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SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 8:30AM

Dancing With The Stars - Predicting the Winner

I've never been wrong in predicting the winner of Dancing With The Stars.  Ok, so I only started predicting last season.  The point is that I developed the 

DWTS Overthinking System, which correctly predicted Shawn Johnson winning Season 8.

Based on the results of past seasons, the Ov… Read full post »

Move over, Nate Silver.  There's a new forecaster in town.

About five days before Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars began, I wrote a post called Know the Winner Through Over-Thinking.  As my two readers may (probably not) remember, I presented my criteria for predicting… Read full post »

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MARCH 4, 2009 11:17PM

DWTS, Season 8 - Know the Winner Through Over-Thinking

I know who the new champion of Dancing With The Stars will be.  I state this with all the self-confidence of a Tom Friedman predicting events in Iraq. 

I don’t pretend to know the first thing about dancing, much less ballroom dancing.  I did take a ballroom dancing class for… Read full post »

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NOVEMBER 10, 2008 1:09AM

Mother Cheetah and Her Cubs

 Mother Cheetah and her five cubs

I took the above photo in early October while on safari in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve.

I'm not even a quasi-knowledgable amateur on cheetahs.  My guess is that the cubs were 4 months old or less.  I'm basing the guess on that they were mostly spott… Read full post »