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MAY 30, 2012 1:41PM

It Was 20 Years Ago Today

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With the morning came rain, a steady, Spring drenching.  Rain fell as I dressed.  I ran through rain to the clothier to pick up my new suit.  I watched rain while I ate a quick lunch.

By early afternoon the front passed.  The clouds broke.  The sun shown through a freshly washed sky.  Wearing my new suit, I drove to the tiny northern suburb of Chicago called Lincolnshire.

In a back corner of a Lincolnshire subdivision, hidden from the main road by rows of trees, sat the home of the Bethrothed's childhood friend and his wife.  Caterers were preparing.  A few chairs were set outside for the eldest among us.  Flowers and cake had arrived.  Bowls and platters of various noshables were set about.  Most important were the bowls of M&Ms.  They were my favorite snack.  On top of the cake was a plastic M&M figure holding a heart.  I knew the pastry chef who made the cake.  He would not have approved of the added decoration.

There in the living room looking at the backyard stood the Bethrothed chatting with her sisters.  She wore a knee-length white dress with jacket and white heels.  The Bethrothed was beautiful.

Leading up to this day, I had my concerns.  Never about The Bethrothed.  I had been through a previous marriage that did a header into an empty pool.  I could not go through that again.  A recently divorced acquaintance had asked why I would want to get married again.  Because whatever my experience had been, The Bethrothed was worth the risk.

45 or so guests sipped champagne while chatting, waiting for the couple to emerge.  The back door opened.  The Bethrothed's heels sank into the rain-soaked yard as we walked hand-in-hand.  We stopped under the branches of a tree who had seen more years of life than those gathered around it. 

The rabbi began his homily with "The definition of faith is to plan an outdoor wedding in Chicago during May."  He came from the nearby Humanistic Judaism temple.  Not until watching the video sometime later did we notice that the rabbi did not mention "God" once during his kindly address.

Vows, pronouncement, benediction.  Then the moment of truth.  The Bethrothed's cousin had sewn a decorative cloth to hold the glass.  The rabbi now placed the cloth on the ground, pointing to where the glass (in reality a light bulb) rested.  "Pop!"  The goy bridegroom scored a perfect stomp on his first try.  The Bethrothed officially became Ms. Stim.

Yes, Ms. Stim and I have a mixed marriage.  I'm male; she's female.  It's worked well for us.  For 20 years and counting.

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Mixing it up always means more fun!
Congratulations on this special day.
h-Julie - thanks.

Out on a limb - mixing it up, like chocolate and peanut butter. Who knew beforehand it would be so good together?
How cool! That's the wedding I imagined, once upon a time. So happy for you and Mrs. Stim.
Happy 20 years, Stim. I just celebrated two, and would give anything to achieve that goal.
Congratulations to you and Mrs. Stim!
(And I hope you've listened to a lot of good Beatles tunes over the years.)
Congrats on successfully taking the plunge again Stim. Nice to hear of relationships that benefit both partners.
Wonderful! Congratulations to you and the lovely Ms. Stim!!
phyllis - Thank you. The wedding details actually came off as we planned.

Lea - You'll make it. Another 18 years is nothing.

Rob - Thank you. We still listen to the Beatles with a little help from our friends.

Abrawang - Thank you. I definitely have benefitted more than she. Although Ms. Stim will beg to differ.

Midwest Muse - Thank you much.
Beautiful! Congratulations to two really good souls.
CG - Thankk you. Certainly one good soul, and one that needs some work.
Mazel Tov! Twenty years in today's world in quite an accomplishment. But no surprise coming from you. Here's to twenty more!
Sally - Thank you. It's always good to hear from you.
Director - Thank you.
Awwww..... I've been away from OS for the last few days, so Happy (belated) Anniversary! This was so sweet. Despite the rain, it seems like you guys had one of the coolest weddings I've heard of ! And I'm so glad you're still going strong, and may you have many, many more happy years together!
Congratulations to both of you!
BTW, "a header into an empty pool"? Ouch!