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December 02
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NOVEMBER 7, 2012 6:15PM

Britain Declines to Support US Military Action Against Iran

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A recent article in the Guardian reveals that Britain has denied a US request to use bases in the UK, Cyprus, Ascension Island or Diego Garcia for either military or air support of an attack on Iran. Government spokespersons cite secret legal advice, drafted by the attorney general’s office and circulated to Downing Street, the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence, indicating a preemptive strike on Iran potentially violates international law.

The secret memo takes the position that Iran, which has consistently denied it has plans to develop a nuclear weapon, fails to meet the standard of presenting “a clear and present threat”.

Quite a drastic and refreshing change from Tony Blair’s gung ho support for George W Bush’s (illegal) aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps the tide is turning.

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The billion (trillion?) dollar question is whether Obama will attack Iran without British support.
That's funny...I built that map a while ago (showing the surround of Persia by US occupied countries or US allies). Turkmenistan is the one exception (or it was...I see the flag on that map). They're not an ally, but they're not opposed to us in any way either.

This is all about an oil deal for non-US funds. I'm pretty sure it will be done with China, and I'm pretty sure it will be exchanged for gold (China is buying up all of Japan's gold, which is a considerable amount...right now, Japan is the only divestor of gold of any significance in the world.).

Anyway, I don't think, if we get word that's about to happen, that we'll care about The UK. It's not a precedent we can afford to allow right now, and when it gets close, we will bomb them Persians into the stone will make Iraq look like a small, neighborhood fireworks display. (I don't agree with it...just sayin')
It is not a question of 'whether' the US will strike Iran, but only of 'when' it will do so. The usual pre-attack/invasion rhetoric that the US typically engages in prior to such an action, has been going on for far too long and is not having the same effect as it once did.

The banksters are getting impatient, so it's likely going to happen soon.

Do either of you wish to start a pool on the approximate date of this attack? You can also bet on-line - the 2 choices are before Dec 2012 and before June 2013.

Here's a link to the odds:
I'll go with "before June 2013. The US hasn't yet brought out the "Irani government is killing babies" propaganda yet. It needs that in place to get popular support (not to mention international support) for an attack. They've gotta kiss some Chinese ass before getting it on with Iran, too. And China's new government won't be ready for that immediately.

I've got $10.00 Canadian (About $10.10 US) that says after the new year. Any takers?

January eleventyth, 349a

or 12/21/12 (I keep sayin', some wacked out rich dude is building up to a big boom at Armageddon on 12/21/12, where afterward he suit up in his new-fangled, clear floaty shoes and walk across The Sea of Galilee and proclaim himself as the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and usher us all into a era of peas. You heard it here 1st)


You blaspheming infidel! It's broccoli !!

Off with his head! Draw and quarter him! Roast him with the steak! Er..... or sumthin' like that.......

But all in a NICE way...... y'know?