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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 1:19AM

Four More Years! Four More Years!

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We all know what today is, what it means and that the consequences will affect generations to come.   You've anticipated this date for the last year.   You've monitored news reports, joined discussion groups, had heated debates as to the future of this event.  Now the day has arrived:   today is my 4th anniversary of joining Open Salon.

November 6th, 2008 turned into a cold / cool / unseasonably warm day with clear / partly cloudy / grey skies.   The urge to share my considered interests / meaningless opinions / whatever shit popped into my head was inspired by that crisp autumn day / being brain-dead bored at work.   I had looked at OS in the preceding days.   Noting that OS was filled with talented, thoughtful writers / accepted any dolt with a keyboard and an internet connection, I took the plunge.  I would add my voice / inane ramblings to the engaging topics of the day / mindless static of narcissistic self-glorification.

I became a blogger.

The past four years of Stuff That Interests Me have seen highs and lows / lows and catastrophic lows.   My blog has gained a few readers and chased away many more.  Now with OS' population devastated by a factor that makes the Black Death look like a common cold, relatively speaking my normal reader ratings are now a success.  Whereas, say three years ago, 10 Monkey-Thumbs-of-Approval would be negligible, now those 10 monkey thumbs are the equivalent of a hit basic cable series.   Yea, depopulation!

For those who stopped by thinking this post might be about politics, I will give you one prediction:  2016 will be the most important election in our lifetime.  Why?   Because that's what the politicans will tell us.  Just like they told us this year and in 2008 and 2004 and ....

To everyone else, thank you for reading and especially for commenting over these four years.  Some may see the time you spent here today as questionable time management.  I see it as you giving me a moment of your day.  And also as questionable time management on your part.


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Four more years! Glad you walked/ ambled/ stumbled over so I could encounter/ meet/ bump into you! Your ramblings are a highlight/ lowlight of my day/ hour/ minute. Hope to see you again tomorrow!
I am so happy/smiling a bit/not upset that I came by for a peek into what is really important/interesting/fun.

Happy anniversary, Stim.
I have been trying to read this for TWO F_ING DAYS! Sorry to raise my voice. . . .You're the best Stim. Take Care. RW
I have been trying to read and rate this for TWO F_ING DAYS! Sorry to raise my voice. . . .You're the best Stim. Take Care. RW
I have been trying to read and rate this for TWO F_ING DAYS! Sorry to raise my voice. . . .You're the best Stim. Take Care. RW
Every time I read one of your posts over the last four years I either rolled around on the floor laughing uproariously or, God help me, thinking. Frequently both. Thanks for reminding me my time management skills are spot-on.
phyllis - Glad you were able to fight / scam / outlast the miserable OS server yesterday. Readers were in very short supply.

Emily - You found something here that was really important / interesting / fun? Always a first time.

Chicago Guy - I wore myself out trying to log onto my own blog to see if anyone read this.

cydkatie - Laughing and thinking? Are you sure you were reading the right blog?
This post reeled me in and then pulled a fast one on me - and a delightful fast one it was, too! Happy blogoversary, and four more years - no, an infinite number of mandates - to you!
FOUR MORE YEARS!! FOUR MORE YEARS!! :D Mine's a coming, December 8th.....wooo!!!! :D
My first blog here, actually anywhere, was October 29, 2008, still sitting there unread, and one about my Grandma that I've removed, written November 25, 2008. I then left because I got weird-ed out by some of the people writing oh so nice comments on one blog then oh so mean comments on another blog. I took the plunge again on June 18, 2011. That blog's down, too. So, what would be my blogoversary?

Knowing now that so many people I actually like were here, then, writing away, makes me sad I left but hey, water under the bridge.
I remember the days when I received an email from OS telling me that someone left a comment. Sorry for the late response.

Alysa - An infinite number of mandates? I see more chocolate breaks for everyone.

Tink - Dec. 8th. Mark it on the calendar in neon purple.

phyllis - You might need to consult a Julian calendar for your blogiversary date. I remember some of those nice-then-mean commentors. Those were the non-halcyon, bi-polar days of OS.