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Kristin Bennett
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April 22
I'm a gatherer of skills, people and experiences. My first business card had the subtitle of "Learning along the way" and that is the philosophy I have lived with welcoming new and different experiences into my toolbox of life ever since. I am a momtrepreneur as we are called these days and I am working on a lot of projects that overall focus on bringing people together to make the world a better place by supporting each other.


MAY 26, 2012 8:20PM

Masturbation or Prostitution? Office, um, needs?

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Wow, I heard a preview yesterday on KUOW about this book, I meant to listen to the show but totally missed it. It talked about a novel that has an interesting “cure” for office sexual harassment. I even asked Geoff to remind me but we both forgot and well, yeah.

So I just searched on KUOW and found the show about the book which has a memorable and implying title… “Lightning Rods” so anyway I found and listened to this fascinating part of the show that was with Helen DeWitt who is the author of Lightning Rods and wow!:

It’s a short clip but WOW, paying for school by working in this discreet almost classy yet anonymous form of prostitution? Fascinating. I am very curious to find out if someone tries to actually do this…I kind of doubt it but I’m sure a great number of people will be wishing it was true…whether they admit it or not.

Yeah…interesting to say the least. I think I might add it to my wishlist on Amazon

But really…is this more of a masturbation thing (since they are alone pretty much…at least other party is anonymous) or a prostitution thing (since the women are compensated)? I’m not convinced that this would stop sexual harassment regardless of how it is described…seems guys might even get worse and start asking female coworkers “are you a

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