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NOVEMBER 19, 2012 11:59PM

I Am Thankful For

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Everyone is thankful for their friends. Enough people are thankful for some of their family.

I am thankful that I am not a waiter. Don't get me wrong. I'm not being thankful on my behalf. I'm thankful on your behalf. I'd be a lousy waiter. You would not want to see me approaching your table. From my earliest days of employment, my evaluations consistently include a variation of "[Stim] has one speed." Sure, your order would be taken. Your order would be delivered to the kitchen. Those people who came in 10 minutes after you? Who have a different waiter/waitress? They'll be on desert before you see your appetizer. Refills of your drinks? I won't remember. I will never spit in your food, but I will be silently judging you based on your order. Especially if you order the beets and eggplant special.

I am thankful that the current collection of despots, dictators, war mongers, soulless corporate execs, fundamentalist fanatics, crooked public officials, and the such will die. Certainly not soon enough, perhaps not painful enough, but they will die. With the advances of medical research and technology, in another couple generations or so, this automatic death sentence we all receive at birth may not be quite as concrete. Those with means might be able to purchase a seriously extended life span. "You can't take it with you?" Then why bother going?

I am thankful for those who work the skilled trade jobs, like the guys remodeling, redesigning, re-whatever all they're doing on my office floor. They remind me that, unlike with my job, in certain professions, at quitting time you can actually see tangible evidence of what you did today.

There are too many reasons to list why I am thankful for Ms. Stim. Among them, I am thankful that she introduced me to the work of Stephen Sondheim. Despite having the stereotypical straight guy attitude toward musical theater when she and I met, Ms. Stim was able to make me listen, really listen, to Sondheim's lyrics. We attended productions, where my years of reading and watching movies (and other theater) helped me follow the plot. Helped me realize that, like a great novelist, Sondheim's songs conveyed the subconscious of the characters -- a revolution in musical theater. Sondheim's characters usually are flawed, sometimes fatally so. No more so than in my favorite Sondheim musical, "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street." What's better for a night's entertainment than a show about a throat-slashing, revenge-crazed barber who, with his lover, Mrs. Lovett, depose of the victims by baking the flesh into meat pies?

I am thankful for the popularity of Justin Bieber. Every age deserves a pop idol who generates a level of adoration that in 20 years will be seen as a generational, shame-filled joke. It also lets old farts like me look down on the latest "cool kids." You like that squirt, Bieber, kid? When I was your age, nobody covered Motown hits like the Osmond Brothers.

I am thankful for whatever nature/nuture influences, and all natural and human phenomena that make life endlessly fascinating ... eventhough I'm cynical about most of humanity, ignore large swaths of life, have made foolish choices at times that have kept me from experiencing more of life, and am a little too fond of sitting and watching (good) TV and playing computer games. I can say that come the day I retire, I will not wander around wondering what to do with myself. My attitude toward the Puritan Work Ethic aside, I can't wait to retire. There's so much out there to explore.

I am thankful that I was old enough to sit on the end of my parents' bed and watch the Apollo 11 moon landing. If recorded human history can survive another 10,000 years, the moon landing may well be the only thing from our time that those in Year 12,012 will tip their cap to. That and the Beatles.

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I love these musings - and they made me think, especially about the death thing. How weird that evil people may one day not have to die....Or any of us, for that matter...hmm..... A very thought-provoking list - I'm thankful you chose to share it with us! Happy Thanksgiving early (in case you're not online the actual day, on account of all the Thanksgiving festivities).
And I am thankful you posted this. I am thankful I don't have a car. A car that needs gas when there's rationing, a parking space when the lot is full, and insurance to be paid at the end of the month two days before payday. It gets pretty simple, doesn't it? /R
Alysa - On the other hand, a "stop cellular aging" is the basis for the greatest business model ever. Can you get a decent roast turkey in Paris? Happy Thanksgiving. I won't be online that day. Not because of the festivites, because my parents' connection is terrible.

nilesite - As a big city person with plenty of public transportation options, our 10-year old car has less than 49,000 miles on it. Mostly we use it for grocery runs and getting out of town.
My generation's pop idols were Michael Jackson and Madonna. At least one of those has swung from cool to joke back to cool again. Maybe both. I enjoyed your thoughts.
You are absolutely right about retirement! I'm in my 8th year of it now and it's been a hoot! I'm more busy than I ever was when in business but with a HUGE difference; then I was doing what I must - now I'm dong what I wish!

You're gonna LOVE it!

I am thankful for this post with its insight-fullness and wit.

Holy crap that was sappy. Just have a good Thanksgiving and drink lots of wine.