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JANUARY 21, 2013 4:36PM

How Cell Phones are Killing Off Honeybees

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If video fails to play, go to Resonance – Beings of Frequency

(This is Part II of a two part film review of the 2012 documentary by British filmmaker James Russell. The first described the link between cell phone technology and the growing cancer epidemic.)

Honey Bees and Migratory Birds

Colony collapse disorder (CCD) is a phenomenon in which previously healthy worker bees from a beehive or bee colony simply vanish. First recognized in 2006, it represents a true agricultural emergency, as all food production depends, either directly or indirectly, on insect pollinators. There has been a lot of debate about the cause, with many environmentalists blaming the high levels of insecticide that have accumulated in the ecosystem. The film presents some fascinating research about the magnetite-containing cells honeybees use to navigate the earth’s magnetic fields in finding their way to and from the hive. Other research shows that direct exposure to microwave radiation disrupts their ability to detect these fields. In other words, bees abandon their hives because they can’t find their way back.

Shore birds and songbirds also use the earth’s magnetic fields to migrate vast distances, via a slightly different mechanism involving cryptochromes. These are magnetically sensitive cells found in all plants, animals and human beings. In humans, the cryptochromes in the pineal gland control melatonin production. Ornithologists are extremely alarmed at the sudden rate of decline of numerous populations of songbirds and shorebirds that migrate. The scientists in the film believe, that as with honeybees, excessive microwave smog interferes with their ability to use the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate.

A Public Health Problem of Mammoth Proportions

As Resonance – Beings of Frequency points out, there are currently four billion mobile phone users and five million cell phone masts globally. Because this technology is in wide use on all seven continents, there is really nowhere people can go to escape it. In Sweden, patients diagnosed with electrosensitivy syndrome can get government support in insulating their homes against EMR (with tinfoil no less). As yet they are the only country in the world to recognize the condition and subsidize its management.

The filmmakers acknowledge that the sheer magnitude of the problem, given numerous other sources of EMR pollution (such as high tension power lines), means there is no easy or immediate way to reduce or eliminate this major environmental carcinogen. Among other potential remedies, they make a strong case for establishing a truly independent international body to monitor microwave-related health risks, unlike the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. At present the ICNIRP is totally dominated and controlled by the telecommunications industry. As they point out, a truly independent body would issue safe Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) levels appropriate for children, who generally begin using cell phones at age eight. ICNIRP was forced to adopt maximum SAR levels after the World Health Organization came out with research linking cell phones and brain tumors. Skull thickness is very important in establishing a safe SAR, as the skull protects the brain from microwaves produced by cell phones. Although children have much thinner skulls, for some bizarre reason has calculated SAR based on the average skull thickness of US military recruits.

The scientists in the film also urge telecommunication companies to be more forthcoming with their own research linking microwave exposure to cancer and other health problems. Although imminent reduction in the numbers of cell phones and cell phone masts is highly unlikely, there is a potential for slowing the growth of this technology. Moreover making the information publicly available allows individuals to make informed choices about limiting their exposure.

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I've heard about this theory, and I certainly have heard of the bee die-off, but has there been a noticeable impact on harvests so far?
With the severe drought last year in the US, it's hard to tell what to blame on the bees and what to blame on the weather. Here in New Zealand, the loss of bees is clearly affecting our export fruit industry.
Thank you for the eye opening post. We have, as you would well imagine, legions here in the US, in their death march denial: the power grid and the relay towers are a danger. Naturally, we have to experience diamond hard evidence to alert the change agents. It is now many years and we still have those not appreciating that the waters are rising and warmer and causing great pattern changes in our weather. There is hard evidence that there is carcinogenic links in these power grids, on down to even small product use.
They have been saying this for ten years and for ten years cancer rates have gone up. Maybe its just natures way of eliminating the stupid. As for Honey Bees I can tell you they have virtually disappeared on Long Island but there has been a vast increase in Bumble Bees.
[r] thanks Stuart!!! Holy sh*t. I had not heard this connection with the bees! I have heard about whales (is it?) not being able to hear any more from all the ship radar noisemaking, etc.

This is so sobering but gets buried by the sociopathic profiteers of course and the pols pimped out to them. Disinformation or omission to fight inconvenient scientific truths.

Are we capable of being RESPONSIBLE -- HAVING THE ABILITY TO RESPOND -- as a nation, as a civilization? Minimization of something so profoundly serious. "It can't ever happen to me-ness" prevails. Look at climate change and the success of the corporate psychopaths to beat the bullshit drumbeat of "it is all questionable". It is not questionable. It is real and dooming!!! best, libby
Frightening to read even more about the dangers of cell phones and microwave radiations..especially as those radiations are only increasing.
At our house, we've just this year learned of how dangerous the electricity from our faulty transformer has been. The last owners lost their house due to health issues, they never did learn that the issues might have all been the houses's voltage swings....side issue, but another example of how we usually just don't know what consequences we are creating for ourselves and the planet when we develop and use -- all of them poorly researched when they hit the market -- technologies.