunate to have read so many good OS writers (then there was my stuff). As for "WTF" - that's a good question waiting for a good answer that I don't have.
Wow! Two years and counting. Happy Blogiversary!!
Fay - Two years! I know. Seems like only 23 months.
:D happy 2nd blogiversary!! (and there is nothing geeky at all about board games- or d&d...I miss all-night playing and breakfasts at greasy diners)
Julie - Thanks. Fortunately we didn't have to wait until dawn to find a greasy meal (that gyro is still repeating on me).
Congrats on your longevity. I'm barely hangin' in there these days, but I do like checking in on my favs and I'm glad I'm here to wish you a happy second. My second's coming up...or maybe passed, I forget but it's around this time of year. Let's hope we both make to year 3.
Smithery - My rate of posting has dropped dramatically (as if it was anything major to begin with). We can keep plugging away. Great to hear from you.
Congratulations! It is quite an accomplishment.
BV - Thanks. It's like the old joke: What's the secret of your longevity? Not dying.
Glad you're still around. I hope you manage to post at least once a month. I still remember when you introduced me to OS when we were still down the hall from each other at the old job. Time flies.
Stim, You'll have to pardon my myopia for not reading your posts sooner. The great thing about this place is the archives to read and discover because gawd knows the shelf life expires too quickly around here. Nice to meet a baboon elder. :-)

I do love your last paragraph.
Scarlett - You never need to ask forgiveness for reading my blog. I should be begging your forgiveness for putting you through it.
Happy Blogiversary! Um... did you make that word up? It's a good one.
Happy Blogiversary! Um... did you make that word up? It's a good one.
Hi PattyJane - I wish I could take credit for "blogiversary," but alas, no.
So glad you're still here. :)