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APRIL 1, 2012 7:22PM

Lone Nut Theory vs Routine Night Pacification

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Since the appearance of a March 27th article by sociology professor James Petras on numerous websites (see The Afghan 17 and the Obama Cover-up), I have been closely following the dispute between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Obama administration over the number of shooters in the March 11th massacre in southern Kandahar. I’ve come to the conclusion that 1) Karzai and the Afghan parliament fact finding mission are most likely telling the truth and 2) in attempting to pin the deed on a lone nut (Staff Sergeant Robert Bales), Obama and the Pentagon are engaged in a massive cover-up. I also agree with Petras’ assessment that it could cost him the November election.

The fact finding mission which reported to the Afghan parliament on March 16th quoted witnesses claiming that between 15-20 Americans were involved in the attack and that they had helicopter cover. The Pentagon dismisses their findings, based on 1) a videotaped confession from Bales, which Obama refuses to turn over to Karzai for authentication, and 2) a claim that none of the witnesses actually saw more than one gunman. The latter clearly contradicts testimony one of the survivors gave in a March 17th hearing conducted by Karzai and his deputies (see March 17 hearing). In it a woman clearly describes three GIs entering her home, as well as their specific actions.

What About the Helicopters and Rapes?

The Pentagon disclaimer says nothing about the US helicopters several witnesses observed at the time of the massacre. There are also troublesome logistical issues. The fact finding mission reports that two women were raped prior to being shot. I’m trying to visualize exactly how a man can enter a house of three to four adults and rape one or more women without putting down his assault rifle (and being overpowered by the other adults). Karzai also points out the logistical difficulty of a single man killing family members in four different rooms and dragging them into a single room to set fire to them.

The Obama administration has already changed the official version of events once, owing to the extreme implausibility of a single gunmen raping, shooting and setting fire to seventeen victims in two geographically separate villages in the space of a few hours. According to the revised version, Bales committed the first massacre in the early morning hours of March 11, walked back to base for breakfast and lunch and went out to murder more victims in the second village. He then returned to base and turned himself into his commander, who made sure to catch his surrender and confession on video.

Other Inconvenient Details

A few other relevant details of the case are frequently omitted from the mainstream coverage:

  1. According to Karzai, the scenario described by witnesses is typical of hundreds of night “pacification” raids conducted on Afghan villages every year. Karzai has been campaigning to halt these raids, which nearly always produce civilian deaths, for nearly a year. See Civilian deaths in night raids.
  2. Villagers claim that the March 11 pacification raids occurred in retaliation for a roadside IED explosion that injured several GIs on March 7th. Immediately after the explosion, all the men in Mokoyan village were lined up against the wall at gunpoint. A GI then informed them, through a translator, “I know you are all involved and you support the insurgents. So now, you will pay for it – you and your children will pay for this” (see Villagers told they would pay).
  3. The US has made no effort to conduct a ballistic investigation of the massacre sites, which is the most reliable way to ascertain the number of weapons and GIs involved (see Why no site investigation?).
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The Daily Mail (London) is the first mainstream media outlet to report the truth on this story (yesterday). I think the Obama cover-up will be exposed. Nearly every night, in some Afghan village, sleeping civilians get their doors kicked in by GIs. Anyone offering any objection to this treatment is shot. The Karzai government wants this stopped, and this story ain't going to die until Obama agrees.
How many times have individuals "taken the rap" for the deeds of groups and the orders of those who command them. It is sad that this sort of thing is considered "honourable" in the military. The young men and women are so brainwashed into the military mind-set that they cannot any more recognize that "honour" and "truth" are inseparable companions; that lying and covering-up hold no honour whatsoever.

This is what our children become when we send them off to war.

Excellent point Skypixieo. From what I can see, Bales' attorney isn't going to let him take the rap:
Of course Karzai is telling the truth Dr., maybe for the first time in his life. No lone gunmen could ever have gotten the jeep and the weapons past the guards at the gate to his base! Americas soldiers are not the only ones to blame for the fiasco Afghanistan has become. The Pashtuns are not our friends. In fact they are nobody's friends. They are a tribe (they are officially the largest tribal society on earth) of assassins 30 million strong. Their end game is to overrun the entire Indus Valley. And if America ever pulls out of there it won’t take them more than a few months to do it! I spent two months studying their history and I am about to spend another one. When I am done I hope to post something on Open salon. I promise you it will be definitive. Here's a good link to hold you over until I do. It was given to me by our friend Jacob Freeze shortly before the shooting incident.
Jack, it would be great if Obama would settle for the Indus Valley. He seems to want all of the Middle East, Central Asia and a good part of Africa.
bin Laden for the win...and, it's good (well, not really but creating rifts between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US was one of the stated goals of 9/11, or to at least get them to move away from straddling the fence and pick the west or the Muslim world.

Looks like they're about to climb over to the other side. Who could have predicted that? oh yeah...the guy who set it in motion. Aren't we smart for letting it go down exactly as our supposed enemy wanted it to...brilliant.)
Jack: Jeep?? What jeep? He walked. The villages are 500 yards from the base, north and south respectively. No helicopters. He didn't have breakfast and lunch, but returned, and left soon after telling some ;ower ranking GIs that he had been out on 'ops'. Ah, what's the use, Jack, you and Ms Bramhall and the others commenting here all seem to KNOW what happened, good journalists that you are. And when has Karzai EVER told the truth? Sad indeed is the bloggyspere.
Karzai has never told the truth Bad Scott but neither has our government. If you read the link I supplied you will see that American soldiers consider the Afghanistan soldiers and indeed all the Pashtuns as their enemy. And I can’t really say that I blame them. Bacha Bazi anyone? The original story was he drove a jeep right past the guard gate. I’m going with Karzai on this one and I can’t stand the guy!
Also if you read the link you will find out that the last decent leader Afghanistan had was assassinated by a child at a graduation ceremony. Here's a little poem written by Rudyard Kipling about 120 years ago for those who think the Pashtun woman are some long suffering women in distress.

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains

An' the women come out to cut up what remains,

Jest roll to your right an' blow our your brains.

An' go to your Gawd like a solider."

Rudyard Kipling, Barrack-room Ballads, 1892

There are no Pashtun noncombatants. You think the guys over their don’t know that?
Not only is this cover-up a travesty, it is but one of MANY propaganda efforts to minimize the real story behind our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, including, in my adamant opinion that bin Laden has been dead for almost ten years. Do you remember the raids on the caves of Tora Bora and suddenly, bin Laden was nowhere to be found??

I fervently believe that bin Laden has been dead since the first bombs fell on the caves of Tora Bora and the U.S. has kept him alive in the minds of the world to justify a protracted war in Afghanistan. With military access now in MANY, MANY Middle and Asian east countries surrounding Iran including Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, tense relationships with Pakistan and liberal use of military bases in Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the U.S. war machine is doing in relation to Iran. How easy would it be to simply (all be it, in the ever-present mindless, bureaucratic mode of “thinking”), walk all over Iran.

However! With the corrosive relations we’ve managed to create with Arab countries over the atrocities we’ve committed time after time in Arab countries IT WILL backfire on the U.S. in a massive way, when (not if, but when) we invade Iran. By that time, the other Arab countries will have had their fill of U.S. arrogance and countries like Russia, France and China, with whom Iran maintains good relations will turn on the U.S. along with the Arab world.

And we will find ourselves well embroiled in WWIII.
Thank you for this elegant analysis, Boomer Bob. I think David Ray Griffin has presented extremely conclusive evidence that bin Laden died of end stage renal failure in late 2001 - in Osama bin Laden: Dead or Alive - see
Oh that's a good article, thanks.

I knew he wasn't killed by the Seals. Too many things just didn't add up – the most obvious being; WHY would the U.S. not show his dead body?? The U.S. has had no revulsion or concerns for doing so in the past, gleefully displaying al-Zarqawi's body and Saddam Hussein's body, but they had to have a secret disposal of bin Laden at sea. Why?

Why, suddenly, were they so concerned about doing the same with bin Laden as they did the other two I just mentioned?

Something reeks and it ain’t dead bodies.
[r] Stuart, John Mearsheimer has written a book about how leaders of countries lie more to their own people than they do to other countries. they start up lying about foreign affairs but quickly move to domestic issues, too.

The cover-up exploits the spirit of "loyalty" and the comfort-seeking of turning over trust.

Obama and the amoral ruling class elite put our troops in insane situations that break their spirits and their consciences and their sanities and then cons the citizenry to "support the troops" by staying myopic and stuck in the ever popular "my country right or wrong" cronyism. God, I hate cronyism. Surrender of critical thinking as well as FEELING!!!!

The patriarchy running the world, the patriarchy running this country and terrorizing the world. When threatened on their war addiction they start to bring up humanitarianism, as if they have cared about the plight of women in Afghanistan even for a NY minute. I heard McCain bring up the poor Afghan women again on Meet the Press, threatened by a "drawdown" from perpetual oppression and occupation of Afghanistan. The plight of women, etc., nice to drag out that con and polish it up to entertain the US citizenry and encourage them and their consciences to trustingly go back to sleep.

The citizens of the US are accessories to murder! And have been and will be victims, themselves, if not of murder from more and more violent economic terrorism which promotes more hunger, sickness, stress, physical and emotional problems, and even ultimate premature death, since social net is going fast.

thanks for your loyalty to truth and justice! best, libby
I really like your analysis, Libby. I think they want GIs to go berserk and randomly kill Pashtuns, just like Jack says. The only thing that embarrasses them is getting caught at it (it was the people who survived to be witnesses that were the problem on March 11th - the mistake was not killing them all).