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December 02
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APRIL 15, 2011 7:31PM

The Nation Magazine and the CIA

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Bob Feldman’s unraveling of the indirect CIA funding received by the Nation and Radio Nation is the most instructive in demonstrating how “pass-through” funding works (see According to their tax returns, the Nation Institute receives major funding from the MacArthur Foundation and the J. M. Kaplan Family Foundation. Both, according to Frances Stoner Saunders (Who Paid the Piper?: the CIA and the Cultural Cold War), have a history of accepting CIA “pass-through” funding and collaborating with them on cold war projects. The Nation also also has an interesting relationship with a third left gatekeeping foundation the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI), in that publisher, editor and part owner Katrina van den Heuvel serves on the FERI governing board and her father, William van den Heuvel, on the board of directors. FERI, like its namesake Eleanor Roosevelt has always pursued a clear mandate of supporting the development of anti-communist “parallel left” political groups.

Moreover William van den Heuvel himself has well-established intelligence credentials, as a protege and executive assistant to “Wild Bill” Donovan, the founder and director of OSS (Office of Strategic Services). The OSS, which oversaw intelligence operations during World War II, became the CIA in 1947. In 1953-54 van den Heuvel accompanied Donovan to Thailand, where he served as ambassador (and lead CIA agent) to Thailand. Later as executive assistant to Robert Kennedy, van den Heuvel was the architect of the Kennedy administration’s staunch anti-Castro policy.

Other Left Gatekeepers Funding Alternative Media

Here is a brief summary of “alternative” media outlets that Feldman has linked to foundations the Church Committee identified as receiving CIA pass-through funding (see It is also of note that they all systematically marginalize journalistic and academic research into 911 and CIA-linked political assassinations.

Feldman’s co-author Eric Salter has drawn up a more detailed flow sheet demonstrating these complex inter-relationships at

MacArthur Foundation

  • FAIR
  • The Progressive
  • Working Assets Radio

Rockefeller Foundation

  • FAIR
  • The Progressive
  • Working Assets Radio

Carnegie Foundation

Democracy Now!

J. M. Kaplan Family Foundation

Democracy Now!

Soros Family Foundation

  • Pacifica Radio
  • The Nation

Although Soros himself has no known CIA connections, he’s strongly linked to the military industrial complex as a major stockholder in Bush senior’s Carlyle Group and through his direct funding of “color” revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Schumann Foundation

  • Mother Jones
  • Alternet
  • Fair
  • Z Magazine

Run for many years by “progressive-lite” Bill Moyers, the Schuman Foundation (as evidenced by the projects it funds) has a rabidly pro-capitalist agenda. According to Feldman, Moyers himself has engaged in some pretty anti-progressive behavior, such as orchestrating (as Lyndon Johnson’s press secretary) the wiretapping of Martin Luther King and leaking the transcripts to the media. And his heavy promotion of the rabid anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Joseph Campbell on PBS (see,, and

Feldman notes that the alternative magazine Counterpunch receives no direct left gatekeeper funding, although one of their editors is on the Nation payroll (which does).

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I find the note on Counterpunch interesting. In general it seems to be a source of much rather well validated information on subjects not covered well in the corporate controlled media. It is also frequently host to anti-establishment rants which may be justified, but are more emotion than rational content. I am beginning to wonder exactly what the function of the publication might be.
Considering the generally lawless activities of the CIA subverting legitimate governments and acting forcefully and often lethally on rather suspect and frequently wrong information, much like the Israeli Mossad, and the strange inability of the huge and very expensive intelligence complex to detect in advance the true directions of major social movements such as the downfall of the USSR and the latest revolts in Arab countries I am pretty paranoid about revelations about their destructive activities, including, I'm afraid, this series of posts. Perhaps I am oversensitive about the openness of the web as an easily manipulated medium and how it can be used as an agent provocateur to dig out suspicious people but the whole business makes me very uneasy.
I'll be interested in Pt 2. This was very interesting!
Hi Jan, I appreciate your candor. I can certainly understand peoples' wariness about assessing the validity of what they read on the Internet. This is why I included (in my last blog) a list of books that you can check out from your library or order from Amazon to check this information out for yourself. Here they are again:

Who Paid the Piper?: the CIA and the Cultural Cold War (1999) by British historian and journalist Frances Stonor Saunders (the title of the US edition was The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters)

Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism (2003) by New Hampshire political science professor Joan Roelof

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (2007) by Incite! Women of Color Against Violence

The Shock Doctrine (2007) by Canadian author and social activist Naomi Klein

Towers of Deception: the Media Cover-up of 911 (2006) by Canadian journalist, documentary producer and political activist Barry Zwicker

Barack H. Obama: the Unauthorized Biography (2008) by historian and journalist Webster Tarpley

You might also be interested in checking out what the CIA has to say about the first book. They have a review on their website:
As someone who grew up in the USA and was procedurally indoctrinated by the system to accept the strange mix of ideals not totally hypocritical but politically and practically undermined almost from the beginning of the country by the interests of the powerful and the wealthy I was sorely disappointed by the revelations throughout my maturation of the realities which moved and motivated the nation. It seems to me that the country prospered more inspite of the voracious greed which is the backbone of the underlying philosophy of the social life rather than because of it. Probably this is due to the immense wealth of the original natural resources rather than the way the politics moved. Now that this wealth has been seized almost entirely by the powerful the bulk of the population which is becoming more and more deprived and subjugated the country seems to be sliding into a self created chasm of ignorance, stupidity, poverty and outright viciousness. It is still a very powerful and dangerous entity but even those privileged in wealth and education and positions of power seem to have no real awareness of the inherent self destructiveness of their policies. It appears to me as a frightful form of general psychosis.
Jan, I think you put your finger on it. The question is what do we do at this point?
I live in Finland now. My Finnish wife died last year. One of my two sons died in 1996. My remaining son here has, surprising to me, become someone most strange and unfriendly. I live alone with a seven year old sparrow I raised from a nestling I found on the street and rescued. I probably have Asperger's Syndrome and am not particularly sympathetic to nor interested in normal human associative activity. I am 85 years old and still in reasonable health but I do not expect to live to see the oncoming ecological, economic, and political catastrophes inexorably rolling towards the world out of a planet that can no longer tolerate a species not willing to utilize its potential intelligence for even survival, not to speak of prosperity and general well being.

You might as well ask me how I propose to change the orbit of Mars.
I don't trust the Nation. That is why I ended my subscription many years ago, but I do like Jeremy Scahill. Although he is staunchly against any aspect of the 911 truth movement. It amazes me how people like Scahill, who do tremendous reporting on things like Blackwater and are willing to go out on a limb to search for the truth and would never believe the official government story about anything, seem to go along with the official story when it comes to 911.

As far as Democracy Now, I think they are an excellent resource. I don't agree with their coverage on everything: Iran, Libya, 911, but all in all they are head and shoulders above most. And they have covered more on 911 than most like hosting a debate between Popular Mechanics and Loose Change.
It's going to get even stranger before it gets more sane; even when you consider the way the "Tea Party Republicans" are behaving.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that anything that can't be confirmed is in doubt and there are few if any sources that can be completely trusted. If the source isn't willing to show the work starting with the most basic facts there should be doubt.
I was amazed at the fawning over Obama, from many of "left intelligensia" in '08. I never saw what many saw in the guy, I was wondering what was in their Kool-aid. :)
There were two things that sold Obama. The alternative that was frightful and that he was black and being black was taken as a sign he knew the dirty side of US democracy. Most black people who have suffered mightily throughout us history have still not relinquished the hope that a black president will bring the downtrodden some progress against the unremitting pressure of prejudice against, not only blacks, but all lower income people. In this Obama is obviously a massive failure. The alternatives the Republicans offer could only appeal to totally ignorant psychotics and that the current clowns seem to be successful in Congress only classifies those people who voted them in. Things look pretty desperate.