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DECEMBER 1, 2011 3:43PM

Dog Shoots Man in Ass

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In the news:

Dog takes revenge on hunter for making the dog jump into cold water to retrieve dead ducks.  Dog also had complained numerous times of chipping his teeth on shotgun pellets lodged in said dead ducks.  Expect the NRA to issue a statement defending the dog's Second Amendment rights.

At times, one must simply sit back and enjoy irony at its finest. A former National Sheriff of the Year is locked up in the jail named after him. The charge is offering meth for sex.

The list of most popular baby names of 2011 is out.  "Sophia" tops the girls's list.  If you're my age, the first "Sophia" you think of is Sophia Loren.  The younger generation might come up with Sophia Vergara.  Either way, parents, that's putting a lot of glamor pressure on your daughter.  "Aiden" leads the boys' names.  Really, parents?  Why?  The # 2 boys' name is "Jackson."  Again, why?  It's one thing if the kid's name is Jackson Pollock, cause that has an innate cool flow.  If the kid is now Jackson Findernickerbenden, he's S.O.L.  My given name didn't make the list, though it's an old, historic name.  Which overall I like, because I like having a relatively little-used name.  BUT.  Boys' name # 92 - "Jace."  WTF?  Jace?  I know I'm old and out of touch, but where the hell did that name come from?

Newt Gingrich -- still a lying sack of shit.

Speaking of sacks of shit, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church located in some backwater of Kentucky voted to ban interracial couples from membership in the church.  It's like what Jesus asked his mother before the Wedding at Cana, "The bride looks like a fucking Hittite.  Is she a fucking Hittite?"

The glimmer of hope -- Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown 43%-39% in this just released poll. With the margin of error, the results are a statistical tie. Grab the hope where you can find it.

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Hahaha, that dog shoots hunter in the ass story is hilarious, I bet there are a lot of jealous dogs out there today. Too bad the hunter wasn't that lying sack of shit Gingrich. Good news about Elizabeth Warren, thanks for the laughs and the hope.
hey where u come from, puttin words in jesus's mouth?
i thought i=the only one to be able to get away w/that.

mom said,
"patience, boy. learn patience, tis a virtue"

nah he never did.
Dick Cheney have an alibi?
l'Heure Bleue - If dogs only had opposable thumbs. And an ability to make gunpowder.

James - I don't so much put words in Jesus's mouth as, shall we say, have a different interpretation.

OE - Dick has been spotted in a dog costume. For national security reasons, of course.
Funny roundup Stim. Is there some famous football/basketball star/rapper named Jackson? Or is it a tribute to MJ? Pray that Bieber doesn't meet an untimely demise anytime soon.
Okay, I love it. "A former National Sheriff of the Year is locked up in the jail named after him. The charge is offering meth for sex." Too freakin' much.

And oh, a neighbour has a new kid named Jackson but with this spelling ... Jaxon. Maybe a little pressure there too, huh? Better than Tyson though, that seems to be going around too.
"It wasn't clear whether the safety on the gun was on at the time." mmm, I'm guessing no.

and hey! I named one of my furbabies Aiden, don't disparage. Why- it means little fire, and he was one.
I loved, loved, loved this post. It's so funny. And I needed a good laugh today. And yes, New Gingrich is still a lying sack of shit. Thank you for reminding America.
I loved, loved, loved this post. It's so funny. And I needed a good laugh today. And yes, New Gingrich is still a lying sack of shit. Thank you for reminding America.
I named my angelfish "Sophia." It means "smart". But I knew she was smart before I named her that. Well, for a fish. Like, for example, she has never taken my .38 and shot me because she doesn't like her flakes. Or even if I don't clean the tank, which, really, she should be cranky about. Maybe she's not that smart after all.
Abrawang - You could well be right, a tribute to MJ. Response to a potential Bieber demise withheld for ethically questionable motives [bad thoughts, Stim. Bad, bad Stim.]

Scarlett - Tyson. Hmmm. Boxer or chicken parts producer? I wonder if corporations would pay parents to name their kids after the company? "Hi, my name is T-Mobile Smith."

h-Julie - I have no complaint about furbabies named Aiden. I'm just wonder how the name became so popular.

Director of Studies - Yes, only in America. Unfortunately.

Susan - Thank you. The lying sack of shit came out with another steaming pile on the work habits of poor kids.

Sirenita - Angelfish traditionally prefer 22 caliber pistols.
The hunter got what he deserved!

And I know what you mean about feeling out of touch with names. I don't get "Jace", either - and my sister recently told me that when she has kids, she wants to name one of them "Jayden". I know some celebs have used that name - to me it sounds like a portmanteau of two names, just weird.
Alysa - One other thing I noticed in boys names is that a natural nickname of Jackson would be Jack. Traditionally Jack is also the nickname for John. Yet sitting in the top 15 names is Jack. Too many potential Jacks.
Hopefully, parents are done naming their daughters after Disney characters (Ariel was real popular about 15-20 years ago) and Britney Spears!
Procopius - I would've guessed "Tinker Bell" might have gained more traction.
Hmm. Jace. I'd get my dog to shoot my daughter's suitor in the ass if his name was Jace. A "Jace" is always up to no good.

I like Elizabeth, as a name and as a candidate. Let's hope common sense wins out.
BV - An excellent point about Jace. When I first saw the name, I thought that there's a name for a guy who's too slick for his own good. If your daughter's suitor was named Jace, I'd buy a dog just so that dog could shoot Jace in the ass. Yes, Elizabeth is a fine name and a fine candidate. I hope common sense isn't off eating a bucket of steamers on election day.