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December 02
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NOVEMBER 20, 2012 4:18PM

Petraeus Resignation Linked to Iran

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Writing at, long time investigative reporter Robert Parry reveals that Petraeus would have been sacked if he hadn’t resigned. Quoting political and intelligence insiders, he makes a strong case that Bush’s favorite general had a long history of undermining Obama’s peace initiatives in the Middle East. As an example, Parry discloses how Petraeus and his neocon friends from the Bush administration tried to maneuver the President into launching a military strike against Iran.

Parry also describes Petraeus’ machinations to prevent Obama from enacting plans to draw down troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

He reiterates the convention wisdom that the only reason Obama appointed the four start general to head the CIA was to keep him out of the presidential race.

Read more here.

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What evil works these dastards weave
As oft they practice to deceive......

i couldn't finish the article. too much conjecture. of course petraeus courted the neocons, he's a general. what's he supposed to do? give peace a chance? there's enough to say these days without resorting to this conspiritorial claptrap. let the right ideologues specialize in it, keep the left free of it.
Since when does being a general make you a neocon Ben Sen? From everything I read, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey - along with a number of other Pentagon officials - have been speaking out publicly against the war in Iran.

I also take exception to you portraying Parry as a leftist. He's a long time investigative reporter who got fed up with the corporate media refusing to publish the stuff he wrote.

Next you will be trying to tell us that everything that contradicts the fairy tale the mainstream media tells us is a conspiracy theory.

Interesting that ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern totally agrees with Parry. Check out this link:

McGovern is even more explicit in this TVNZ interview:
The interview with Petraeus starts at 13.41.
[r] yes, I believe he appointed Petraeus head of CIA to keep him away from the presidency. Such is the stunning gamesmanship of Obama. who cares about the violence as long as it didn't interfere with obama's political agenda and self-aggradizement. Petraeus and the ferocious mass evil he has directed.

stuart, you think Obama has a will for diplomacy? you think as stunningly some label "poor" obama has been thwarted thus far from doing the right thing and there is a moral compass lurking somewhere in a very deep pocket he is willing to pull out at this point? after the oceans of blood he released with his profound power to perpetrate mass evil?

I do believe Petraeus' affair was more gamesmanship. As for obama stepping toward the right side of history with his murder inc. anti-constitutional anti-international law wrenched power and trail of extermination? not very likely. but the lesser evilists will enable his horrifying will as they have done massively with the election blank check and with their own denial and minimization of colossal evil.

so much evil. so much hypocrisy. so much willful denial among the supporters of obama, the lesser evilists who make me continuously ill.

best, libby
He is missing the most important detail, because he doesn't have a clue as to the other party. If you can't read that, you don't have a clue.
He is missing the most important detail, because he doesn't have a clue as to the other party. If you can't read that, you don't have a clue.
He is missing the most important detail, because he doesn't have a clue as to the other party. If you can't read that, you don't have a clue.
Patraeus wrote a manual on humane interrogation techniques because he knew torture provided faulty information. He was also a strong proponent of economic development as a strategy for counterinsurgency...because it was effective.

As Ben said, he was a general, but everything I've ever read about him has lead me to believe that he was a general in the mold of Eisenhower (and, I've skipped all the recent affair stories).

In looking for some older articles about economic development in Afghanistan under Patraeus, I found all manner of conspiracy theory, some stating that he's out because Obama wants to nuke Iran and Patraeus would have tried to block that...most were about drones, though, and Obama's taste and Patraeus's distaste for them.

Who knows?

By the way, who can fire the Director of the CIA? I didn't think it was possible.
Libby, I think you give Obama too much credit. He had virtually no experience with foreign affairs prior to being elected president and does what his advisers recommend. He has sensible advisers in the State Department and Pentagon telling him to pursue diplomatic relations with Iran. He took their advice and embarked on this path during the first year of his presidency. I think the same advisers told him how to get rid of Petraeus when he stymied this approach. Since when do federal officials have to quit their jobs because they have affairs?

Malcolm, neither Ray McGovern nor Robert Parry are into conspiracy theories. They are both known for vetting their sources and the reliability of their evidence.
I know you are a fan Webster Tarpley Dr. Bramhall. I don't often post about him, because he's a very controversial figure. He also wrote a very insightful essay on this matter for Press TV...

Coup and counter-coup in Washington
They're known for vetting their an agency of the US Federal Government which just so happens to be the largest counter-intelligence organization in the world?

really? Um...OK. Must be true, then.
Thanks for the Press TV link, Malcolm. What Tarpley is really good at is accumulating a body of reputable evidence. His unauthorized autobiography of Obama and Michelle is pretty far out (and implausible) in the psychological explanations it offers of their behavior. However his research - and the sources he cites - are impeccable in describing the scheme Obama, Tom Ayers and Arne Duncan launches to castrate the teacher's union in Chicago.

I think you almost make an argumentum ad hominem error (i.e. guilt by association) in your last comment. Thank God you caught yourself in time.
I can't get into "manage posts" to edit my comment, but I meant "launched" rather than "launches" - referring to Obama's stint as a Chicago political organizer. Financed by Bill (not Tom) Ayers, the ex-Weatherman, who never did time for plotting to blow up buildings. Bill Ayers just happens to be the son of Chicago corporate mogul Thomas Ayers.
Saying Obama does "what his advisors recommend" at this point, given the decisions he has made, for political not ideological reasons places your credibility in jeopardy. I suspect at this point you have ideological blinders that render you incapable of judgement for reasons that are not biased ideologically.

You seem to be consciously staking out a claim to territory on the fringe by pretending you don't know any different. It'd be one thing if you are conscious about it, another if (like Libby) you are not.