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JANUARY 17, 2012 8:18PM

Pissed at HP

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Hello, dear reader.  I attempted to buy a desktop from HP.  Things did not go well.  Below is a copy of the email I sent through HP's website that goes to CEO Meg Whitman.  As if anyone believes Meg will ever read it.

Dear Ms. Whitman,

I am writing in regard to the abominable service I received while trying to place order no. H120964216.  Having placed the online order on January 2nd, I received an email that evening declining the purchase unless I called a service number.  Since it was after your customer service hours, I called my credit card bank.  They told me that they had approved the charge.  The next morning I received an email stating my order was being processed.  My faulty assumption was that my order was, in reality, being processed. 

I initially called customer service on January 12th, asking for an update.  I was informed that my order was still declined.  The service rep attempted to call my credit card company to verify – what, that I was me?  The card company refused to do a third-party verification due to privacy issues, as they should.  The rep next tried to use a service to verify – I don’t know; he didn't say.  I’m guessing my shipping address.  As it happens, I moved in December and public records don’t update that quickly.  He said a manager would call me the next day.  A manager did not call.  I called the evening of the 13th, and was told that there was no request for a manager to call.  I was further told that -- whoever decides these things -- might want me to use a different credit card, one whose bank would give third-party verification.  Before hanging up, your rep told me that I would receive an email regarding this decision within 24 hours. 

Today is the 17th, and no email has arrived.  I called for a third time and was told that it was determined that I need to use a different card or use Paypal.  I do not have or use another credit card.  I am not setting up a Paypal account for your benefit.  I understand your need to avoid fraudulent purchases.  However, my bank approved the purchase, yet you declined to accept their decision.  This, on top of the complete lack of follow-through promised by your customer service reps leaves me little choice.  I have cancelled my order.  You have lost a sale.  You have lost a customer.


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Lost a customer but avoided a scam. I wonder what in hell is going on there.
I think you got royally serviced by customer service.
Abrawang - I don't know. The company's run by the ex-ebay CEO. Maybe Meg thinks we're supposed to bid on a computer.

h-Julie - Aye, oy.

John - Thank you, sir. May I have another?
I've sent a link to this to Whitman and also to Henry Gomez, HP's God of Communications. I'm a firm believer in spreading the word.
Poor customer service should be rewarded exactly like this.
You will probably receive three computers next week and be charged for six.
I need to copy and send that to ACER. I have 2!
COUNT THEM TWO, less than one year old Inspirons or whatever magical name they assigned to the word TRASH, with bad female jacks and ACER says they are disposable computers not worth fixing and set for the landfill right out of the box. How responsible is that?

Ok, I promised to BLACKOUT so see you thursday.
cydkatie - Many thanks. Spend millions on nationwide commercials to build your brand. One good word of mouth campaign to bring it all down.

phyllis45s - great name. It may not do any good, but it sure felt right.

Larry - No doubt.

Dianne - Ms. Stim hated her Acer laptop, too.
Dear Mr. Stim,

Thank you for your post. I will read it and either myself or one of my qualified service representatives will get back to you tomorrow with a comment.

Yours truly,
Sheldon the Wonderhorse
Wow. I'm sorry you had to go through this. Toshiba makes a better product, btw. I had an HP laptop a few years ago, and it always overheated. Maybe your guardian computer angel was looking out for you.
Alysa - Maybe it is a computer guardian angel. I ordered a Dell last night, which is the brand of my current machine. I've had this one 6-7 years with no problems.
♥╚═══╝╚╝╚╝╚═══╩═══╝─╚ For exposing HP.
Algis - HP did send me a form email apologizing for any inconvenience.
If their computers are on par with the software for their printers, you dodged a bullet. HP is a mess.
Drewonimo - Welcome. It could well be I dodged a bullet. HP was offering slightly more computer for slightly less money than Dell. As it turned out, Dell got my business. I already have my new speakers from them.
I smell a rat! I'm glad you canceled the order.
Fay - A gutter rat. I'm glad I canceled, too.
Are you charged for your cancelled order yet? That's often the natural course of development on the path of incompetency. :o)
They serviced the account, but not in a customer-friendly way. What ever happened to the adage, "the customer is always right?"
FusunA - Right after everything fell apart with HP, I called my credit card company to make sure HP hadn't placed a charge. The Dell desktop I ordered the day after arrived Saturday. No problems.
Erica K - My experience when working retail years ago was that the customer was rarely right. However, in this case ....