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December 02
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JANUARY 29, 2013 3:43PM

Was Stevens Running Guns in Benghazi?

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Retired General William G Boykin believes when he was assassinated in Benghazi, former ambassador Chris Stevens was working for the CIA running guns (or preparing to run them), via Turkey, to the  Syrian rebels. He explains his reasoning in an interview with

Boykin is the former commander of the U.S. Special Forces Command and the former deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, In the 1990s worked directly with the CIA.

As he reveals in the interview, he’s highly critical of Obama’s decision to support the Islamist groups fighting to overthrow the Assad regime:



photo credit: Steve Rhodes via photopin cc

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Like many of these cases where the official narrative makes no sense and keeps changing, this whole thing smells like a covert operation gone bad. Boykins' hypothesis seems totally plausible, especially given many of the anti-Assad Islamists helped topple Gaddafi and brought their weapons with them when they moved into Syria.
I will keep asking until someone answers, Dr. B:

Stevens was fully aware that Benghazi was not secure, so why did he go? All the showboating and phony "investigation" has dodged that answer.
You are what I call exceptionally well informed. Thank you Dr. R
[r] fascinating interview. thanks, Stuart. I am with the general. About the wrongness of our enabling rebels in Syria the same way I feel our involvement in Libya was a war crime that decimated a country to the latest Iraq.

The whole disagreement of "legal" vs. "illegal covert activity" is interesting and important in its way. If it were legal that means Congressional leadership is as war criminal fully as Obama and the military. If it were illegal it is more sleaziness war criminality of the Obama administration just like the Bush administration lying to and bypassing constitutional law, which aren't supposed to be suggestions to a fascist president.

Hillary's bullshit defensiveness about the unimportance of being honest and exploratory about the Benghazi mess is a real gift to the Obama administration as she leaves. Using her credibility to protect war crimes that she herself was involved with.

Libyan intervention was a war crime. There was no war declared. It was a war posing as a humanitarian intervention.

I admire this general speaking out. I hope these assertions keep rippling forward and fight the sickening and naive team Dem cronyism that is being exploited to continue the horrifying militarism of the Obama regime.

best, libby
So what is the point?
What's the point? I guess some of us still get upset when the Obama administration violates the war powers section of the Constitution.