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June 02
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Stonecutter's Links
AUGUST 10, 2010 12:22AM

Back from the Near Dead

I was just getting into this site in late '08 when things went south for me on a few fronts and I got sidetracked. The main front was my back, at least my lower back, which began to bother me for the first time in my not-so-young life, and over many… Read full post »

OCTOBER 23, 2008 10:28AM

Character Will Out

Anyone who believes Obama's trip to Hawaii to visit his very ill grandmother is a political stunt, is an ignorant fool or a hopeless cynic. Obama has demonstrated during this campaign in several indelible ways that he’s a true human being, and not just a political shell whose every ac… Read full post »

I sat with a group of golfing buddies this afternoon, commiserating about the end of America as we've known it, and sharing our mutual fears, contempt, visceral anger  and free-floating anxiety.  At one point, the wife of one of the guys joined us, so we had a woman's and mother's poin… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2008 12:14AM

The REAL John McCain...Oh Boy!

Holy Bombshell, Batman!  This comment is posted on Main Salon this evening, under an article about Jewish voters in South Florida...this is not your usual OS post, but felt compelled to bring it to attention of OS members who haven't seen...

It has the ring of simple truth.  Joan… Read full post »

OCTOBER 5, 2008 12:05AM

Palin's Bush...I mean, Palin IS Bush.

I hope I get some points for sensitivity here...I like to write with contractions because it's more conversational in tone, but I realized the title of this post could be misconstrued, so I fixed it but left the original thought in tact, because it makes me laugh mischievously when I read… Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2008 11:40AM

Deja Vu All Over Again

In reading about the new Broadway production of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons", which stars among others Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes?!--Oy), I clicked on the NY Times archives to read about "past productions". Below is an excerpt from Frank Rich's review of a 1987 version starring Richard Kiley: … Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 18, 2008 5:22PM

David Foster Wallace Dies

I read today that David Foster Wallace died by suicide.  This guy was/is a terrific writer, and in case you don't know his work, I attached a link from the NY Times that will introduce him....what drives a young person with such talent to take his own life?  Who knows?...depression, il… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 11:42AM

Link to Something Good

This isn't case you haven't seen or read, it's in the Health section of the NY Times....a nurse and former English professor, Theresa Brown, wrote this short, sobering, eloquent piece on sudden death in a her on link... full post »

At the risk of providing a link to another site, I urge anyone who sees this post to click on the link below and read Chris Hedges' latest column at Truthdig, if you haven't already seen it.  I'm interested in what you think about Hedges' assertions regarding Obama and this seminal… Read full post »

GOP Rep Michelle Bachmann of MN was on CNN with James Carville recently, debating the Palin candidacy.  While Carville engaged her in his trademark animated stutter, she stared into the camera with a broad, frozen smile, looking like an ad for teeth whitening.  While he made his points with… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 1, 2008 1:11AM

Palin "The One Fifth"

In one YouTube vid, she looks in the camera, thanks all the troops for their service, invites them up to "God's Country" for fishing and hunting, and then says, "I want to say hello to my son".  Which son?  Is this the son to whom she recently gave birth?  Is he already… Read full post »

AUGUST 29, 2008 1:45PM

Lipstick on a Palin

So McCain watches the stunning show in Denver, capped by Barack's seminal speech in the stadium, and announces the next day that a former local beauty pageant contestant, mayor of an Anchorage suburb of 9,000,  and first-term conservative, pro-life governor is a going to be a heartbeat from… Read full post »

AUGUST 27, 2008 11:09AM

Light or Heat?

I've come to use a simple rule of thumb in even paying attention to any media, either corporate, alternative or "new", whatever that means.

I watch a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds, or read a few lines, sometimes only a few sentences, and if I sense I'll be enlightened… Read full post »

AUGUST 22, 2008 9:39PM

Get A Grip On "Veep Creep"

"The gamesmanship is secondary to a candidate’s comfort, said Joe Lockhart, a White house press secretary to Bill Clinton. 'You shouldn’t do it before you’re ready,' Lockhart said. 'You shouldn’t push it because of a news cycle. If this is going to happen on Sunday, I think it… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 22, 2008 1:44PM

This Is a Hero

Willie Nelson sang about his heroes always being cowboys.  My childhood idol was Mickey Mantle, " The Mick", the one-of-a-kind heroic but flawed center fielder for the New York Yankees, whose death in 1995 made me weep like a little boy as I read about it on summer vacat… Read full post »