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FEBRUARY 6, 2013 5:25PM

Wikileaks Reports FBI Banned from Iceland

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On January 30, 2013, WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson reported that FBI agents who entered Iceland in August 2011 to investigate Iceland’s WikiLeaks operations had been ejected from the country by Home Secretary Ögmundur Jónasson. Janasson considered it unbelievably presumptuous for a foreign power to assume they could conduct private investigations of Icelandic citizens in their own country. On learning of their presence, he immediately ordered them to pack and leave.

There is already considerable sensitivity in Iceland that the FBI obtained account information from Twitter – presumably to assist in Obama’s efforts to indict Julian Assange on “terrorism” charges – on Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir. Jónsdóttir refuses to travel to the US out of fear of being arrested for her connections with WikiLeaks. She is one of the sponsors of Icelandic media legislation which would make the country a bastion for freedom of speech and source protection.

Jónsdóttir has also been a prominent member of the peaceful revolution Iceland has undergone over the past five years, following a popular uprising resulting from the global economic crisis. Widespread popular unrest forced Iceland ‘s prime minister and parliament to resign, resulting in new elections and ultimately a referendum opposing the government decision to assume a 3,500 million Euro debt their private banks owed to Great Britain and Holland.

Two other outcomes of this nonviolent revolution were the arrest and prosecution of key bankers responsible for Iceland’s banking crisis and the creation of an assembly to rewrite Iceland’s constitution.

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photo credit: New Media Days via photopin cc

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Unlike the Arab Spring revolutions, the one in Iceland appears to be genuine.
The nerve! I wish we and the EU nations had the nerve to go up against the banks.
If enough countries around the world make the same or similar points then the US government might be more inclined to listen to it's own people; either that or they will be forced to clamp down on them even more and make it more obvious that they aren't as democratic as they pretend.

Many countries in South America and perhaps some Central America have already done so. the "Arab Spring Revolutions" may appear rough around the edges for now but hopefully after they educate their people more, assuming they do, they could turn into the real thing.
Gee... imagine a sovereign, foreign government not thinking that the U.S. has the right to do whatever the hell they please.

I'm surprise Obama has declared THEM to be terrorists yet. (and sent in the drones to kill their children).
^^ Correction: "I'm surprise Obama HASN'T declared THEM to be terrorists yet" ^^
[r] Stuart, it gives one hope to hear of this leadership that is humane and also extending the law to PROSECUTE CRIMINALLY bank criminals.

I caught Matt Taiibi on Moyers and he was talking about how HSBC had laundered money for Russian mafia, for drug cartels in Mexico, etc. He said all the slimiest groups you can imagine HSBC got in bed with. It was fined heavily but no one went to jail and he said the fine was only 5 weeks of bank revenue so the sociopathic corporation gets to chug on. Not even a slap in the wrist according to their yearly revenue.

In years past there were trials with people behind major fraud but not in Obamaland or Bushland. There is an untouchable class. Massive crime perpetrated by the wealthy banksters is okay with our government. Whistleblowers get thrown in jail readily, especially as examples to keep others shut up. We have a mafiaso government. Torturers and murderers, not a whisper of discouragement or punishment. What an ethical freakshow that just keep getting freakier and creepier.

Taiibi talked about the golden revolving door. The regulators come from corporate America into the government rooms for regulation for a short time and when they leave they go back to corporate America and how juicily they are rewarded for having looked the other way.

Glass Steagall was repealed to let Citi-Group come together. Rubin and Summers were involved. Lew. Obama has Mr. Lew around once again. The Revolving Door, Exhibit A. They are so crooked led by Obama.


best, libby